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You can't go wrong with Little Goldstar!


Mar 9, 2005 by Baadshah7

I've had the VX-8000 for 2 weeks now, so I decided to wait a while, get to know my phone a bit, and then write a review. I've been waiting for this phone since August 2004 to use my NE2. First off, yes, the phone is huge, but I don't care. Almost all phones are being made this way. I don't hear people with blackberries complaining. Now those things are huge. And remember, when anyone comments on the size of the phone, always tell them what I tell them. "They weren't made for purses."

Great inner and outer screens, great clarity.
MP3 feature work great. I use it as an MP3 player when I go jogging or working out.
Loud speakerphone comes in handy at times.
Great picture quality for the phone. With the right settings, this phone could serve as a sub-par digital camera.
VCAST and EVDo are awesome.
Loud ringers (Load your own MP3 or record your own ringtone)
Large Buttons
User Friendly
Great Reception (I live in the NYC metro area)
Great phone build; feels rugged.
Battery life is OK, not great. You will need to charge it everyday if you play around with it a lot or talk on it a lot obviously.

This phone does have it's flaws.
-First off, after using VCAST, pictures do not save at high quality, but I'm sure they will have a bug fix for that.
-The earpiece isn't that loud, and you have place it at the sweet spot in order to hear it. It's sometimes hard to listen when you're driving on the highway.
-Another thing, when you're speaking on the phone, if your finger presses the side camera button, it makes a loud noice that totally blows your eardrums away. The side keys are very sensitive.
-Unlike the VX6000, you can't direct incoming phone calls to voicemail by pressing the side button twice, a feature I really miss.
-The phone can be scratched easily since the faceplate is silver. Hopefully they will come out with changeable faceplates.

Final Word: The phone was worth the wait. I would recommend this phone to anyone.

Almost Perfect for Verizon


Mar 25, 2005 by jbeem3094

Using in Washington, DC / Fairfax County, VA Region with Verizon Wireless

*NICE external LCD with it's own menu
*NICE huge internal LCD
*Personalize wallpaper for both screens with pics
*Good camera with flash and various settings
*Can take pics of self with the external LCD
*Ringer ID/Picture ID, LOUD ringers
*Real ringtones/Record your own ringtones
*Access to expansive media content - real AOL IM, 3D games, all sorts of stuff

*Media content is EXPENSIVE
*All the extras are HOT but very EXPENSIVE
*Speakerphone is not as good as expecte
*Factory ringtones are horrible

*Phone is very large and boxy
*Cannot change ringer mode with side button anymore
*Cannot change red border on screen
*When you hold the phone your finger almost always ends up against the camera lens

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Out of 5...This phone deserves a 10!


Feb 2, 2005 by bkw79

Pros: Excellent screens, inside and out, large and vibrant. Phone is very customizable. Lots of memory space. Ringer, and sound volume are very clear and loud. Speakerphone is excellent, nice loud, and very clear. Vcast is also very good. The menu, is just like the VX7000( very user-friendly, and in logical order). Camera takes excellent pictures after you learn how to correctly use it. Vibration is very strong. The battery life is also very good, considering that I use the VCAST and mobile web a lot. I was very surprised about how much charge was left after a full day. Last, but not least, my signal strength has been excellent so far.

Cons: Its a big phone. It will definitely deter some people, but after you use it, everything else is perfect. Besides, the phone being big allows for a nice size screen to put wallpapers, pix, and the new VCAST on.

Great Phone!


Feb 7, 2005 by zenrandom

My one week impression of the VX8000.

This is my third LG in a row, my fiancee now has the 6100 so... the fourth LG that I have some experience with.

It's true the phone is big, but I'm 6'5" I can appreciate the size of this phone. The buttons are large, the phone actually reaches from earpiece at my ear to mouthpiece at my mouth.

The screen is fantastic, great clarity, color and quality. If I could just change the color of those nasty red bars across the top...

Lacking, is the ability to set the phone to vibrate without opening the case. This was a great feature, too bad it didn't make it.

The camera takes great quality pictures, but, it also takes the camera a little too long to focus and pick its light settings. Additionally in conditions other than outside lighting it's still capture of motion is blurry. This may be able to be sped up some with a change to the software. Currently if you use vcast, you will need to power cycle the phone to be able to save pictures taken with the flip open at the highest resolution (software change again).

The sound quality is quite good, find the sweet spot on the speaker and its quite loud. Not as loud as my 4400 was, but still loud enough to be uncomfortable. Still present is the high pitch whine from the backlight on the screen (probably not something most hear) The speakerphone is also superb. My experience with the included stereo headset mic have been a little iffy.

Vcast is fun... and surfing the mobile web via EVDO is amazingly fast... application downloads are also fast. Not sure how many will want to keep it after the two free months, but it's fun in the meantime.

With just under a week of usage on it right now, I'm loving this phone, and waiting for its next Software Upgrade :-)


would be perfect if the camera didnt suck!!!


Jun 5, 2005 by chebella82

*large buttons- very easy to text message
*beautiful screens, inside and out!
*easy menus
*vcast works great- clips look like real tv
*EXCELLENT speakerphone(although doesnt work with the phone closed)
*i love how u can check your text messages from the front screen with the phone closed!!! SWEET
*vibrate is strong
*good clear reception both ways
*fast to power up and down

*camera is the worst i have ever seen on a phone- i mean horrible- the picture will only come out clear if it is a COMPLETELY STILL shot with no motion! (and then it actually comes out great but come on.. most of the time there is some motion in a picture) my a670's camera puts this one to shame!
*video is horrible too- snowy and dark
*this is minor but i find that the earpiece is too high up to fit against my ear comfortably- i have to move the phone down
*no mp3 PLAYER
*can't change the color of that little red border

i would give this phone 5 outa 5 if the camera and video didnt suck! it is an awesome phone!!!



Feb 2, 2005 by caporajm

First of all it is worth the wait. This phone has everything I wanted in a phone.

Color screen, it's big and very bright.
Vibrate and Ring feature is a nice feature
The speaker phone is loud and clear just like the headset.
I like the size.. let me repeat myself I LIKE the size. It is long, and skinny so it fits well in my pocket with out bulging out like my LG TM 515 (yeah, it's slight upgrade from my old LG)
I love the fact you can change basically every part of the phone. The standard backgrounds are pretty cool.
The flash for the camera is bright as heck.
I think the phone looks amazing

Well I'm not going to use the camera much, but I'm not liking the manual focus on the outside by the camera.
I'm also not use to the side buttons and I end up bumping them, but it's not that big of deal.

It's also interesting to note that it's easier to dial with my left hand then my right which will be hard since i'm right handed. People who saw the phone are attracted to it and some even stated it looks like it could be a TV (I was laughing inside since I didn't mention Vcast to them)
I have to mention that my sales rep was the worst rep i've even been in contact with. He almost slipped the accessory package on me without asking. I loved dealing with him because it reminded me of trying to buy a knockoff wallet in downtown NY.

For having the phone for less then 1 day I think the phone is amazing. One piece of advice is quit comparing the 3 new phones and just get this phone, you will not regret it.



Feb 6, 2005 by sk101

YOU dont need an expert to rate a phone.
See what YOU like, test all the features before you get out of that verizon area.
atleast thats what i did.. and out of all those 3 EV-DO phones that just came out VX 8000 definately wins.. i mean there is no doubt about it, samsung.. please dont even question about it because its true that we dont need that pretty menu that looks like sesame street. im sure 14 year old kids will love it.
10 out of 5 .. i wish i could add more points to this LOVELY and Adorable phone, audiovox is thumbs down!

LG has done it again!!!


Feb 8, 2005 by VZWVX8000

I cannot believe it LG has done it again. The LG VX8000 is one of the best phones i have ever owned. You are now able to check your pic take videos and pix from the outside display. The outside display is to die for and so is the inside

Good Display front and inside
Powerful vibrate
Good reception
Camera is excellent
Loud Ringers

Cons Size is a little wider than the 7000
Camera takes a little longer to load
V-Cast not available in Cleveland

But on a scale of 1-5 this phone deserves a 10 if you can get it go for it

LG = Quality phones


Mar 8, 2005 by Stunna1011

I bought the LG VX8000 about a 10 days ago, and this is definitely the best phone I have ever had. The Screen is huge and vibrant, the keypad is great for texting and the speaker phone is clear even with the volume all the way up.

Screen size and clarity
Speaker Phone
Big keys
Front LCD is great (can read text, view pix gallery, take pix and video with the phone closed)
MP3 player (limited storage but c'mon it's a PHONE)
Extendable antenna
Good audio when not on speaker

The camera button on the right side can be a pain
The camera itself is OK, slow to capture if not perfect lighting, especially when using the camera on "night mode" it is even slower to capture making some pix blurry.
Battery life is alright (you will need to charge it every day), but for all the phone has what can you expect.

Overall I have to give the phone a 4.5 b/c the camera should be a lot better for being 1.3 mega pixels, the battery should last longer on a charge, and I have had a couple dropped calls with 3 bars of signal. Although I have yet to own a phone that doesn't drop calls once in a while so I can't complain.

The thing people will comment on the most is the size, but once you buy it you won't want anything smaller.

Incredible phone, except ...


Mar 7, 2005 by elfqueen_113

This phone is above and beyond my expectations. I've had it for a little over a month now, and I feel pretty comfortable with it ... let's face it, a phone that big can be a little intimidating at first! The screen is beautiful, colors are vivid, and the camera works great. I love having the second display. The buttons are large and easy to press, and the menus are easy to navigate. However, as an mp3 player, it is horrible. Getting the songs onto the phone in the first place is next to impossible, and the memory on the phone, although it seems large, doesn't hold many songs ... I was only able to transfer three ringtones to my phone before it was unable to receive any more files - and these were only 30 second files! Otherwise, a great buy.

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