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Great Phone!


Sep 14, 2006 by WKG

I purchased this phone to replace my Audiovox CDM9900. At first I was a little worried as I have always had tri-mode phones in the past and the RAZR is all digital. This phone has great reception. I can make and hold calls in areas where the 9900 was all but useless. Inside screen is bright and clear. Outer screen is not as sharp but has been no problem at all. Actually, it helps improve the battery life and who's going to watch a movie on it anyways. Camera is ok. Works fine for what it is, a camera phone. I was able to use it in a pinch for my work as an insurance adjuster when my regular digital died. It's not an SLR though so don't expect it. Menus are ok, speed is fine and once you learn them it is easy to navigate. I was able to sync up with Windows Media Player 10 right out of the box via USB. On board memory is small but that's no problem, just add an extra memory card. I put 3 tunes on it just to check it out and it worked fine. EVDO is nice, much faster. Voice dialing works perfect, no training required. Speakerphone is acceptable. Battery life is better than the 9900. One of the best aspects is it fits in my pocket easily. No need for a holster/case on my belt anymore. I actually forget it's there until it goes off when a call comes in. Solid build/feel. No creaks. The casing is partially aluminum.


Excellent reception/Sound quality
USB Sync & charging
Voice dialing
MP3 Player
Slim size
Bluetooth (limited but still welcome)
Battery life is decent
Free w/new every 2 program!


Won't accept a standard headset w/out USB adapter
Won't iron my laundry

I wouldn't pay much attention to the whiners about this phone. If you are looking for a toy to play with go buy an xbox. If you want a good phone with some fun factor and looks cool this one is solid and performs consistently well

Much like the V3c, with a few perks


Jun 21, 2006 by dmk1974

Reading these reviews, there sure are a a lot of gripers. If you want something for text messaging, then get a smartphone. Going from the V3c that I passed on to my wife, I think this is at least as good. In my area, reception is good, battery is as expected for 780 mAh, and the interface is like all other new Verizon phones. Nice and compact and solid. No complaints here.

Great Phone with some minor Cons


Jun 23, 2006 by mets1969

I live in an area in Long Island NY where your only real choice is verizon. I had a Samsung 6700, but the thing weighed to much. I have had great luck with the new Razor.

Pros Good phone reception for a bad area.
GPS navigation System
expandable memory
New Larger battery
Easy to Navigate

Cons Calender is limited
Groups are limited
Not a very good speaker phone

All in all I was surprised and happy with the phone

First Impressions


Jun 9, 2006 by OlderGeek

I have had the phone for three days. My phone prior to this was the E815 and before that the V60.

Build: The build is beautiful. The phone feels solid and the fit and finish are Nikon quality.
10 of 10.

Phone: Voice quality is high. People hear you clearly. You hear people clearly. It is better than the E815 and the V3C. 10 of 10.

Speaker: Speaker distorts slightly at high volume if you have a strong connection - same as a SONY radio would. It will play loudly and distortion free once you adjust volume. 10 of 10.

Battery: 780mAh is more than the V3C by a little and this phone is more efficient. Hence, it will last an entire day of heavy use. However, the E815 could go two days. You need to turn off Bluetooth to get extra battery life - not a good thing for my H700 and me. 7 of 10.

Camera: Picture quality is far superior to the E815. I can actually use this camera and with the microSD I can actually get my pictures out for free. Wow. 10 of 10.

Music: I have not used the feature yet.

VCast: VCast is not reliable and eats battery life. If you want to hear the weather or catch a breaking story, it has some use. 3 of 10 - but not in ratings as this is not the phone's fault.

microSD: Very easy to put in. Very easy to format. Removal is harder, but not impossible. The E815 was way better. 6 of 10.

Charging: Charges quickly and the new plug is a huge plus. You can power off of your PC. 10 of 10.

Menu: The speed is much faster than the V3C. It seems almost as quick as the E815. I like that you can store multiple numbers with a name, as you did with the V60. 8 of 10.

Size: Perfect. 10 of 10.

OVERALL: So far 84 if 90.

Fair and Balanced Review( For grown ups only)


Jun 15, 2006 by ferndog

Between Howard Forums and Phonescoop, I don't know which is worse!

The Razor V3M...have had it for a week now and so far it has been flawless.

I'll say it again for the 100th time, the call quality is second to none on both ends of the call. Build quality and materials is top notch. I use the extended battery which makes my Razor a pleasure to use as a power user. Bluetooth is the best using the Motorola H500. With newer software, the menus are plenty fast. Speakerphone is average but usable in most situations. RF is second to none( I live in a very good area for Verizon and most carriers). Camera is good enough( I have a Nikon for pictures). Video is subpar but who cares. The player works very well. Easy to use and sounds pretty darn good. Form factor even with the extended is the best fitting phone I have ever had. I like the keypad more then the LG8300 which I think is a fine phone and another I will post a review on that as well.
The Razor is here to stay so get used to it. There is a reason why it sells very well and no, it's not because they are cheap in price as of 2 days ago. I see more Razors then any other phone in my area. Set aside the under 15 year old reviews, the Razor V3M again does what a phone is supposed to do, make and recieve calls, which it does very very well.
The bottom line is that there are many good phones out there and the Razor is one of them. If you are going to post a serious review, it least try it for more then a day.

V3m Silver is great


Jul 8, 2006 by Jimbodini

This information are for people that like style in their cell phones. I ordered this phone from Verizon Customer Service by mail.

This phone has the performance and the looks. I've had this phone for 2 weeks and it is great. I used to own a V3c, but the V3m Silver is much better. What I like about V3m Silver is the fact that it is Silver on the outside and black on the inside. That gives a unique and distictive look to this Razor phone. I bought a black Co-Zip cover and that makes my Razor black all over. Something I've always wanted.

I'm not much into the "techy" stuff. But if you really like good looks on your phone, the Razor V3m Silver is the one to have. It is not as soft or weak as some critics say. It is quite solid just like V3c or V3m Grey. The bottom line is that if you are not a responsible or careful person, it doesn't metter what phone you own, it will always be destroyed.

Another reason why I prefer V3m Silver over the V3m Grey is that the V3m Grey does not look any different from V3c.

-Excellent reception
-Unique Silver & Black combination
-Neon blue background lights look great on black keys.
-Stonger battery life
-Multimedia phone
-Better looking than the V3m Grey.
-Best Razor ever.

-You cannot customize the outside screen

Overall: This is a great phone to have.



Jun 29, 2006 by CeLLpHoNeCrAzY

this phone is great! it has everything that the v3c had and more! i love the mp3 player with the expandable memory of up to a gig! and with all the softwares out there you can make a 3 minute song less than a mega byte!

1)excellent camera
2)better battery life than v3c
3)awesome mp3 player
4)good speaker phone
5)ultra sleek design
6)excellent speaker overall great for ringtones and listening to mp3 player.
7)expandable memory!
8) it's on verizon's network

1) video recording only 15 seconds.
2)easily scratched

overall this phone gets a 10 out of 10

Solid performer & "open"


Jul 19, 2007 by rnclark

This is probably the 10th cell phone I have had and it tops all. It is small, it gets good reception, the battery life is adequate (I don't know where these horror stories are coming from), bluetooth is solid, the voice recognition is very accurate, it has a solid feel to it.

I wanted something rubberized and ruggedized and found an aluminum/rubber cover that clips on the phone--even with that it is still smaller than other phones I have owned.

I use gmail and have downloaded the gmail client and google maps for the phone--this is incredible!

You can get software from Motorola that will allow you to bypass the "toll-booths on the Internet" put in place by Sprint and Verizon allowing you to freely move pictures and audio from the phone to your computer.

I used to have a PPC 6700 PDA/Phone, but found the sluggish performance to be unacceptable. I liked the ability to browse the internet in a PDA browser and check e-mail on the pda's e-mail client--with the gmail client on the phone, I don't need to do that any more.

I can browse the net on my PDA by tethering the my PDA to the phone via bluetooth. I have to reset the phone to get this to work (Sprint doesn't officially support this), but it is great bandwidth.

Compared to GPRS, EVDO kicks butt! In my test I got 930K tethered and a friend on GPRS with an IPAQ 6925 only got 330K--the Sprint commercials are true.

Ignore the immature rants in this thread--this phone is solid!

Charcoal Gray V3m is AWESOME... The Silver V3m is a piece of Garbage!


Jul 4, 2006 by Logical_Technology

I read the review titled "V3m is VERY cheaply
made compared to the other V3 versions". I
agree with this but only for the silver V3m.
I think this person had the silver one and
not the charcoal gray phone. The silver v3m
is indeed made differently, it has a lot of
plastic that squeaks and it feels very
cheaply made. I started out with the silver
model then exchanged it for the charcoal gray
v3m, and now I couldn't be happier. The
charcoal gray V3m is made a lot better than
the silver model. It's got the metal hinge
and metal keypad and feels well made and
durable. The silver model looked like the
hinge was made of plastic and the keypad
definitely was plastic. It just feel very
fragile. Anyways, since the silver v3m model
is a piece of crap, THIS REVIEW ONLY

+ Beautiful to look at, great design, slim.

+ With VCast ($15 extra a month) you get
unlimited mobile web! I use this a lot to
check my email and do my ebay stuff, all
from this phone. It's TOTALY AWESOME!

+ Holds 1GB micro-SD for MP3's. Goodbye iPod.

+ Easy to use and navigate menus.

+ Best quality speaker-phone I have ever used.

+ VCast is stunning. Amazing quality for a
cell phone.

+ Fits comfortably in all my pockets.

+ iTAP text input works reasonably well.

+ Very good reception and sound quality.

- Difficult to see the displays (especially
the outer display) in sunlight.

- VCast content is limited and most video
clips are only about 2 minutes long.

- There should be an option to increase the
brightness of the screen.

- You should be able to set the back-light to
stay on permanently if you desire.

- Keys are a little hard to see for text
messaging purposes in low light if the
back-light is not on.

Overall I think the Pros outweigh the Cons.
I would definitely recommend the CHARCOAL
GRAY MODEL of this phone. You will not be

Best PhonE eVEr


Feb 24, 2007 by ballin

this is a Great phone and i believe it should be in a hiher rank.

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