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Get this phone over the 8940


Feb 10, 2005 by technogeek

I felt I had to post because like all of you, I am a discriminating consumer and a technophobia.

I had been waiting for a while to upgrade my phone and had been eyeing the 8000 for months. I got a little antsy though, when the release date became hazy and got the audivox 9900. It's a lovely phone except that the speakerphone function is sub par secondary to the fact that speaker is located on the back of the phone. If the phone is placed on any surface, the sound is muffled. Therefore, I was still interested in the vx8000 when I heard it was due for a 2/1 release.

But imagine my surprised when I learned that THREE new phones were out. And one was an Audiovox. I was convinced that the new 8940 would be a better version of the 9900. Also it was the right size and stylish, so I decided to overlook the 8000 ( which I thought was a little too big and not particularly attractive with its boxy shape) and get the 8940. Well. I returned the 8940 within 3 days. The speaker phone is worse then the one on my 9900, the camera not as good as the 9900, and no picture ID. Reception and clarity were fine but I could not bring myself to pay for a phone that was in someways inferior to the one I had.

So I took it back to the V store and they gave me the 8000 when I complained about the speakerphone. Well after 3 days, I am sold on this phone. I adapted quickly to the size. Now it feels very comfortable to hold and use. It may not be as cute as the 8940 but it does everything better than that phone. The speaker phone is excellent, the camera is better ( though not really better than the camera on my 9900, despite the 1.3 megapix and bells/whistles) and reception and clarity are as good.
LG doesn't give you many nice ringtones or wallpapers but that isn't a deal breaker. The only thing I wish this phone had that it doesn't is Speaker-independent voice recognition. I would be in heaven if this phone had digit dialing like the vx6100.

LG VX-8000 is a great toy, but a sub-par phone.


Feb 21, 2005 by techpro

Cons :

LG VX-8000 does has bad reception - dropped multiple calls.

Brick of a phone

Dated design

V-CAST is NOT streaming video- it downloads to the phone (Which takes 3 minutes or so), then plays

Recordable sounds impossible to delete.

Sound loud but distorted

Locks up


Featues, Features, Features!!!!

V-CAST Games

Less expensive than A890 or v710


Spend the extra 32 dollars and get the Motorola v710. I had the Samsung A890 (no speakerphone makes V-CAST worthless), then the vx8000, then the v710, then the vx8000 again (thought the problems might be that particular unit - same problems), and finally trhe v710 (my 15 days are over).

The v710 has the best reception. The priority is having a good PHONE, not a cool toy. I wish I could've kept the LG. If it works well where your at keep it.

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VX8000 Freakin' Rocks


Mar 4, 2005 by Hexen

This is great phone. I've been using it since Feb 16th and I couldn't be happier with it's performance. I got used to it's size quite fast. The screen is very sharp and clear, the features are useful, very good battery life and the service is great which to me is the most important feature.

VCast is fairly useless though it displays the power of EVDO. May be they'll fix that some day with MoviTV or something like it.

I haven't figured out how to use the phone as an MP3 player yet but that's secondary to me given the fact that their is limited memory asigned for different features and it won't hold too many songs.

I originally purchased the Motorola V710 back in September but returned it in less than a week because it was the biggest POS I've ever dropped $250 on. It's a prettier phone but it just didn't perform like the 8000. The menu just wasn't intuitive at all, it froze at least once a day, and let's not forget the crippled Bluetooth.

Overall the 8000 is a great phone and I'm very happy with my purchase.

I love it!


Feb 6, 2005 by jcglaw007

I bought the phone on Saturday 5 Feb 05 and I love it. I've been waiting since November for this phone. I had the VX4500 and loved it. I wanted a camera phone but felt that the 6100 wasn't much of an upgrade; plus, I love the speaker phone options.

This phone is a must have and thank God I wanted for it.

The camera is great and the picture is remarkable.

A lit bigger than the VX4500.
Ringer is hard to hear. The volume was louder on the VX4500.

Love the features - way too big though


Jul 7, 2005 by lovesthewest

I've had this phone for 4 days now. Its so big, I'm embarrassed to wear it on my belt. It doesn't come with a belt clip anyway so I have tried to keep it in my pocket. This wont make it the 15 days since I hate things in my pockets.

Camera quality not as bad as I expected (my first camera phone)
big keys
huge display
number one rated phone on consumer reports site

Cons -
Speaker phone sound quality is terrible in the car. I decided to try it out on a rep from Verizon and he complained profusely that he couldn't hear me. It worked fine in my house, but I honestly don't think my car is that loud.
menu navigation
can't seem to configure the camera permanently. Seems like it resets every time I turn off the phone.
The voice commands can't be setup while in contacts - you have to go to the voice dial menu.



Apr 4, 2005 by estoyer

Hello, I've had 2 Moto V710s over the past 4 months. The first phone ran good for about 2.5 months then the battery started requiring charging on a dailey basis with minimum use, 2 or 3 calls @ about 4 minutes a call with 4 bars. The trouble started when I took the phone into Verizon and the tech stated the problem was with the software... Boy what a mistake....... Nothing but problems after that. My second phone lasted less than a week. The manager replaced the last V710 with this VX8000. Other than less memory this phone beats the Moto by a long shot. Not only is the key board and the font easier to operate and read but, the phone is built better. The keys don't have that sort floating feel and the hinge on the flip part of the phone is twice the quality of Moto. The chargeing port on the bottom of the phone is also made much better than Motos funny fitting port that eventually losens up over time. This is no doubt the best Verizon Phone I've had yet!!


LGVX8000 Bad Idea


Nov 8, 2006 by ugman9401

I Have Had This VX8000 Since July 2005.. I Had No Other Choice But To Get This Phone.. Kinda Suckered Into It By Verizon.. Where To Start..

Ok I Am On My Third VX8000, I Like To Play V-Cats Games On My Spare Time.. Just For Informational Purposes Only-DO NOT DOWNLOAD NEED FOR SPEED HOT PURSUIT!!! It Will Freeze Your Phone And Ultimately Fry Your Hard Drive Or What Ever Is In Your Phone..

I Have Started Over Completely Three Times With This Phone.. By That I Mean 300+ Contacts All With Two Or More Emails, Two Or More Numbers, Notes, 65+ Videos 100+ Pics All Lost Every Time.. I Had To Request Six Months Of Past Calls Just To Retrieve My Lost Calls.. And Some/Most That Have Not Been Called Within The Last Six Months I Have Yet To Find.. On Top Of That I Had To Pay Out Of Pocket For Six Months Calls.. My Pics And Videos All Lost As Are The Notes As Well..

My Impression Given To Me By Verizon Was That I Could Check Email Along With Attachments, YOU CANNOT!! The Phone Will Freeze!! I Am In The Process Of Switching To The Moto-Q.. Witch Is Substantial To My Needs.. Oh And My Memory Is Only 13% Full And Still Freezes.. So I Feel For The People Who Have More Info In Their Phones Than I..

I Have Had All LG Phones Since I Started 4 Yrs Ago With Verizon And I Have Had Similar Problems.. But Not This Bad..

The Only True Feature About This Phone Is The 1.3 Mgp Camera.. Pictures Are Immaculate!! Video Needs Work But Good Quality!!


Perfect phone


Jul 6, 2005 by hlevine

This phone is the best. I say that because for me, with some hearing loss, it has a speaking that is loud enough to hear in a moving car. The speakerphone can be turned on before a call, and stays on until you shut the phone off. No more wires, speakers, headsets, just turn it on, stick it on the visor or in the cup holder, and when the phone rings, raise the lid and talk.
The next great reason it's perfect is because if you turn the speakerphone on, turn on a sound, like a hot trumpet solo or any other sound from a stereo, you can record that sound on this phone, and it goes right into the list of ringtones, and when you pick it, you hear your favorite sound when the phone rings. The only problem is you might hate to answer the phone and interrupt the song. The sound is assigned a number, and you can change it to a name. You can delete it if you don't want it. Recording sounds for ringtones is limited only by your imagination, and they're loud enough to be heard big time.
The reception is excellent, screens are beautiful, no dropped calls. The camera isn't bad, except Verizon wants you to pay to get the picture off.
The battery life is scary. I had it on for four days on a little vacation trip, except for sleeping at night, used it a few times, and still had two bars on the battery left. They say it will stand by for seven days, and I really believe that.
It's a little bigger than most phones, but the keys are very easy to use and the screen is highly visible and colorful. Just makes for a pleasant experience using it.

Love it


Mar 22, 2005 by phone freak2

Okay This is the first review I have ever posted, but as my name is I am a phone Freak.
I have had the phone for a month and I did have to switch it out once but I have not had any of the problems that other posters have said except as in the previous review I have had the phone shut off on me a few times after using mobile web. Never when charging on just sitting on my hip.
I do use this phone as my business phone because I am an outside sales rep and work out of my car I use about 2500 mins a month. I love the speaker it is the best so far and believe me I have tried them all I have had every LG that has been put out and almost all of the Motos, Which if you ask my opinion LG has by far passed them up. The side buttons are a little touchy and that is a complaint as far as still being able to put on vibrate with side keys they took it off because it would get hit by mistake and then you would miss a call.
Well sorry for being long winded but this is a good phone and though it needed some defending

Technology Consultant likes this phone


Mar 18, 2005 by Muadib395

Great Phone overall Don't have EvDo yet so will not comment on that part.


The sound is great on the handset as well as on the speakerphone. I only have 2 problems with the speakerphone.

1. If you are talking to another cell customer, the volume can actually get too loud.

2. If you use speakerphone to call someone that has same phone, there seems to be some echo problems if both use speakerphone.

Features are great. Size is not a problem at all. Actually is really light for the size. The size makes it easier to dial on the fly so to speak.

The only thing i wish is some way to kill the voice dial/voice memo button. I don't use it and hit it every time I use the phone.

I live in a mountain area and coverage is no problem. It just makes the battery work harder. Despite this I am getting 4+ hours on standby and roughly 2 hours talk.

The camera is a decent one. However the pics look lots better on a computer vs the screen on the phone. Being a 5 megapix or higher snob (own a 5 megapix and an 8+ megapix cameras) I was amazed with the quality once I got it to a computer.

Despite not having evdo the data stream still is pretty fast.

and last I have a speakerphone tip. Go buy the belt clip for the phone and clip to sun visor in car if possible (some cars visors are too thick for the clip check before you buy) having the phone in speaker mode high up will give you a great speakerphone experience.

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