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My Bad experience


Jan 31, 2010 by KennKenn

Ahh. I distinctly remember its the bleake December I had just had my 22 birthday and for a b-day present to my self i bought a Moto Razor V3m I had it for about 3 WEEKS before the system went hay-wire and I personally thought it was possessed!! I couldn't do anything all my phone did was turn on and off and claimed that I was on the internet and it sent false messages... and ... never mind I am not going to even explain the other things it did to me oh and ALMOST LOST MY J.O.B.!!! but i bought another and ever sicnce have I touched that demend thing. But I am still a Moto fan ...

A good sturdy phone


Jun 5, 2008 by rascaljordan

I had this phone for 7 months and loved it.
It looked cool and had cool features.

-ok camera
-outer screen was a plus
-doesn't get dirty easy
-good battery life
-big screen
-easy to text on

-user interface isn't that great

All in all I didn't have very many problems with the phone. It's a good phone and if you can deal with some crappy user interface I recommend it.

RAZR V3M in the Real World


Feb 19, 2007 by n9pek

I earn my living as a technology consultant. When I make a recommendation to a corporation for a bulk purchase, I don't have the luxury of being wrong. When I switched from Sprint to Alltel, choosing the Silver V3M as a replacement for my LG was an easy choice.

Let me be frank... This is a phone. I use it as a phone, and I demand absolute reliability and performance... For phone functions. As a phone, the V3M is nothing short of outstanding.

Signal reception is amazing... Half-scale readings in the same areas that the other phones in the family lose signal completely. (Moto W315 and E815 models.) Battery life is also outstanding, even with Bluetooth enabled constantly. Transmit and receive audio are exceptional with excellent tonal quality and signal-to-noise ratio.

Camera and MP3 player functions may not compare to a digital camera or an iPod... But as secondary functions on a wireless phone, they work as well as should be expected.

The phone is sturdier than one might think at first glance. Most V3M damage comes from stupidity, such as carrying the unit like a wallet in one's jeans. Treated properly, this unit is one of the best designed models I have seen.

Pros: Performance, battery life, size, weight, functionality.

Cons: I'd like to see a "ruggedized" model, a-la "Nextel" style, for those requiring additional durablity.

Overall good phone


Mar 24, 2007 by randyder

This phone has a good reception, easy to carry and wide enough to see the screen and the keypad.

RAZR-depends on the company


Feb 28, 2007 by kreeves

I love my RAZR. But mine is through US Cellular, and I will say that the company DOES make a difference. The reason why the RAZRs come with different model numbers (ex. V3m, V3c) are because the phone is different with different companies. Though they are BASICALLY the same, companies will have different requirements in their end product. US Cellular has a rigorous testing process and higher requirements then those of some other companies. So while some might right that the RAZR they sell through Sprint, Cingular, and Verizon are horrible and have software issues, I suggest to them that there company take accountability for the sub-par product they are putting out and come up with software updates to fix the issues their customers are having.

-FANTASTIC reception
-compact phone
-aesthetically pleasing
-sound quality is great both in ear piece and on speaker phone
-USB style charger is an upgrade
-large storage capacity

-No flash on camera

My RAZR is great, if you are having problems with yours-don't switch phones, switch to US Cellular.

Over all THE bomb!


Feb 16, 2007 by CSIdude42

This phone is pretty awsome when I got it a week ago, and it still is. I had reveiwed the other reveiws and had 2 thoughts but got it anyway. It has this awsome feature(for Sprint) were I can hold the phone up to the radio and get that ring tone I have wanted! It added up to about 12$ in right tones that I saved and there are LOUD! I had one problem with the music though...THEY HAVE TO BE MP3s! So after a while on the phone with Motorola I got it.(You have to rip the CD in MP3 form allready(I had problems with Windows Media 10 because of some plug-in that I had to BUY! But then got on my laptop with Windows Media Player 11 and I could rip as a MP3 and Then transfer it to the SD card))
Nice form
Cool menu set up and esay to learn
MicroSD card!
Video camera and 1.3MP camera
Up to 5 phone numbers on one contact
Notes under a contact(for extions ect)
Sprint TV
Music player
When flipping though phone book, it is a bit slow
The whole program is a bit slow with trying to move around but when in sub-menu normal
This is an awsome phone for sprint and im glad that sprint has joined the party! ALTHOUGH....If for some reason you come across the Samsung A920(witch sprint has so dumbly done away with) Go for that because 1 if you drop it...it want shatter and It is an awsome phone too! I really do recommend this phone to anyone!(also get the insureance, just to be safe)

RAZR is the best I ever had


Feb 15, 2007 by gerryrules73

I'm very happy with this phone and this is the best I ever had w/Verizon. I've had Verizon for 5 years and had several phones w/Verizon (Some I paid retail price for-including this one.) I owned the Motorola v60, LG vx4400, vx6100, to name a few. This is one of the best phones Verizon has and I don't know why some people that own it give it a bad rap.

Sound quality is excellent. Battery life is very good if you don't text message a lot (about 4 days on mine). Speaker phone is good if you're at home but OK if you're driving (I use my bluetooth when I drive). I don't subscribe to the V Cast or VZ Navigator feature so it's irrelevant. Picture quality is a little on the blurry side.

* Sound quality (Minimal dropped calls)
* Battery life
* Large screen
* Bluetooth capability comes in handy when driving or at a mall
* Large address book
* Speaker phone
* RAZR only takes 2 hours or even less to charge battery
* User friendly

* Verizon Wireless disappears on top of my phone screen sometimes. (I don't know what that is.)
* Camera phone is blurry
* Only digital & not tri-mode (That's minor)

This phone is one that suits my needs and is very trendy. Most of my friends own a RAZR and they are not complaining. I highly recommend this phone to anyone.

You Gotta Buy This Phone


Feb 7, 2007 by Music Man

I bought this phbone almost a week ago and I love it !!!!!! Great Job Motorola, The Razr is so much better than my last moto. It has all the fetures that I want and the ones that verizon blocked i really dont care about. The Razr that i bought was the V3M and I love it,

I was nervous about buying this phone because of all the negative reviews i read on here. I never go on these sites ever. I was reading reviews on this phone and I stubled on here. I actually was looking at the LG Chocolate or The Moto Razr, When I got my hands on the phones in ther Verizon store i immeditaly fell in love with the razr.

So all you people writing the negative reviews actually use the phone to its potential then write a review because this is a real gem if you give it a chance.

From sprint tech support


Nov 9, 2006 by sprinttech2

I was terrified when they relesed the information sheet to us that we were picking up this phone.. becuase I've owned one.. and I had NOTHING but problems.. fortunetly.. we havn't really seen any out of the actual device.. as far as the software.. firmware and the data/evdo features.. most issues trouble shoot out like anyother phone.. the only thing I wil advise is that the hinge is extremely fallable. and its not a phone I would get for your kids.. unless you wanna make an insurence claim!

Excellent phone, excellent design, highly variable software


Nov 9, 2006 by GuyinLACA

I've used both the Verizon and Amp'd Mobile versions of this phone. Both do a great job of being a phone first. However, the software on the V3m is different on every carrier. Each carrier allows/blocks features based on what they can gain.

PROS (regardless of carrier):
-Sleek metal design
-Thin and lightweight
-Outstanding reception
-Outstanding call quality
-Very well-built
-Loud Ringers
-Large screen
-Bright backlighting

PROS unique to Verizon's V3m:
-VZ Navigator
-Built in music/media player
-Well organized / simple to use recent calls menus / contacts list
-Good choice of ringtones/wallpapers

CONS unique to Verizon's V3m:
-Ugly red standard interface
-Few customization options
-Takes numerous clicks to get to the desired application.
-Only one shortcut key
-No brightness control
-Can't change the orange outer screen image
-Too many options require going through the Get It Now menu.
-No ringer profiles or Vibe then Ring
-No extra accessories included yet other carriers do

PROS unique to the Amp'd Mobile V3m:
-Very attractive user interface
-Numerous customization options
-Menu key is the left soft key instead of the tiny ok button
-unique pearl gray/black housing
-comes complete w/ data cables and microSD card

CONS unique to the Amp'd RAZR:
-Only 2 customizable shortcut keys
-Only 2-3 preloaded wallpapers
-Only about 8 preloaded ringtones
-Apparently one must buy wallpapers/ringtones to get choices
-Few options for the camera

Overall, the V3m is a high quality product with great style and function as a phone. Unfortunately, it does suffer some minor drawbacks. For whatever reason, the Verizon version and the Sprint version are a bit slow as far as menu speed. The only versions that seem to be quick overall are those running Motorola's original interface (Alltel, Amp'd, and US Cellular). The software and Bluetooth are minor drawbacks on the Verizon version, but it's still an excellent phone for them regardless.

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