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Great Phone


Feb 19, 2005 by guitar_guy

This phone has great reception and connects calls very fast. Better than the V710 without all the problems

The wait was worth it.


Feb 8, 2005 by dalude

im glad i waited for this phone. everything about the phone is great. i like the large bright and colorful display screens, the camera is great (haven't actually played with all the features), and the sound quality is great. i like the buttons on the outside, they are useful. overall, i am glad that i invested on this phone. this by far beats my old motorola V720 (man that phone sucked).

so, many people complain about the phone being big...well who cares! it has two great display screens on it. get over it. the features on the phone are great. can't have a large display screen and have a small phone at the same time.

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LG Does It Again


Feb 7, 2005 by didalucci

LG has done it again! The phone's sound quality is excellent and both screens are remarkably beautiful. In fact, the VX8000 is so impressive, I sold my VX7000 to justify why I should buy the 8000. And VCast is one of the most incredible services I've ever seen on an phone.

I agree with other reviewers that bluetooth, independent voice dialing, an SD slot and the use of the speaker phone while the phone is closed would've added a nice touch. Otherwise, the VX8000 is an excellent product.

***Go LG***


Feb 6, 2005 by VERSACE

LG VX6000 -> LG VX7000 -> LG VX8000

That's what I'm talking about! That's a real upgrade! Go for it! LG VX8000 is now my best phone. I'll stick with it for at least a year. That's how superb it is!!!!!!!!!!!

LG Almost Got it


Feb 21, 2005 by deezmania

Well i am a phone freak. I change my phones about every 1 month. I have owned every verizon phone starting from the v60s, lg 6000, lg 6100, lg vx 7000, treo 600, v710. This phone has alot of great features but def comes short of perfect.

-Easy to use menus
-speaker phone
-video, camera
-nice display and easy to press buttons
-great sturdy build not made cheaply

- Volume is low when on a call
- Camera is very slow
- VCast doesn't work in my area
- Side buttons pushed easily
- Drops calls alot (Reception isn't the greatest)
- of course i have to say no bluetooth

My overall complaint with this phone is that it just drops way to many calls in areas where my other verizon phones don't. Best phone to buy which will give you the best bang for you buck is the LG - Vx 6100. The reception and sound quality is the best on that phone.

Not the best of the 3 new Phones - Mini Review ! Samsung Wins again !


Feb 6, 2005 by theatermax

Okay here we go..

I am certainly a power user. I have owned every pohne on the Verizon Network and spent my career with AT&T in Network Design. Does that make me an Expert ? Not sure, but I know my stuff !

I bought the LG8000 and the 890 to test both.

The 890 is awesome !

The Audiovox 8940 is a disaster. The first thing you must look at in a phone is simply the Voice Quality. The D/A convertors in the Audiovox which are the little devices that convert your voice to digital and back are horrible. The voice quality on the 8940 is almost unusable. People who are used to having low quality conversation might be okay with it but if you have owned a samsung you know what good voice quality is.
Also the 8940 speakerphone is horribly low and virtually unusable. This is a feature that should be left off phones when it's designed this poorly.

Let's rule out the 8940

The LG8000 has one of the best speakerphones I have ever used. This is the only good feature about it. The phone is the size of a NYC Bus. The screen although it's slightly bigger than the Samsungs , the text is not easier to read and the voice quality is a bit worse than the 890 also. The LG8000 has decent reception but when compared to the 890 it does not stack up.

Okay the 890 -
The screen is great - HUge and clear
The Keys are super and easy to use
The phone feels like it's made well and will last a long time.
The camera is wonderful
The voice quality the the best I have heard
The feature such as Vcast work great.

Actually did a bunch of EVDO testign tonight and ran Vcast streams against the 8000. The 890 buffered and played the streams 20-30% faster than the 8000. Holding one in one had and one in the other.

So bottom line..

Samsung is still on top !

The 890 is smoking good..

The only thing left to test is battery life. Seems they are both good, but I will know in a week.


LG VX-8000 (and Verizon)


Jun 22, 2005 by Digicoffee

Hey Everyone,

I used this site quite a bit when researching my recent phone purchase so I figure I need to "give back" for everyone who is going through the same thing I was.

A little quick background... I was a Sprint customer for 6-7 years. Wife needed a new phone. Was going to buy her a new one at Sprint. Then mine broke and we needed two. Then I started contemplating providers and made the swith to Verizon for many reasons that aren't on topic here. I have been happily on Verizon for a few weeks now.

When I went in to buy my Verizon phones, I wanted the Motorola V710. They did not have it in stock, so I "tried out" the LG VX 8000 for a week (they have a 15 day trial period). All in all nice phone!

Solid feel: The construction feels very quality and seems would last.
Gorgeous screens: Inside and out are customizable, bright and clear.
Interface: Easy and simple. Similar in feel to Samsung.
Camera: Took best photos I have seen on a phone.
Keys: Large, Well let. Good for big fingers.
VCast: Cool feature but pricey and not useful for me.
Web: Large screen, good browser (Openwave).

Storage: No memory expansion.
Networking: No bluetooth.
Size: It's pretty bulky in the pocket.
Design: Kind of boring to look at.
Accessories: Not much out there yet (but it's new...).
Speakerphone: Seemed to be pushing the speaker to it's limits.

I only had it for a week, but would trade back to it if the Motorola doesn't work out. I have seen others comparing these two phones from Verizon. The Motorola V710 is better for me since it addresses the CONS of this phone. VCast is not something that I wanted either, altough the LG executes this feature well.

Anyone who buys this phone will likely be very happy with it, provided they have then pocket space to accomodate. Keep on eye on your bill with all of the extras you can do! VCast, Ringers, Wallpapers, Texting, etc - wow!

lg vx8000 speaker works when phone closed!!


Feb 27, 2005 by dh5742

yes people you have read this right, don't believe me? here's how to force your lg vx8000 into using speaker while phone is closed.
1-activated speaker feature
2-close phone and plug in earpiece
3-you'll need to have pre-programmed voicedials
4-with earpiece in place and speakerphone on,phone closed, press the voicedial button,wait until call is completed, once call is active, then simply remove earpiece, and guess what? you're now having a conversation on the speaker w/phone closed, that simple, of course it's a bit of a hassle to do this on every call but hey i found a way to make it work right? try it you'll see it really works!!
NOW about the phone, it's great but it's true i think the vx7000 is a better phone, but if it would have had a speakerphone, i would have never sold it to get this clunker!! but overall gets AAA+++ from me.

Truly Amazing


Feb 20, 2005 by NitinS

This phone is the best of the three phones, i have had it since Feb 7th and it is fulfilling my every needs...there is only one problem, the bugs...


- Speaker Phone- Best So Far
- Camera- Pretty decent for a phone
- VCAST- Fun
- Ringers- Lound and Clear
- Vibrate- Very Strong
- Earpiece- Loud and Clear
- 3D Games- AMAZING!!
- Battery Life- 5 Days (3 Bars Encounting) after using a lot of VCAST service and 3D games

- Highest resolution cannot be used if VCAST Videos are played before, need to restart phone becuase of bugs...
- Limited Access to MP3 Player, though there is a proper one in, there is no SAFE way to acces it...you have to use QPST or BitPim

Overall, i would recommend this phone to everyone...very reliable as expected from LG

A+ for LG


Feb 19, 2005 by RafikNY

The LG VX8000 is one of the best phones on the market

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