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Jun 20, 2005 by Echternacht

Prescript: I am a Verizon customer as of May '3, and I have service in Clarksville TN. Coverage around and about the city is topnotch. We don't, however, yet have EV-DO, so my review'll not be lacking that.

I purchased the phone as an upgrade from the Samsung SCH-A310. I was looking for an mp3 player built-in, and was disappointed with the VX8k. Problem is, it isn't a dedicated mp3 player. It's just a fun little feature to play with. The mp3s are played at the ring tone quality, they have to be 56 kbs and 44 MHz, nothing more else it can't play.

Loading mp3s through QPST is a chore, so much even I can't be arsed to. The limited memory is a sore kicker for me. However with Get It Now applications, I think 46 megabytes is more than reasonable (Now, if they can come out with some really good games...). Good thing though that the speaker quality is as good as it'll get. Speaker phone's nice at low levels but crackles at higher. Ear pierce volume can sometimes spike randomly and painfully, but otherwise is at a good, comfortable level.

The camera is as good as far as cell phones are concerned. While 1.3 mega pixels is not exactly a whole lot, on a phone it can go a long way as long as you don't zoom in (something about the macro zoom reduces quality). The motion capture is poor, but it's a cell phone, not exactly film-making grade (doesn't mean I haven't tried). What helps with this is the screen, nice and large. Hell, the outside caller id display is better than some Nokias. (If only one of the software upgrades'd let me watch videos on the outsider caller id display.)

After all, we are dealing with a high-end phone, but it's high-end of an older era of high-end phones. Every phone after this will have better features, but it still doesn't stop the phone from being useful. It's attractive, full-featured but simple to use (big keys!) Beyond that, I've no complaints.

A phone that leaves you with NO regrets!! :)


May 9, 2005 by Verizon81

I did extensive research on both phones that are already released and those coming out. I was also going to await the arrival of the 8100 but decided to get this phone instead. It is phenomenal and I have NO regrets. As a matter of fact, my fiancee was going to get a different phone and decided on this one. At first we were both put off by the size which is really just because of shape. The phone though is actually quite light and very thin. It is feature rich, the speaker phone works great and is loud, the screen, both internal and external is bright and clear and vibrant. The 8100 which I was looking at is thicker, heavier and has an outer screen with less quality as well as a camera sensor that isn't as good. Also, the bluetooth with only use the headset and will cost an additional $80 for the headset. The SD slot is only for additional mp3 storage and the more you use that the more you drain the battery.
All in all we have no regrets, this phone is everything we could have wanted and more. If you are looking for a feature rich phone that you will fall in love with get the LG VX8000

Vibrant screen: inside AND out
Nice camera
LOUD and Clear Speakerphone
comfortable size
Good battery life (best I have owned actually)
AMAZING RF reception
And plenty of other features to keep you busy

May not be able to say you have Bluetooth or expandable memory (for those that like to have all the bells just to have them) :)
Other than that...NONE!

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Hands down best phone yet


May 9, 2005 by crwhiting

This is just simply the best phone I've seen yet, and I went through 7 phones before deciding on this one. Although I don't use and don't want many of the features of this phone, it does everything perfectly and flawlessly. Sound quality is like a hard line phone. Menu is easy to use. Battery life good, as long as you are not streaming video or taking a ton of pictures (dah!). Solid feel. Good reception. Keyboard is great, even in low light. Antenna feels OK, though most of the time you won't need to extend it. Side buttons are better than many phones in that I don't seem to hit them inadvertantly, and when I do it doesn't drop a call. Some may not like the size / weight, but the quality and features by far make up for this.

It's a little pricey, because of all the features and the newness of it, but if you want a great cell phone that does everything perfectly, get this phone. End of story.

Nice going LG!

My first LG and WOW!


May 9, 2005 by phxvz

This is my first phone that has not been a motorola ever. I have had motorolas since the star tac. I have been very afraid of LG but when I saw this phone I fell in love. I have had the best of times with this phone and no motorola before and now can compair.

Nice Speaker phone
Clear and big displays
Crisp sound
tons of control
one of the best cameras on a phone
FAST (powering on and off plus going through menus)
Awesome battery life (better than a moto)
Actually feels like a phone

Would be nice to have a card slot

Overall, this has been the most amazing phone ever.

12 Motorolas
1 LG
13 phones in life time

LG 8000 The Takeover of all Cell phones


May 7, 2005 by trip713

I've had many phones from verizon wireless since I've opened my account on 5/04 I had the Lg 4400,CDM8900, Lg 6000, Kyrocera Kx2, Moto v710, and finally this phone the Lg 8000. This is by far the best phone I have used!!! From the great camera to the awesome VCAST package. This Phone has never let me down in any way like most of the other phones I had. The screens never blanked out, and I never ear people say "I cant hear you" LG and verizon made an awesome creation by releasing this phone. If you are wondering if you should get this phone either if you are just starting your service with verizon or you are ready for an upgrade dont let this pass you by grab one today!!!

uhh No...


Mar 22, 2005 by magic83

I've gone through a lot of phones. I just got this phone today, and while playing with it, I've realized it's less self explanatory than previous LG phones (6000), you have to to completely different settings to delete ringtones, and the sounds suck.


***Quiet Ringtones

***Outside display has to turn off eventually

***NO HOLSTER INCLUDED! It's $15 from verizon.

***Awkward handling all together

***Camera sucks- never liked cameras

***Have to visit 2 different setting sections to make phone vibrate and ring simultaneously

***You can RECORD your own ringtone, even record by playing a song from a stereo (has to be good, because on my laptop it's terribly choppy)

***Vcast is not bad. Entertaining for about 7 minutes! Not a big selection though.

By all means try it out but just keep it and the box intact in case you return :)

I like it!


Mar 17, 2005 by Frankxs

I really like this phone. I upgraded from my trusty VX4400 to this VX8000. Yes, it's big.

I've noticed a lot of folks raving about the big screen and at the same time wishing it were a smaller phone. Hmm... (smile).

I just did some web surfing. The darned thing displays in-line jpg pictures on web pages and they look great! After a little web surfing you'll know why this phone is bigger. So it can have a bigger screen!!! :)

I think it's just right. Not as big as the PDA monsters but big enough to really be able to enjoy pics/videos and surfing.




Mar 4, 2005 by punkrock512

I have a question that nobody can seem to answer.
The website says that the phone supports Custom MP3 Ringtones. But my question is, How the hell do you get one on here?

I tried downloading several MP3 formats as well as WMA formats via Mobile Web 2.0 and when I began the download, it says, "unsupported format".
What the heck do I do then?
I had the Motorola V710 and it has a memory card slot, which this one does NOT have, for some crappy reason! I took the motorola back because of lack of V-cast support and very horrible camera. The sound was "ok" on the motorola.. but... anywho, Someone help me :(


Terminator Phone


May 11, 2006 by brentgodwin

This is the best phone i have ever had... ever. I'v upgraded to the 9800, and ended up going back because the 8000 is much more personalizable. Even the 8100 doesnt allow such a large amount of features to be changed. This phone is hefty and has taken a drop or two. Also the mp3 player is the LOUDEST i've heard... the 9800 was not even half as loud.. if you haver the chance, grab this phone

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