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Mar 6, 2005 by ringtone22

This is deff the best phone I have ever owned and I have had alot V710, lg6000, 7000 and some samsung ones and this is the best phone. Good speaker phone, you can have the speaker phone on with the phone closed. stereo sound. mp3 ringtones and songs, being able to read text and take pic and videos and beable to view them on the outside screen, 3d games and V-cast and plenty more.

1. good reception
2. mp3 songs and ringtones
3. nice loud and clear speaker phone
4. able to use speaker phone when phone is closed.
5. stereo sound
6. great color screens front and main lcd
7. being able to read text, view pix and flix and play them on outside screen.
8.3d games and V-cast
9. nice looking phone
10. Great camera with a good flash
11. Big screens

1. The only thing that I have noticed with this phone is the ringtones that come with the phone are lower then the ones on the 7000 and the polyphonic ringtones are low too but the mp3 ringtones are nice and loud. Thats really the only strange thing abt the phone. its not even really that big.

To sum it up Great phone if you are wondering abt getting this phone or if ur contract it up deff get it you wont regret it deff the best phone verizon has ever had and has right now deff worth the $389.99 full retail. If the size is a big issue to you which its really not that bad like alot of peole make it seem the next phone I would get is the samsung A890 nice looking phone, nice screen only thing it lacks is no speaker phone or mp3 songs and a couple of other things. LG-VX8000 DEFF 5.0 in my book....later

Great phone...Internal Screen Could Be Higher Rez


Feb 6, 2005 by killa2712

I upgraded to this phone coming from the 7000 and I must say I am truly impressed. The outside screen is not only crystal clear and bright, but it is also functional allowing you to view your pix, take pix and take video. Also you can you it subscreen to view missed calls and read text msg's, very smart on lg's part. The reason I did not give this phone a 5 is because of the size and the internal screen. As most of you know the internal screen is the same rez as the 7000's, but at the same time larger. This makes all the pictures and overall screen quality look more pixelated, not to say that the internal screen isn't beautiful, it's just not as clear as the 7000. If the screen was QVGA this phone would have been to die for. The size however is a little on the big side, but since I have big hands it fits me just fine. All in all this phone is great and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a great camera and phone in one package

*Big Screen
*GREAT! Speakerphone
*External Screen is almost better than internal
*Mp3 player is nice
*Intuitive UI
*Great RF (Atleast in my area, Cinci Ohio)

*No Removable Memory
*No Bluetooth
*A little big

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Nov 2, 2010 by narn3049

Right after I got the VX-7000 they always seemed to releases new phones, with updates to the UI, and good looks. Of course, I also had to have this one. It was amazing, and a good phone that i always liked. this phone was replaced 2 times, hence the 4.5 rating.

Phone No.1: It was verizon's first broadband phone. Back then being I worked at a factory, I needed a phone that i could also check my email on the go. BB's didn't fit the phone needs back then as I didn't want a data plan. I could seldom connect with this phone, and had to have it replaced.

Phone No.2: I believe it was refurbished, while the web worked, it would no longer receive or send pics, as well as sometimes texts, I did Pix and Text A LOT, and I needed this feature working, as well as the screen cut out a lot

Phone No.3: The phone worked with me for 3 months (It always worked, there was no problems with it) and I sold it after the contract ended, in still pretty good shape. I think u can tell i love lg, which is why I'm going to get the Accolade



Jun 8, 2009 by mudslinger83

if i could rate this phone a 10 i would...this was the best phone i ever had...too bad i dont own it anymore...i pretty much gave it away on a trade for a lg vx8300 a couple of years ago at a verizon store, which was a huge mistake...they pretty much ripped me off as most verizon stores do, but anyway it was the best phone verizon ever put out and i wish LG still made them...or made them as perfect as this phone was





Lg vx8000 = AMAZING


Dec 8, 2007 by blitzfist

Okay, i have been through many high tech phones and I love all the new technology and stuff, but I am a heavy talker, texter, and I drop my phone a lot....I have been through many phones and fineally after so many issues with me breaking the high tech phones, I decited to look for a phone with a lot of great features, thats reliable, durable, and sturdy. I was interested in the GZONE series by casio, but heard that the reception on them is aweful. I was looking into getting another Motorola E815 since that phone was quite sturdy but I wanted something different. I then remembered about the vx8000. I did some research on this phone and found out that it fit the bill for my next phone. I got a brand new one in the box from ebay and have been using it as my primary for quite some time now....Its everything it lives up to be! Here are my pros and cons

PROS: 1)Absolutely the most durable phone I have ever had.

2) Huge beautiful inside and outside screens
3) Outside screen has a lot of functionality. You can listen to MP3 take pictures and videos, view your pix gallery and use voice commands all with the phone fliped shut!
4)Outstanding camera! The pictures that I have taken on this camera are amazing! It even has a macro mode and iso speed features. This is rare for a camera phone
5) Service/Call quality is much better then I expected. I was a little scared that it would have been terrible like my 8300, but its amazing. THe reception is as good as my E815 had!!
6)Loud sterio speakers...Speakerphone is amazingly clear
7) SIze and shape is big and square, but i have big hands and I actually like the square shape it makes a more comfortable feel when talking
8) Huge keys. Texting is a breeze
9) BAttery life lasts about 3 days

1) For some, this phone may be too big and bulky, however i like it
2) Battery scratches easier then the rest of the phone. I dont understand why that happens, maby i got a bad battery.
3)Has the ugly Verizon UI

Super Phone! Don't get rid of it.


Jul 20, 2006 by Kraka

You definitely picked the right phone if you own an LG VX 8000. I've had mine for 15 months, and no problems have come up.

I purchased all the accessories with this phone, and the most handy has been the extended life battery. I think that should be true of all phones I buy in the future, one fully charged battery for back up and another for daily use. The overall charge life is excellent on this one with the stock battery.

It seems as though the ear piece is a bit quiet, but only in loud areas (obviously).

So far, this phone hasn't left me stranded, and it's size is made up for in the ease of use in the large key size, no messing about.

And, it's easy to clean. I hate a grimy phone.

My previous phone was a Motorola, T 720 (also a great product).

Before that, a Zack Morris phone (Huge).

So, if you have this one, keep it!

Solid phone


Jun 16, 2006 by nedaf7

This phone is pretty solidly built and certainly has been reliable for me since I got it almost exactly a year ago.

•It gets about the best signal I've seen from a Verizon phone
•Great battery life- lasts for 4-5 days between charges for me
•Easy to use keypad
•Sufficient camera
•EvDO data- Makes browsing the web much snappier... of course for some reason I can't use EvDO on mine anymore, if it's on it says "Error: Network down", so I had to go into the service menu and select 1X-only
•Nice internal and external displays
•Good speakerphone

•Size- About as big as I'd want a flip phone to be, but not really a problem
•Can't use speakerphone while flip is closed (unless you plug in a headset, use the voicedial button to start a call, and unplug the headset)
•No bluetooth, not that Verizon allows bluetooth phones to do much anyway
•No syncing contacts, calendar, etc. to your computer without using a utility like MightyPhone

Overall a very reliable phone

Excellent Phone


Feb 8, 2006 by edmellnik

I have had a lot of phones and this phone is the best. The quality of the audio on in coming calls are great.
The speaker phone really works. Good loudness and people say sounds good on the other end too.

Camera for stills and movies are plenty good for my use....dont use much.

Love the voice dial. The newer phones make you go thru several steps to dial.
This phone just dials. Don't need the more advanced voice command features which I thing are a lot of marketing smoke and mirrors. I mean, who needs to voice command the calculator???
This phone is a good solid receiver.

Large Buttons easy to hit.
Big Screen.
One step away from a full PDA phone.

No Negatives



Feb 5, 2006 by ffeje14

I got this phone in the beginning of June, and a month later got the 8100...mistake. The 8000 was soooo much better.


-amazing screen(s) 262,000 colors on outside!

-camera better than 8100 YEAH ITS AMAZING!

-loud ringers

-record your own ringers

-video very good

-nice call quality/clarity

-good phone quality doesnt feel cheap

-very fast software

-nice large keypad easy for texting

-manual switch for macro mode and normal mode for camera

- lots of memory (i had over 120 pics on 640-480 resolution and over 20 videos and never ran out of memory)

-very unique and hardly anyone has it

-can view texts from outside yayaaa!

-when you press the camera button on otuside it gives u choices (camera,video, camera gallery) rather than going straight to camera

-YES!, you can look at your pics on the outside screen


-no mp3 hardly used it on the 8100 anyway so no big deal

-no bluetooth but is there even a point to having bluetooth with verizon...NOOOOO! haha

-no expansion card slot....not that big of a deal considering the amazing amount of memory and you dont need it since there isnt a mp3 player

-big but i like bigger phones so its not a con for me

if you can find one on ebay BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT!!!! im already bidding on one cause i want it again!

Great Phone!


Dec 28, 2005 by Philly7Sixer

I had this phone until the 8100 came out and i loved it. Good signal, nice big clear screen, stereo speakers, big buttons, everything was very good. You can record your own ringers, alot of people had problems with there recorded ringers being to quit i found if you turn the treb all the way up and bass all the way down they will work great. The only real cons about this phone is you can't use speaker phone when the phone is closed, and it's a bigger phone.

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