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Overall a great phone


Aug 10, 2005 by bobby36

I have had this phone for around 5 months. I would rate this phone the best by far from the other phones that I have had.

Great Screen
Big Buttons
Camera is good if you have patience
Good reception
EVDO is cool, but not when I have to pay for it
The Ability to create own ringtones
Speaker phone does the job

A little large
Very easy to press the button on the side during a call
No call screening
Charger port is not durible
Dust inside the outside LCD

Besides the cons, the phone has been great. Currently verizon is sending me a new one because the charger port broke on me, but it was my fault but I just blamed it on them. I have dropped this thing down my driveway, down stairs and fell on it and the phone wasnt fazed. I recommend this phone for anyone looking for a new phone from Verizon.

Great Phone


Aug 4, 2005 by CellularFreak00

I have owned this phone for going on 3 1/2 months. This is one of the best Verizon phones I have ever owned. Speakerphone is great, ringer volume is unbelievable (I can hear the phone ring in the noisiest places). I live in the NYC Metro Area so I get reception everywhere and get a VCast signal everywhere. Reception is awesome better than my CDM-9900 which was Trimode.

- Reception
- Vibrate is strong(so strong that you can hear it in a quiet environment)
- Ringer is loud
- Camera is good can take nice pics in the dark with flash and when changed to Nightmode (not as good as my friend's vx8100 camera)
- Color is sharp on the Internal and External screens
- Menus are very easy to use (easier than the Moto menus)
- Can read text messages from the External screen
- Speakerphone is loud
- Can make a call on NO BARS on reception (I couldn't do this with my CDM-9900 or my vx6000)

- Camera could be a little better

Too bad the wallpaper could not be a video like the vx8100 and the speakerphone could be used when the phone was closed like the Moto e815

I would highly recommend this phone for someone who is not really interested in the Bluetooth stuff can the other fancy features. If you are on of those people then I recommend the vx8100

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I love this phone.


Jul 26, 2005 by DeLeon

I didn't really want to. It was more a transitional phone before the 8100 came out.

I generally have only used LG and Motorola products (after a disaster with the Samsung 530s memory overflow error)
Motorola is notorious for producing that crappy charging port that doesnt work.
LG's for the most part have been positive experiences. The problem they have is they keep producing these phones with stub antennas which really just kill the reception. (4500, 6100 and now the 8100)

-The 8000 is an all digital phone with great reception for my area. I carried around both the 4500 (for work) and the 8000. Both are all digital phones but the reception difference between both is very noticable. Extended Antenna!
- Its got a good screen with a great camera that auto focuses. (It is a bit grainy at night however)
- Typical of all LG phones, it has great sound quality especially with the MP3s. (The 8100 isn't as good)
- I love the size of the display. I know the phone size to many people is a complaint but for me its perfect. I tried the Need for Speed on this and the 8100 and theres a huge difference with the 8000 even with a slightly larger screen.

-Before software patch v5 it had a horrible memory allocation problem. (Fixed)
-Needs more memory or an SD card slot and...
-I wanted a phone with bluetooth

I haven't experienced some of the problems that others here seem to have gone though. The camera and speaker works beautifully. Great reception. An all around wonderful phone.

Very nice phone


Jul 17, 2005 by mccault3

Too bad the belt clip I bought covers up the camera when you open it. Guess you have to take the pics with the phone closed. Everybody stay calm, there is a way to play the MP3 player, it's not in the book though. email me


Big but a GREAT phone


Jul 14, 2005 by Toeknee

I recently bought a Samsung A890 and it was the biggest mistake I have ever made when purchasing a phone. Luckily I was able to exchange the A890 for the LG VX8000 and let me say that it is a great phone. People complain about the size but it doesn't bother me. I've noticed through experience that as technology enables cell phones to be much smaller, there are a lot more problems.

*Clear and big screen.
*External LCD is just as good as most phone's interl LCD.
*Ringtones are clear and loud.
*Banners for both internal and external LCDs.
*Ability to change wallpaper on both LCDs.
*Nice 1.3 megapixel camera with macro focus capabilities.
*Speakerphone is clear and loud.

*No Mp3 player.
*No Bluetooth.
*Battery life is decent but not good enough.
*Side volume, voice memo, and camera keys get in the way when holding the phone during conversation.
*No desktop charger.
*Does not have expandable memory capability.
*Vcast not available in my area until end of the year.

The LG VX8000 is a really nice phone considering it doesn't cost a fortune. My friend is considering the LG VX8100 which is the upgraded version of the VX8000 but I still love my VX8000.

Great Phone, HORRIBLE reception


Jul 14, 2005 by nave462000

To start i must say i love this phone and its an improvement in virtually all ways to my old moto v120e (surprise!). The main reason why I bought it was for the external photo caller id, and the amazing external screen. Its resolution is higher than some other phone's internal screens. Camera is really great.

One thing that is MAJORLY lacking is the cell phone reception. Ive had several of these phones (random problems) and all 3 that i had have the same problem. I do not live in a bad-reception area. Other phones get 3-4 bars (out of 5) in my home and around it. On the 8000, i get 0-2 (out of 4). Whats weird is that the phone doesnt have to move at all to loose a signal. It will just be sitting on my desk and then it will suddenly go from 2 bars to 0 bars or no service. It will then go back to one, then two bars. All 3 phones i had did this over and over again. This also happens during calls and causes many dropped calls where they should not be.

You might wonder why a phone with such horrible problems would be given such a high review, but i love this phone. Ringtones mp3 ringtones sound tinny, and so do all calls. The phone is really quite large, but i dont mind being able to text message without looking at the keypad at all.

V-cast is useless and stupid; how many times can you watch the weather on that little screen? the internet with high speed is amazing, and that might be worth turning on. Whenever your lost, go to mapquest.com and find your way! It was amazing.

Data cable and BITPIM works great, and now i wont pay $2 for a stupid ringtone...Transfering pictures is not locked in my software version (v4). I am having a problem with *228: It keeps telling me activation can not be completed at this time, and i should call cust. service. I call them, and they say its nothing. Ive also gotten a busy signal when dialing *228...weird! that might be a problem with the network---which is why i hate vzw. See you next year Cingular!

Best Phone I have ever used!


Jun 8, 2005 by stryguy8

I have had the LGVX8000 for several months now and I have to say it is by far the best phone i have ever dealt with. I have used over 10 phones on the verizon wireless network that include the samsung a-670, lg vx 6000 ,and 7000, i have also used the samsung n330,audiovox cdm9900 as well as a several others as well. Needless to say i have shopped around and this phone is outstanding!!! It is a big phone, and I will not deny that if it was a bit smaller I would probably be the last to complain, however I do have relatively large hands and considering the quality of the phone and all of the features packed into it, it was quite a small obstacle for me! (not even large enough for me to lower the phones overall rating.

-Outstanding call clarity/volume
-Speakerphone sounds phenomenal and pretty much cancels out the need for any hands free product
-Camera is one of the best on the market (if you know how to use it properly)
-Battery life is solid and I'm a total phone nut, mine gets HEAVY usage
-Large,well back lit and easy to find keys
-Beautiful color screens inside and out
-Charges, Powers on, and Powers off all in a very timely manner
-Intuitive, fast, and easy to use menu system

-Again I will not deny it is a large phone, but like I said, for me it was a minor flaw
-I would have liked the ability to have a Mini-SD card to expand my memory (although there is already a lot of memory on this phone...I would just always like more :) ]
-For those that use it, no bluetooth obviously, but considering how poorly the other bluetooth phones perform that verizon currently carries, that does not bother me in the slightest.

Like I said, I've had PLENTY of experience with MANY different cell phones, and to date, this is the best cell phone I have ever used and every other phone I've tried is a distant second to this..if you have the money to spend and you are looking for a wonderful all-in-one package, This comes with the highest of my personal recommendation!

VX 8000 falls short....


Jun 7, 2005 by hhmoca

The LG VX8000 has nice features, such as a big inside display, large keypads, nice size color front display. I like the ability it has to display the callers picture in both displays when receiving a call. Missed called can be easily reviewed from the front display without opening the phone. The front buttons allow the user to scan though the calls.
The VX8000, has a nice dual stereo speaker with a loud sound and the ring tones sound really nice. It’s speakerphone works really well, which a use it quite often.There a few other nice features. Overall I like the phone

Missing on the VX8000 is one of the nicest features in cell phone today, in my opinion,
Is the drive mode. This mode gives the user the ability to hear who is calling and to answer the phone while it is closed. It could also, offer a SD memory card slot. It’s user guide omitted a few instructions, or some are hard to find. One that I could not find yet is how to record a greeting message.

Big phone review here!


May 25, 2005 by ALAOLACOLA

• Amazing external screen
• Great internal screen
• Clear and loud speakerphone
• Above average 1.3 MP camera w/video
• Accurate voicedial (training req'd)
• Solid call quality
• Nice build quality and tolerances
• High-speed network phone
• Wonderful keypad and backlighting
• Strong vibrate
• Self-portrait mode using external screen
• Camera custom settings
• Intuitive menus and controls

• Cosmetics; face design/boxy shape/big
• Must use headset to dial when closed
• Earpiece sound piercing and tinny
• Plays MP3s, but sound horrible even at 64k
• Can only save 30 photos at highest setting
• Verizon logo painted on front
• Macro switch on lens easily moved
• VCAST; downloading 2 minute clips gets old
• GET IT NOW demands you spend spend spend
• No Bluetooth or infrared
• VCAST drains battery fast

Make sure your phone gets version 5 of the firmware. It will fix the problem where photos will not save after using VCAST.

So Far So Good


Feb 25, 2005 by klaw888

I have the phone for a week and so far it did everything it supposed to do. I'm still waiting for my data cable. Once I can transfer mp3's into my tune folder, it'll be PERFECT!

- good reception
- good sound quality
- good speakerphone
- ability to transfer mp3 into ringtone
- record your own sound as a ringtone
- decent camera
- VCAST - ok for the first few days, it gets bore after a week but at least I can show off to my friend

Only one - SIZE

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