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No way to create own ringtones


Feb 1, 2008 by tdresbaugh

This sucks I had to get my RAZR v3m replaced after having it 6 months and the replacement doesn't allow me to make my own ringtones. The ones that verizon has on it suck. I don't want to have to pay $2 a ringtone when I have the software to make them myself

An excellent "voice only phone"


Dec 24, 2006 by BadFrog

If your looking for an excellent "voice only phone" for Sprint, then the V3M is a perfect selection. I don't use the fancy stuff! I make and receive phone calls.

The phone is very well built, easy to use, stylish and light weight.

- Excellent RF on Sprint, even in fringe area
- Works from inside a house
- Easy user interface
- Very clear call quality
- Good speaker phone
- Very bright and clear screen, even in day light
- Very nice key pad and seldom make errors
- Excellent battery life, when used as a phone

Con: Since I don't use or care about the camera, texting, video, TV shows, I-tunes, Internet email ..sheee'sh why do they put this junk into a cell phone when it just sucks up your battery power, inherently poor quality and functionality and just aggravates the heck outta yah and makes you call a CSR "who is most likely a technical idiot"!

So what the V3M does very-very well is perform as a "super cell phone" for phone calls and not as an all in one "geek toy".

PS ..all that fancy stuff ..it costs more money in your monthly cell phone bill. Use that extra cost to buy more minutes !



Aug 12, 2006 by Princess8907

So I've had this phone for about 4 weeks now and lovin it. I have the pink version ans it suits me well. It has everything I want in a phone and so much more I can do, like music, games and videos.

*screen size
*speaker phone
*menus easy to follow
*contact space
*voice commands

CONS (mostly personal)
*no ringer and vibrate
*boring Verizon menu
*can not put pictures/pic ids on outside LCD

So over all I give a 5 out of 5

Great Phone Great Options


Aug 7, 2006 by discin420style

I have owned this phone for about 3 weeks now. This phone is great!!! People keep complaining that this phone has too many limitations. Well....for those people it always will.

Things I have done with this phone.

-I have used this phone to watch a 45min (60MB) television show and a 2hr Movie on it with excellent picture quality (I was getting new plates for my car). Supports .3gp files (recommend using Mpegable x4 live for conversion of files)

-MP3's are supported but only as ringtones. A seem edit and you can enable USB and Bluetooth transfer. (Currently doing this through Motorola Phone Tools v4.21) This will allow you to add your own ringtones and wallpapers without having to send or download them to yourself.

-Music player works great. It plays WMA files if you are using it as a Music Player and syncs well with windows media player 10. (haven't tried WMP 11). WMA files are just about as good as the MP3's and Windows media player will do the MP3 - WMA conversion for you. (just takes a little longer)

-Outer LCD can be changed but only the Orange background to reflect your inner Wallpaper.

-Video recording can be extended with seem edits.

-Free Web browsing via a proxy server of your choice. (instead of paying verizon). Search for HottProxy on google.

-Vibe then Ring Option. Have to enable via seem edit.

-Enable a few disabled ringtones

-The Weather Applications are great as well as the Movie Lookup Apps

Call Quality
upto 1GB MicroSD option (Must have)
Great Speakerphone
Verizon Network
Music Playback
It has a Camera (not great quality but OK for emergency situations) - Same with Video Camera
VCast (ok but can be expensive)
Good Battery Life

Verizon Menus
Have to tweak to enable certain features.
Not Skinnable
BREW Applications (no java= you have to pay for games)
Home Keys not fully programmable (only the down key)

All in all I give this phone a 9 of 10 due to the work you need to do to enable some of the features.

I really like it


Jul 12, 2006 by kmcnulty25

I recently switched from Verizon to Cingular, mainly because I hated my LG VX5200 and I liked a free phone that they had. That was a very bad idea...I was very dissatisfied with the service, etc. So after a week, I came back to Verizon and got the V3m RAZR, and I have to say I'm very happy with it thus far. I was always a little skeptical about the RAZR because it's bigger than what I'm used to, I heard bad things about the battery life/that the phone itself is just a pain, plus this is my first Motorola...I've always had Nokias, LGs, and the one free Samsung X497 from the one hot minute I had Cingular...hehe.

So far, there have been no problems whatsoever...I love how the screen/text is much bigger than the LG 5200 and better quality than the Samsung and the LG. The camera is just OK, but that's what I have a digital camera for. Call quality and volume are very good. Phone is very durable and well made...the only place it feels plasticky is on the inside, but that's because it IS plastic. But even that feels pretty durable. It opens and closes very easily, there is no squeaking at all when phone opens or closes, as some people said.

The only complaint I MIGHT have is the fact that my mom, brother, and a couple of my friends have the Cingular RAZRs, and unlike those, this one doesn't have as many ringtones, or many of the same ringtones that the Cingular ones have. But I can live with that.

Overall, a very good phone.

Beastly phone!


Sep 3, 2006 by AwpdsR

This is one excellent device. The thinness and/or the fact it is a Motorola doesn't make this a bad phone. Or even a so-so phone. This is tight!!

+ Good reception. Very close to a Nokia I had once.

+ Good battery life. A lot better than the 8910.

+ Combination of style and function. It is stylishly designed an thin. However, this does not make it flimsy. It is much sturdier than the 8910.

+ Mini USB charger port

+ Color outer display

+ microSD card slot is very easy to use. (however it is under the battery)

+ Good camera. Not quite a990 material but its nice enough for a phone.

+ Loud speakerphone

+ Bluetooth.


~ Older V3m = ugly dark gray color. Bleh! Depressing!

~ Verizon UI (but not worthing complaining about because there isnt much we can do. Verizon is going to put it on all of their phones.)


This is a sweet phone. It doesnt lag like the V3c and it is much better than the V3. Dont let people tell you the RAZR is junk because it rocks!



Mar 6, 2008 by lilguy2009

the phone is not that bad overall but the only bad thing is that the camera isn't that GOOD!!! and you have to pay 2.50 for a downloaded song but every thing else is a breeze

A phone for Teenagers.


May 17, 2007 by mhalbert

The RAZR V3m.
I bought the phone after the price went down.
September 8, 2006.
For about $50.00 with a two year contract.
Not bad at all.
The phone, when i bought it, i was stoked about it.
Everything that everyone had said about the phone.
I couldn't wait to get it.
When i got home...
two hours later i sat with my sisters boyfriend
I saw that everything the V3m did his free LG did.
But after about nine months with the V3m i do still like the phone.
I have had to do one Warranty Exchange
There was software problems with the phone.
The phone is slim, eye catching, and easy to use.
The service where i live (North Dakota) is good.
I travel a lot.
I rarely loose signal with it.
I have drooped it....
....a few times....
and it has held up.

The only thing (-) of the phone that i can think of is that dust gathers under the face plate easily.

Other than that i have greatly enjoyed the Moto V3..

Kudos, Moto.

The best phone evr made!!!


Apr 28, 2007 by RogoMan1992

I love this phone! I have the silver and black razr from verizon wireless, the sound quality, and my reception is awesome. I am a teenager and I use a lot of the features amost 24/7. I have had my razr for about six months now and i know it inside and out. The thing that i dont really like about the phone is the battey life and the camera is sorta fuzzy and takes a few seconds to capture the pic.

pros: It is a lot more durable then it looks, the screen is nice and big, and my fingers just glide along with the keypad when i text (I do this a lot)

cons: The battery life is really short and only lasts like one day if you have school, or like 3/4 of a day when you have off. sometimes it takes a long time to load menus and apps., also the camera is blurry and hesitant.

Truly a great MOTO phone


Mar 23, 2007 by Bartman

I seldom offer a rave review on products but since joining Sprint and getting my RAZR V3M, the RAZR has changed my use and approach to cellphones. I finally have a phone that "works as advertised"..! I am not a speed demon or phone junky .. just someone that wants a reliable, highly functional and robust phone. The RAZR V3M delivers superior quality on all these points.

- extremely easy to use "user interface"
- keypad "feels great"
- screen is crisp and clear
- many-many options to customize your UI
- bluetooth works excellent

- exceptional RF capability even in buildings
- crystal clear voice fidelity
- great UI for internet browsing/texting

CONS: these are not show stoppers in any way
- so/so camera ..hey it works though
- phone processing speed is a little slow but you make less errors too !
- battery life could be better to support the features of the phone. Get an extended life battery and new back cover and your "rock'in" ( I did this )

All in all, the V3M is still MOTO's great stylish phone and not a clunker !! I am very happy with it.

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