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RAZR is a not a good buy


Nov 10, 2006 by danpilot775pd

I must have gotten a dud. As soon as I got the razr, i started having technical difficulties. My first problem was that the phone would freeze when I tried to access the camera. Then, the phone would not let me assign a picture to a certain caller. The alarm feature would work "sometimes", and I would have appointments dropped from the calendar feature. I went back to the store, and received a free replacememt RAZR and bluetooth. I had the same problems with the replacement, as well as having the additional problem with the blue tooth. The blue tooth would automatically drop after about 5 seconds. (the blue tooth was also a replacement). Recently, I have been getting a lot of "freezes" and I was unable to receive calls. Ive had my "recent calls" list tell me that I have called my voice mail 99 times in 1 minute. Ive had the phone prompt me to enter my unlock code during the middle of a call. The unlock feature would work about half of the time after the phone had been turned off. Overall I have had a bad experience with the phone and the replacement. The phone was never dropped or gotten wet.

I like it


Jul 11, 2006 by nobodycares

This is a very good phone, I have the v3m on my personal line, and the v3c on my work line. They both work well but the mp3 player on the v3m is awesome, especially when bored at work.
Pros: The phone looks good.
The mp3 player is good, loud, and relatively easy to use.

The speaker phone is good
The camera is good
Cons: The outside display will not change.
The camera has no flash
I don't know if i like the black on the inside

Over all it is a good phone, I have not had bad reception, or any dropped calls with either phone. I like it.

The Best Verizon Phone on the Market


Jun 15, 2006 by Raider21

Yes , Talk all you want bad about Verizon, though this is a great phone very easy to get use to all the features very similar to the previous music phone LG 8100 with a combination of the razor technology. And yes it does have blue tooth for the person who wrote the review read your manual. It also allow you to download music and connect very easy to usb adapter. The Razor V3m (V navigator ability) abilities as well. Great system, that provide a head set adapter to listen to your tunes you save on your micro SD. Yes, one con no fancy keyboard, that is bulky anyway if like to text message. This a true phone with access to everything. Just takes time to learn all the great features. Trust me you will be happy. I tried other phones prior to get getting this one.

Great Phone with some minor Cons


Jun 26, 2006 by Col.forbin

I have been using my v3m since Friday and so far I like it more than i dislike it. I had a few headaches to get it to work with Bitpim so i could sync up my phone book. I love the size and feel of the razr. The outer display cannot be edited at all and is not that great. I also hate the way vibrate and alarm go on a separate status bar. why wouldn't they just put them up top with all the other icons. It also does not have the Vibe/Ring option for those who use it like myself. Overall it was a good upgrade from my Samsung A670...

good phone, but...


Nov 25, 2007 by k_phonexpert_1

i have had many motorola phones and have tested many of my friends', but i have to say this phone comes in first. after having a motorola sliver as well, i have to say i would much rather have had the V3m at that point. unlike many razor-esque motorolas, the keypad does not "hurt" your fingers as the sliver, and others, do, with possibly sharp number keys and button dividers. complaints one way have are the following:
so many have the phone that you may get tired of it.
there are not many features available on this phone, and those that are are not easily accessed.
the display is not very good.
the camera is not enough mega pixels to be properly viewed on a computer.
texting is difficult; the number keys are too close together.
the menu is hideous.
these problems aside, i would choose it over any of the other razor-like motorola devices.

Fair Phone-Great Design-Weak Durability


Apr 10, 2007 by Johnny_Man

Let me start by saying this- it is definately a durable phone. If you are going to go on Mountain Climbing trips or anything like that, dont bring this phone. But is has a nice desing and features. -Trust Me-

truth is in the cons


Jul 2, 2006 by dez2two

Bought and will keep. Had my contract reduced from 2 to 1 year. Why? A whole onslaught of new phones will be released within the next year. The Razr has benchmarked the ideal general design for the digital phone. Now the industry will refine it. Verizon has great coverage, customer service and Value. But their software is weak, and they give the impression of gouging on what we should be entitiled to...MP3's. The software on my 2yr old samsung SCH-A670 had some great features that verizon weaned out. The service provider that provides the most freedom will rule. Short sighted greed always have and always will die poor.

Pros- just read everyone else's, I agree for the most part.

-one touch silent mode?
-vibe/ ring mode?
-calender as wallpaper?
-all modes and alert prompt could be depicted in the top
bar, not a whole light blue bar just to depict Vibe mode.
-speed dial/ numerical entry for entire phone book?
-BT sync w/ PC, MAC?
-Just enable the MP3's. More people will sign up and you'll make more money.
-Flash- couldn't the external display be used as a flash?
-No options for external display. Only one given depicts; caller ID, Verizon Wireless, time, signal, battery, mode/ messgs. All in black, white and red.. nullifies the full color capabilties.
-External display lacks Picture ID. Date/time with out back light
-Vcast is a gimick that doesn't hold its value

What a dissapointment


Jul 22, 2006 by jtc411

Just recieved my Motorola v3m...cant say im happy about this...i have a motorola e815 which is a great phone..but i wanted to be able to listen to some mp3's while at work...so i figured a multimedia phone would be awesome...well...this was obviously the wrong choice. Apparently Motorola has a known issue with the usb drivers they provide in the multimedia pack...soo i cannot sync my phone with my computer to put music on here...after 3 hours on the phone with tech support...no resolve...and im sure in the hell not paying 2 dollars a song to verizon...i'll list my pro's con's

Reception is ok, as is voice quality
its slim and looks good and seems durable
Speaker is good

Usb driver problems which stop the phone from syncing
Camera is pure crap, there is no flash

I havent had the phone long enough to comment on anyone else, and i know people are thinking "why would you buy a phone for an mp3 player or camera"...well the answer is if its available...why not take advantage? This phone does not do it...will be going with the vx8300



Jun 28, 2010 by kimboslice94

okayy so i owned this phone forr aboutt, 3 weeks? yeahh.. where is it noww who knws.

when i first got itt.
it was all greatt. a week later it started getting slower and slower, till it actually took minutes to receive txts. and it would jst freeze when it got more than lyk 2?

seriously ima txter. thiss phone is no good for txting.

and it would randomly freeze when i was on the phonee, or when i received a txt while being on the phone.

finally, the last days of its life. it would say it couldnt send messages. and i waited a couple hours, a dayy, till i finally decided to take the battery out. andd it crashed, it would jst go up to the motorola greating or the sprint one. and stay there and not go to my wallpaper.

it suckss. it really does. all yu get is irratatingg momentss.

Note thoo: i had flashed it to crickett. cuz i heardd sprint is noo buenoo.
thooo idkk if it really changes how the phone workks or doesntt.

Great Reception and Clarity


Sep 5, 2009 by Paulie

I currently have a used Verizon V3m and 8 months ago an Alltel v3m. Both get excellent reception with great clarity. Between using V3m's, I had a used Samsung u520 using it with both Alltel and Verizon; it has bad reception constantly dropped calls and skipped. As a result, I feel a phone is all about reception; I do not use my current v3m for anything but talking so I do not know about the quality of the camera or anything else. I would say one bad feature is that music that plays on turning on the phone or the tones with keystrokes can only be shut off or lowering by changing the volume of speech or rings; they cannot be changed independent of one another. As a result, if you do not silence volume upon shutting it off, the music will play upon shutting off or turning on the phone. This is a pain if trying to remain quiet such as in a library or with someone else sleeping.

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