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Jul 21, 2005 by Smurfmom2149

Interesting phone, however my Lg 8000 shuts itself off.. to make it worse It will not let me send video messages. I keep getting crazy errors.
Ringers you record yourself can only be deleted using the get it now menu...... and the phone itself has a ton of bugs in it. I thought Verizon was supposed to "test their phones longer then anyone else to get the bugs out" at least that is what I was told to explain what they charge initally per phone and why they always seem to be the last company to get certain phones.
I do not know who is to blame here... LG or Verizon.. all I know is this is a crappy phone and has more bugs then a flower garden.
I am going back to my 7000 I was much happier with that phone.

OOH and about the vcast.... it would be great if they actually updated it once a month.

I think the ball was dropped when it came to this phone..... dropped off a 10 story building that is.

good phone


Mar 2, 2005 by petey02

big buttons
inside/outside screen
no bluetooth
software problem (pics taken on camera's best resolution can not be saved after using VCAST,must shut off phone to reset best setting)
MP3 player??

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Feb 12, 2005 by gandalf1

Great phone EXCEPT for the annoying side-buttons. Attention all manufacturers : If you feel you MUST put side-buttons right where our fingers would normally rest, would you please include an option to totally DISABLE all buttons ( except volume ). Thanks

two words....... GREAT PHONE


Jul 5, 2005 by cargenius42

This is an AWSOME PHONE. Everything from an mp3 player (if you have a data cable) to a great video camera, this phone has it all. The displays are fantastic and it has a powerful ringer and vibrate.

There is only one thing I discovered that I wasn't too pleased about. (HEY, what can you expect...... NO PHONE IS PERFECT!). The camera shutter seems very slow and laggy when inside with artificial light. It seems as though if the camera needs to apply more brightness to a picture automatically, this problem occurs. Other than that, this phone is amazing.

I also have a statement to make to the people using QPST Data software with a VX6000 data cable with this phone to transfer mp3 tunes and tones. You DO NOT, yes, DO NOT have to convert the tune or tone you want to send to the phone to a 64kbps mp3 file. The phone will play the tune/tone perfectly fine without any strain on the speaker if you send the mp3 over without changing the kbps to the file.

Just remember if you transfer an mp3 that you want to use for a ringtone that you change the file extension to a ".mid". You can do this by changing the setting in windows xp to "SHOW FILE EXTENSIONS OF KNOWN FILE TYPES." Simply rename the .mp3 on the file to .mid and you're set!

The microphone stinks on the VX 8000


Feb 28, 2005 by blummy

I like everything about the phone except one (crucial to me) thing:

The microphone is terrible!!! You can record your own ringtones (real tone) with the phone, but the little microphone has ZERO quality so the recording stinks. Possibly with an adapter plug (mini - size of the voice/headset) you can patch it from an Mp3 player, but I can't find any plugs which are so small that aren't attached to a headphone.

David Blumberg

lg vx 8000


Feb 20, 2005 by SliderBoy

this is a beautiful phone
its a bit big especially for me. i am a relatively small guy. but you get used to the phone being big pretty quick.
the keys are great for text messaging, the mp3 ringtones that you can upload to the phone are powerful and clear and loud. the only problem i had with my first lg 8000 was that i was hearing faint beeping and bleeping noises in the background when i would talk on it. the only thing i can compare the sound to is, when you go to get a hearing test and they pump low frequency beeps and high pitched beeps into the earphones. this was intermittent but still bothersome enough for me to go back to verizon wireless and swap out that phone for a new one. so far ive not had the same problem with this new one but if i do, im taking it back. according to verizon wireless tech support and customer service on the phone, they have had no such complaints about the lg 8000. However it definitely was happening and was definitely an annoyance. otherwise this phone is great the camera is not so crystal clear but i dont live for taking pictures with my cell phone........ thats just me. any input about the bleeping and beeps in the background when you talk to someone (if anyone has been experiencing that) would be helpful.

Do you REALLY WANT THIS PHONE???after i tell you this


Feb 16, 2005 by ddogg8d8

This phone is well made. But there are many things about this phone that i hate.


Horrible Camera- A. Slow Picture motion
B. It says its a megapixel but my "old" VX7000 had a better picture even though it was less quality in pixels.

Features A. Alot of the V-Cast Features dont work- and they wont work for a couple months.
B. The Phone is humungus.
Speakerphone- A. Cant use when closed

Speakerphone- A. Very Loud and clear
B. Easy to use

Features- A. The phone is easy to use
B. Has a great video camera and the Camera settings are fun to play around with.
C. The screen is big.
D. Able to send pictures and videos to your phone from your email.
*Your phone's email address is (Area code + yournumber)@vzwpix.com ---ONLY FOR VERIZON WIRELESS VX7000 and VX8000.
E. The phone is the top of the line technology for anybodies needs.
D. Dont have to worry for a while about upgrading to any other phone.

I personally if i had to do it all over again would have never bought the 7000 and jsut waited for the 8000- the 8000 is the best phone i ever had.

I think everyone should buy this phone over the 7000.

Any comments please email me @ ddogg8d8@aol.com

Nice features, only average as a cell phone


Feb 19, 2005 by MrGooch

I have had the phone a week, replaced a V60i. This is my first LG phone. The size hasn't bothered me, voice quality both ways is horrible when compared to the V60, very tinny. The speakerphone actually sounds much better. The maximum volume level when not using the speaker phone is much too low, in a noisy environment it can be difficult to hear the caller. I drop more calls with the VX8000 then I did with the V60 and I am not able to connect in some areas where the V60 did but there is not a big difference.

- Speaker phone works well on both ends
- VCast works well, even in a moving car
- Beautiful display.
- MP3 ringtones sound good.
- Once you get use to it, the user interface and keypad layouy work well.

- No real voice memo support, can only save voice memos as ringtones
- Poor over the air voice quality when not using speaker phone
- Poor camera quality
- No ring and vibrate option
- No analog mode

In summary: Some nice features but as a phone it is only mediocre. I am considering returning it but in the end will probably keep it.



Feb 8, 2005 by escape2ibiza

Anyone have any problems with the resolution and the motion of the camera?
My problem with the quality of the camera is not as good as the vx7000. Also the motion as you are moving around the camera is very slow.
As far as the video, I'm having issues with the quality where ever I point it. I get a snowy picture. I have replaced it a couple of times since Feb 1st and they are all the same. I'm thinking it could be the shipment from this particular Verizon branch but on the other hand I've seen other people have the same issue. Could anyone tell me if they are having any issues with the camera and the video. Please let me know.


would be great if i didn't keep shutting off


Mar 21, 2005 by funkadelic

I bought this phone to replace my old VX-4400. The VX-8000 feels bigger, but it is because the bottom of the phone is square vs. more rounded like the other LG models (VX-6100, etc).

I went through 3 (yes, THREE) VX-8000s before giving up and replacing it with a Samsung SCH-A890 yesterday due to all of my VX-8000s randomly shutting itself off on a fully charged battery or locking up while plugging into the AC adapter (I don't seem to be the only one with this problem as a long thread on howardforums attests). This was inexcusable for me as I use the phone for business and as an alarm clock. The later wasn't that important but the former is...a fully charged phone simply should not shut off when it is sitting on my desk, or freeze when plugged into the AC adapter.

That said, the VX8000 has a beautiful screen, inside and out. Brighter & more contrasty than the SCH-A890. The interface is much easier to use than the A890 as well. If it only didn't shut off randomly, I would still have this phone now.

The 2 features that I missed in the VX8000 that I had in my VX440 was 1) the voice memo feature & 2) ability to set the phone on vibrate without having to open the flip.

I would have given this phone probably a 4, but the random shutting off really kills it for me (no pun intended). I don't know how I could get 3 of these that all exhibit the same power problem. I'm left with a phone that IMO isn't as good as the VX8000 but I'm hoping it will stay *on*.

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