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Dec 9, 2005 by got_it

After looking at all the reviews I think I just gt a dud because everyone else seams to like there phone. The one I got wouldn't even turn on right the first time and I knew I was screwed. Im trying to upgrade to the 9800 because this phone is no freak' night in France.

Best Phone Ever!!!


Nov 21, 2005 by badboychaldovzw

Pros : everything about this phone

Cons: it has no music player =(

this phone was disscontinued only for the reason only that it was possible to save sounds in picture messages, and set them as ringtones. verizon wanted consumers to purchase ringtones from them rather than have the consumer get them for free.

other than the missing mp3 player i'd give the phone a 5 over all out of 5

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Oct 18, 2005 by Albie05

The BEST phone i have ever used in every aspect possible... THIS PHONE IS A GIFT FROM GOD, HIMSELF. 'nuff said

LG's Best phone to date


Oct 12, 2005 by irrision

I got this phone to replace my vx-4400 and I couldn't be more pleased. My 4400 was pretty good (At least better for RF that most of my friends phones and less problematic). The vx-8000 blows it out of the water for RF (It gets 2-3bars of digital where my friends are dropping calls with their motos). I bought an extra battery with it thinking that I would need it but the battery lasts so long I rarely bother using the backup.

Best 1.2mp camera on any of Verizons phones currently.
Bright beautiful inside and outside screen..
Can view txt/pix messages on outside screen.
Fast responsive menus.
Excellent call quality and RF.
Excellent battery - Nearly 5hrs talktime!
Problem free software - no bugs sofar.

Camera shutter speed is slow although equal to the 4 other 1+mp camera phones I've tested.
Stupid mobile web browser is nearly worthless (Verizon needs to ditch it on their phones).
Lack of EVDO coverage in most areas (more verizon than the phone though).

Overall I would highly recommend this phone to anyone weather or not they're going to use the camera or EVDO features. It's apparent the new EVDO chipset is far superior to the older dual/tri-mode chipsets used in older gen phones. If you're thinking about a vx8100 go with one of these first and wait for a better phone, the vx8100 was a disappoint for me so I returned it and went back to this phone again.

Best phone I ever had


Oct 9, 2005 by moedaddy

I love everything about this phone except for the ringers,they are not loud enough.I tried downloading some ringers but it was the same.It has large dial pasds and it fits my hand perfect,no more hitting two buttons at once when I dial a number.It's tough,I dropped it three or four time's at work outside,no dents.
Also they need to turn up the volume on V-Cast,very low when I am outside.
Can't understand why they dis-continued it.
Over all it is the best phoone I ever had.



Sep 17, 2005 by NY8100GUYS

I've posted before that I've had trouble with 2 LG-8100's.

Instead of going for a Moto e815 or trying yet another 8100, I decided to go with the LG-8000 since I don't care about BT & Mp3.

All I can say is this phone has a WOW screen.. it's beautiful!! Inside and out!!

Sound is very good.. not perfect, but better than the 8100.

And the build quality is as good or better than the 8100. It's rock solid!!

The camera is way better than the ones on the 8100's that I had.

Obviously, the down side is the large size which would lower the rating to 4.5, but as compensation for carrying around this big phone, you get a large, absolutely magnificent screen.. raising the rating back to 5.0! I love it! It's awesome!

Unless there are some new developments with the 8100 or the Samsung 970 in the next 15 days, the 8000 is gonna be my phone!!

I really wanted the 8100 to work out for me, but it just didn't. It's a great looking phone will all the bells & whistles, but it simply didn't perform well enough as a plain ol' phone!!

BTW, some of the VZW stores still have the 8000 until inventories are depleted, but it has been officially discontinued by VZW, presumably to give all attention to the 8100.

Everything I have to say about this phone is a PRO, and the small CON is the large size. But with that larger size, you get two awesome screens, and a good layout with larger keys and spacing for easy text messaging.

If you can live with the slightly larger size, GET THIS PHONE NOW before it's gone!!!

Here's the PhoneScoop comparison of the 8000 and the 8100...

You'll see that's there's not much difference in size!!!


LG VX 8000 Built Like a Tank


Sep 13, 2005 by VZW_Midwest

Well here we go once again Motorla Queens See a Competing Companies Phone Getting Good Reviews so they send in the Minions to register fake names and screw with the results i would think that Mr Brome IF he wanted people to look to phonescoop.com as a reliable means of TRUE ratings would see the Zeroes and say Hmmm somethings not right
Oh Well
As for the LG 8000 I have owned this phone since june and I also bought for a 3rd Line the LG 8100 another nice phone but truthfully the VX 8000 is the better phone of the 2
The LG 8000 takes absolutely gorgeous pictures but its a phone first and foremost
and it functions well and has never let me down in that aspect Ringers Are Nice and loud and adding your own ringtones or MP3s is great The Earpiece is Very loud and I have no problems hearing people My grandmother who used the phone while she traveled has commented the phone works well with her hearing aids the speakerphone while not the loudest is very good for those of you who want to lay it on the desk and talk to people and not hold the phone to your ear constantly if your driving a truck or SUV you might not hear well family car will probably do better due to the road noise of larger vehicles. There really isnt a lot more to say then what is already covered by the majority of phone users who actually OWN the phone and dont post phony reviews If you can find this Phone in a Verizon or indirect agent store I recommend picking it up if not there is always Ebay and you wont have to be handcuffed to verizon for a 1 year or 2 year contract
Good Luck in your phone venturing

P of S Phone


Sep 12, 2005 by Pssed

First phone? Battery died within 30 days...Second phone? Battery died within 32 days. Recharged each perhaps 5 times.
Needless to say, I will run it over with my car, and go with a very simple, no frills model. Who needs text messaging, anyway? Who needs Internet or camera? They are battery drainers....forget them. And forget this overloaded camera that noone should mistakenly and foolishly buy from Mobiledia like I did...

LG VX-8000 -- infuriatingly good


Aug 19, 2005 by rickburke

Pros: Stores contact information from M/S Outlook -- phone numbers & email only. Contacts are well organized. Requires separate software. Supports MIDI & MP3 ring-tones -- can download them for free if you have the required software. Included stereo earplugs are very good -- excellent volume levels. Can load your own pics as backgrounds.

Cons: Worse reception than my previous Nokia.
Poor quality camera -- difficult to focus.
Turns itself off at random intervals. Doesn't store schedule info from Outlook -- wanted this feature desperately. Screen can be hard to read in daylight. Verizons software and accessory packages are WAY too expensive -- buy them from ANYONE else for 50% less.

Battery life is very poor -- much less than rated so far. Unable to explain why this is the case.

Phone Is A Problem


Aug 11, 2005 by love_lee_18

I have had this phone since May and I have already had one replacement and am about to have my second. Whenever I unplug this phone after charging is complete the phone freezes up and I have to remove the battery in order for me to do anything with the phone. The inside screen goes completely black, none of the keys do anything and the outside screen keeps flashing 'charging complete'. My boyfriend has also had this problem. I love the phone for the most part otherwise I just have been having problems with it.... and I can't use the MP3 part of the phone so that sucks too. I guess I wish I wouldn't have spent the money on this one when it first came out and had gotten another one.

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