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Aug 31, 2007 by Krys_CC

I really like this phone. The only reason that I am getting a new phone is because I am getting on a plan with my husband and in a way they are forcing us to upgrade. I got this phone the first week that it came out; I have had it for almost 2.5 years! It has gone through being dropped numerous times on the ground among other things. This phone is sturdy! I have compared this phone to others on the market now and am not impressed with what is out there! Everything feels like it is made solely of plastic now!

Long stand by time (roughly 4 days between charging)
Manufactured very well
Great sound quality
LOUD speaker
Front display allows you to read your text with a scroll down option

Large enough that I will NEVER loose it! (I like that though)

Makes it a difficult choice when you want to upgrade to a newer phone
Give people a chuckle when they see how large it really is. (Has been said that I can call Mars with it)

This is a great phone hands down! I am going to keep it as my all time back up when my new phone craps out on me!!

LG VX8000- Best cell phone I''ve ever had!


Mar 13, 2007 by AngiMen

This phone is the best I have ever had, and believe me, I have had PLENTY of them.

Sound quality is superb. Its a tough phone with most of the bells and whistles you'll need.

Great quality, sounds, ringtones..
Tough and durable, can take a beating!
When you open the phone up to talk, you get a comfortable fit from ear to mouth.
Love the flash feature

A little bulky, but nothing unbearable.
Photos can be a smig grainy, but overall you get a nice picture.

All in all, I would highly recommend this phone.

I had left Verizon and will be going back this week.. Loved this phone so much, I saved it and will re-activate it over all the over newest ones..

my 2 year contract is up....new phone????


Feb 12, 2007 by customgtp

I have owned the VX-8000 for 2 years now. and all I can say is wow!!! This phone is the best phone I have had yet. Tough, yet sleek. Great monitors, front and back. Setting/features are great. I have some great ring tones I made myself.. All sound are just fine. The V-cast was fun for a bit but never used it so I stopped that feature. V-cast game downloads are cool. Better looking games if you like that on you phone. My battery life, I have not had a problem. I don't always charge it and it rarely dies. I have the original one still too! ow...the camera sucks. It has to be the right light and the right settings for it to work ok. but at a 1.3 MP it's hard to find another phone with more w/o paying alot more for the phone.

My 2 year w/ Verizon is up and it's time to look at new phones. I did, and to be honest I didn't see one I liked better then the VX-8000. I saw a samsung that had a 3.2MP camera but it looked almost like the VX-8000 but w/ a better camera for $250 w/ discount. Not worth the swap. I figured i'd keep the VX-8000 for 2 more years but I don't' know the lifespan of this phone. I landed up buying the LG enV. It comes tomorrow. If I like it I'll keep it. If not, guess I'll sell it.

Overall......if you can buy a VX-8000, do it. eBay, or what ever. This model is better then the VX-8100, 8200, 8300, etc. Non come close!!!! I love this phone hone in every way, but the camera. But for $250 more, you could buy yourself a real nice digital camera and keep your phone in every way, but the camera. But for $250 more, you could buy yourself a real nice digital camera and keep you phone can't you! ;)Please email me with any questions or comments on my review.




Jun 30, 2006 by sbccdancer2

I have had this phone since February 18th 2005, It is a great quality phone. I love the MP3 player it sounds Crystal clear, the call quality although the speakerphone can be a little distorted when at full volume. It is very sturdy and well manufactured, I have dropped it down concrete steps multiple times, have gone swimming with it(on accident), driven over it with my car, dropped it in a lake, had my dog chew and slobber on it, and I have also stepped on it, after all of this torture to my poor phone it still works like the day I got it, and out of all of that it only has a few scratches on it. This phone is super sturdy and tough. I recommend it to everyone. I am so upset that they discontinued it. I will keep this phone till it breaks beyond repair. I love this phone so much. I also have a motorola razr v3m and a razr v3 on tmobile which I got as a temporary phone 1 year ago as a replacement on tmobile(when it was still $345.98) they ripped me off because they are now 50, I got a new one on verizon because I thought it would be better but they still suck. I hate the motorola razr, it may be thin but they have a lot of problems. I love my LG way more. I hate the razr. I wish they still had the 8000. The new ones 8100, and 8300 are no comparison to this phone whatsoever. but if I had to choose between them I would take the 8300. If you ever can get your hands on this phone for any price grab it!

Superb phone with all you could reasonably need...


Jan 16, 2006 by abioyek

I got this phone late July 2005. One of the last batches before being phased out for the 8100 and i have been very impressed so far. The call quality is great, sounds great, and the camera is very good too though its not a Sony Cybershot replacement. The only little thing i don't like about it is how the speaker phone is activated. You have to press and hold a button. I would rather it be just push a button like it is on Samsung phones. Nevertheless though its a well rounded and solid phone. Great for anyone who doesn't mind the size which happened to be a plus for me. Cheers!

Great Phone!


Oct 7, 2005 by skyhound

I like this phone a lot. I think mine has a few software bugs but I didn't want to flash the phone and loose everything.

Even the size issue I got over. Yeah it's a little large, but it's also "cool Retro Sci Fi Looking"!

Great dual color displays with text messages readable on the front display, and even auto scroll

Best pictures of almost any VZW Camera phone I can remember

Speakerphone is very good. Almost borderline too loud on some calls.

EVDO is fast for VZW's mail checking through Get E-mail and fast also on Getit Now GetEmail apps like Email Executive.

Record your own ringtones!

E-mail your own ringtones to yourself.

Hook up to a laptop for high speed data. (Not "sanctioned" by VZW)

A few bugs in mine. Sometime you have to hit CLR when speakerphone is on when you answer a call cause you can't hear someone.

After you use Vcast, you have to replace battery or camera wont wave a picture. D'oh!

Reminders tend not to go off all the time in calendar.

i cant belive they discontinued this phone


Sep 20, 2005 by RFPUNCHFAN

this is a great phone, ive had it for about 4 months and i absolutely love it. both displays are crystal clear the camera is great and the sound quality couldn't be much better. the only real con is the size, but with all this phone does the size isn't even a problem. i know verizon has the 8100 out but i think the 8000 blows the 8100 out of the water. everything is better about the 8000 except the lack of an mp3 player ( not that it matters to me) i would recommend this phone to anyone that can get their hands on it...best phone vzw has offered thus far!!!

Worth the Wait, Amazing phone!!


Feb 1, 2005 by VZWs_PIMP

I have been waiting for this phone for months, and it is definitely worth the wait. I will try to make this review helpful and honest.

1. Large front Display and Inside Display.
2. Great camera resolution and options -
1280x960, flash, video, night mode,
shutter adjust, timer, white balance,
color effects, and a few more stuff
to play with.
3. Speaker phone is loud and clear.
(I work in a busy mall at kiosk in
the middle and I can hear over the
4. Numbers are large and easy to use if you
have big hands. (this phone is manly)
5. Menu is easy to use and many features
like ring tones, web access, etc..
are cross referenced, meaning there
are many ways to do the same
function. So whatever way is most
convenient to the user.
6. Phone is Loud. Speaker phone, ringers
and ring tones, even the so called
stereo for the Vcast Video is great.
7. Has a lot of Memory. Built in 128mb of
8. Controls on the outside. You can take pix
and video, control brightness and
flash, view pix gallery, read
incoming txt msgs, and hear voice
memos without ever opening the phone.
9. The Vcast Video Clips are awesome. It
is fast to buffer the video and once
it starts, there are no glitches or
pausing.(obviously some video's may
be clearer than others.)
10. Vibration is strong and you can have
Vibrate and Ring at the same time.
(Not Vibrate THEN ring)

(very few)
1. Phone is big, I personally think it is a
good size and has a good feel, but I
am sure the size will matter to some.
(especially the women) no pun
2. Speaker phone does not work with the
flip closed

I personally have not heard an MP3 on the phone yet, but MIDI's sound pretty good.

Overall, no issues with the phone. Great Deal, worth the wait. Five Stars

Solid Phone


Jul 29, 2005 by BullittMustang

I have had this phone now for about a month. I wanted to wait until I fully tested it to write a review. The first thing I will say is that this phone is put together really well. It feels very solid. When you hold it, it feels like a quality piece of equipment. The display screens inside and outside are awesome. It has tons of features. The picture id is cool, you can put a pic of someone on there and assign it to a phone number. The feature to record your own ring tones is awesome and they sound great. Vcast quality is fast and clear most of the time if your in a good EVDO area. Which leads me to my only complaint although Verizon tells me it's not the phone. I have a weak signal from my home. Once I get a mile or so away it is good. In and near my house I get 0-1 bars of signal. From work I get full signal strength. Even with 0-1 bar the calls go through although Vcast will not work at that low signal, it keeps losing the EV. All and all this is a great phone. If it is still available in your area it is well worth checking out.

Screen display
Speaker phone
Strong vibrate at normal sound level

Poor signal in some areas (may not be the phones fault)
Size is a little large for some people but it doesn't bother me
Speaker phone at full volume is a little distorted

The Best Phone I've Ever Had!!!


Feb 4, 2005 by VZWHottie

LG has really made a GREAT Phone with the VX 8000....I'll try to keep it as honest as I can:

1. Two great, beautiful color displays, the exterior screen is better than almost every other main screen (I had the 6000 and the outside screen of the 8000 is better than the inside screen of the 6000)
2. Reception is AWSOME! I have NOT dropped a call yet.
3. The Camera is the BEST camera I've had on any phone...I've had the 6000, the 7000 and the 710 and the 8000 BLOWS all of them out of the water...even the view finder for self portraits, all the modes and settings are incredible.
4. The Speakerphone is GREAT, crystal clear talking and listening.
5. The outside option to view text messages, take pictures and videos and view the picture gallery is AWSOME! A feature that is worth getting the phone for.
6. Battery life is great...It does alot of stuff and for the amount of stuff that this phone does, the battery is AMAZING!
7. Speakers on the Phone are GREAT!
8. The EV-DO video clips are cool....It's a great show-off feature, not so much practical, but it's great to have just in case.
9. Menu styles and settings are awsome, you can change EVERYTHING on this phone, the banners, both screens.
10. Awsome keypad, for making and receiving calls and general movement around the phone.

Cons: (VERY MINOR and FEW)
1. Does not have a Belt Clip that comes with it( Oh well, I'd rather have a phnoe that works all the time with GREAT features, that get a belt clip with a horrible phone)
2. I like base(cradle) chargers and the 8000 has a charger like the 6100 that plugs into the bottom, but that's personal preference, it really doesn't matter so long as the phone gets charged!

Over all, this is the BEST phone I've ever owned.....definatley worth $200 after rebate and only $100 for New Every Two:)

Go Get This Phone, Highly Recomended!

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