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Cool but not well made


Apr 1, 2007 by koppech

I am a 14 y/o boy, and i was really excited to get this phone. Some of the reviews said "stay away", but there were plenty of good reviews too. I wish i had not purchased this phone. I am a fairly responsible person, and i treat my stuff with care, but this phone is just a piece of junk. Within a week of owning it the screen began to come loose, so now when its closed, or open, the screen wobbles around. I have had this phone for about 2.5 months, and the camera on it just broke. all it shows it green lines when ever i open the camera. THe camera broke out of no-where. I didn't like drop it or somthing, it just stopped working. On the plus side, i really like the size of the phone, it fits right into my pocket and i dont even know its there. THe OS on it is great!!! easy to use and it looks cool too. (US Cellular) I like all the button placements, some of my friends find it hard to dial though. THe bluetooth is great!! i used it to put songs onto it from my apple laptop, and i use the songs for rings so i don't have to pay for them on easy edge.

•Looks cool
•good features
•good reseption
•easy to use
•nice speaker phone
•small size
•battery life is great, it can be on almost all day for 5 days strait!!

•not durable
•camera breaks easily
•loose screen
•pictures that the camera take are blurry very easily, and pixilate when set as background
•cheap plasticy feel

this phone would be great for a wealthy person who can keep fixing and/or replacing it, or someone who is very careful with there stuff. Another way to make it last is to get it its own little hard case, and always be very gently with it. (treat it like a little glass egg)
for the average person STAY AWAY!!! also consider that this is a 14 y/o guy talking, so i probably mean it if i spent my Sunday morning typing this review, and making an account.

Not Great


Mar 29, 2007 by ahp37

This phone is ok, i have found it to have decent reception, however i have not found it to be durable, so if that is important don't buy this phone, also the side buttons are large and can easily be pressed accidentally. Overall if all you want is good reception this is fine, it also has several features, however these can be found in other more durable phones.

Pretty Good...


Jan 27, 2007 by urfavegirrl

I bought this to replace my LG 5200, and am somewhat disappointed. I haven't had any real problems yet, but I haven't had it for that long. I read a lot of reviews before buying and didn't understand what people meant when they said that it was "slow", but now I do! Mine, when I push the send button to show recent calls, it's so slow that for a while I thought it was broken, but it takes about 3 seconds to load the list. Doesn't sound long, but it really is compared to most phones.

Slim design fits well in pockets
Stylish & Sleek
Gets pretty good service like other
Motorola I've owned
Good ear piece volume & sound quality
Can record your own ring tones
Preloaded ring tones aren't that bad

Slow menus, etc.
Can be slippery and difficult to hold-
I bought a rubberized hard case which
helps a lot
Not really worth the price
EVERYONE has one

I miss my old phone, I'm disappointed that I spent over $200 on this and it's not really that impressive, but I figured that since it's from Motorola it should probably last me a while.

Ooooh! Trendy!


Jan 19, 2007 by Jorin

This phone is in a word a TREND and nothing more. As a cell phone technician I can't for the life of me understand why this phone has sold so well! I take that back, I can understand it, people buy what LOOKS cool and what EVERYBODY ELSE is buying, not what actually works.
It has a cool looking keypad! Yeah...
Its thin too, yeah and it...
yeah thats it.
Horrible audio sound, not sure why others say its so great, but when you talk into it you can actually hear your own voice like an echo in a big concert hall. NOT THE NETWORK, happens every single call! I guess maybe that could be a pro: MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE YOUR A ROCKSTAR!
Keypad is hard to navigate with. Your fingers CAN NOT move quickly or smoothly over them, and the directional pad is hard to feel without looking.
SLOWEST UI SINCE THE I PICKED UP AN OLD AUDIOVOX! You can litteraly select a picture to expand and it takes a good 6 SECONDS BEFORE IT ACTUALLY EXPANDS! LITTERALLY!
There's much more too, but I'm tired of getting mad all over again at this phone.

Don't give into the trends! You'll regret it!



Jan 15, 2007 by moto_q

I have gotten this phone for about a month now. Please do not get this phone from Sprint. I'm telling you this because this is a horrible phone. In other reviews if they say this phone is great its not! They clearly they don't have this phone. This how desperate i am. I am willing to the new Motorola Q. I really hate it. Get the Fusic, M1, or A900

Takes great pictures in good light
Cool design (really why I got it)
Great graphics (even though not 262,000 colors)
Fast internet (on good days 5:7 days)
Ultra Thin
its on SPRINT!!

Camera/video sucks in low light
Speaker phone sucks (cant use it to talk to people because they cant hear you and the other line)
BATTERY!!! two words "it sinks"
Video on phone stinks (i no all video on phones stink bu this one you can only see figures in little squares)
IT FREEZES!!! it freezes so much and sometimes you have to wait a while till you turn it back on!!!!!


Objective Review of V3m RAZR from Verizon


Jan 13, 2007 by celltester

I have had this phone for 1 month. I have had no issues and absolutely love this phone.
I highly recommend this phone to any cell phone user.


- Excellent reception wherever I am
- Call clarity second to none
- No dropped calls and I use the phone heavily
- Excellent RF
- Music Downloads, Ringtones are clear
- Excellent speakerphone
- Camera is fair and works for me
- Easy to navigate UI even for Verizon


- Although speakerphone is good, it should be full duplex rather than half duplex. Yes I tested it and also contacted the manufacturer to verify its half duplex
- Vibrate should be stronger
- Video clips should be longer than 15 seconds
- EVDO sometimes not reliable

A great phone


Dec 19, 2006 by mazz

the razr is great. it has the best camera on any phone you will ever get. i love mine. it offers all the features you will get on any phone. You definately get your moneys worth. the video is also very good.

Pros: size, weight, camera, video, speakerphone.

cons: the phone is very slow.



Nov 30, 2006 by cbrf23

Probably the most dissapointing phone I've ever dealt with. I work as a retail rep selling Sprint Nextel Cingular and T-Mobile. I've had Cingular for a long time, just purchased a D807 not to long ago (GREAT PHONE!) and decided to switch over to sprint because of a better dealer plan.

SO I waited for a powervision/mp3/non bulky phone to come out for a while, and when this finally was released, I jumped on it. I just exchanged it today for a samsung m610, so we'll see how that goes when it gets here, but I was extremely dissapointed with the V3m.

Thin phone, cool (IMO) styling.
Easy to navigate menus
EV-DO is great!
Mp3 player

Phones response time to any input is painfully slow, makes using the phone a real annoyance.
Text messages limited to 160 characters - CAN NOT type more than 160 characters at a time.
Camera quality is poor, even with the 1.3mp
Battery life is poor as well.

Overall it is an ok phone if you never text message or use the mp3 player or camera functions. But why would you buy a phone with all those features not to use them??

With better software, this could be an awesome phone, but as is, its a terrible let down.

Hopefully the M610 isn't as much of a dissapointment.

Razr V3m is da way 2 go.


Nov 16, 2006 by best buy

Cool, colorful, best reception, I'm hooked.

Sprint really messed this one up!


Nov 16, 2006 by codymclean

I don't understand were they went wrong. I loved the V3 and the V3i. Both had amazing screens, and could play ringtones amazingly. The V3m has the worst speaker i have ever heard. Ringtones, and voice calls sound awefull. I live in Boston, and i have never had such horible signal. Sprint has always been awesome with coverage, so this really suprised me. The menus are slow, and the battery life is aweful.

-love the gun metal grey color
-memory card slot
-ok camera

-aweful screen
-week housing
-the worst speaker (music ringtones sound like someone is krinkling paper)
-Horrilbe signal (unexpected from sprint)
-slow menus

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