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phone is okay, but kind of breaks


Sep 1, 2009 by narn3049

I first liked this phone because it was my first video phone and I had loved it, I had the krazr with video at the same time to, and then it got washed i lost half function of the keypad and had to enter numbers from the recent calls if i wanted to put a 3 6 or 9 on the number. It was durable until a friend stepped on it and broke the outer scren covering, made the top go unresponsive and broke off the top, i had another one now the v3m in silver for verizon and this one ended up having software glitch (version not known) and it would have circuitry problems. I would have to press on the phone to make a circuit and turn on, otherwise would have blinking keys, the newer razr i got from verizon died, i never even dropped it, and it was one of their refurbs, the phone got a pixilated screen. i have decided i am done with the razr, unless i can get one for cheaper, but purchasing them is no,

Loved it. Just bought another one.


Jul 1, 2009 by lauren_whit

I loved this phone. It was the first one I had right out of high school a couple years ago. I had T-Mobile. All my other friends teased me and told me how bad they were and how easily they broke. Mine lasted almost a year until it broke due to my stupidity (I chucked it due to frustration caused by something else). The screen went out and I had to cancel T-mobile because it wasn't available in my area at the time. So I went with a different company and got a new phone. I went through two of that model because it was deffective both times. So I paid full price for a new model of phone and went through the same thing with my current one. I just bought a razr online today and I'm really happy. I can't wait until I get it in the mail.

The only thing I didn't like about the razr is that the keyboard is kinda flat, so sometimes I missed letters when I texted. But other than that I absolutely loved it!

I Loved It


Jul 1, 2009 by SweetCheeks6883

Although this phone is discontinued, it's still a classic.
I had this phone & got rid of it not too long ago because I liked it so much.
It was the best phone during its time.

-Sleek design
-Comfortable buttons
-Nice screen size
-Discreet vibration
-Nice display

-No camera flash

This phone would still be great for a 1st phone for your kids or just as something to hold you over.

Nice if you're just looking for a thin phone for calls


Jun 17, 2009 by MJSNY

Call quality good. This phone is good for calls and is thin. That's about it. So if that's all you're looking for, it's a good phone then. Anything else is either mediocore, or slow reacting.

Good call quality
Nice work phone

Slow reacting
Video only records 15 seconds(if you care)

Junky hardware with good features


Jan 15, 2009 by kemosabe2

Sprint 3VM

With Motorola phone tools you can do a lot with the phone. including Phone as a modem and creating your own ring tones etc.(Sprint)

Thin phone

Cons- the Screen will go solid white for hours at a time and resets will not help. I have found by leaving the battery cover off on one side this doesn't happen as much.

The hinge after a year and 3 months feels flimsy.

-The Phone tools are a separate purchase

-The cable to use with the phone tools is a separate purchase.

-with bluetooth enabled battery goes down 3 times as fast.

-Browser is slow to respond on phone. Apps start slowly.

One of the worst phones in the history of time


Dec 29, 2008 by loismustdie2045

Alright, here's the deal. I got this phone a year ago from Verizon. It's a terrible phone. It was good for the first few months I had it. Then I started talking on the phone more and my call was lost almost every five minutes. This phone was very, very, very slow. Then I took it back and I got a different one. This phone was great. It was a bit of an updated version. I could finally change the front screen, and it was much faster. This phone had no problem with the calls. Then, the front screen went out and only showed up blue. Then the main screen went all white and wouldn't display anything. So I just had a friend give me a different kind of phone.

music player
nice style
texting is nice

while listening to music, if you get a text, it stops the music and the phone goes really slow.
very unreliable.
There were many technical problems with it.

I would not suggest this phone to anyone.

Razr did not work for me


Dec 7, 2008 by KiaJaz

When I got the Razr I was so excited!! But then after a week i realized that it sucked.When I recorded music on it and than sent it to make a ringtone it wouldn't let me save as a ringtone! It breaks easily and the picture quality sucked too! What happened with my phone is when I got it i rubbed on the front screen and it dented in, I thought it was no biggy at first and the next day I took it out of my purse and something in there had cracked it very easily and it's still cracked. But in January I'm getting the LG Voyager! But I don't recommend the razr

I liked the phone at first.......


Nov 17, 2008 by gordondo02

When i first got the phone (Motorola RAZR V3m, Silver) I was so excited to have it. And it did work well for about 9 months. And then the key pad started shorting out (lights would flash when I would barely touch it and the keys wouldn't work) Then the down key broke and so had to scroll up threw all my contacts and text messages, kind of a pain! So I brought it in finally to US Cellular 2 weeks ago, cuz it was really annoying to me! And they replaced it with a new Motorola RAZR V3m, the same one that I had to begin with, but they gave me my same back of the phone back, fine whatever, and my year contract was just about up, and now I have had the replacement for about 2 weeks and the corner of the keypad is peeling away and loose, and the screen goes black, and then today I had the screen go all weird on me like when your TV does bug races, you know all the dots are scrambling, for no reason at all, all I was doing is texting someone. Now I am 33 years old and have two kids, I think I am pretty careful with my personal belongings, and yes I did drop the First one I had, but have not dropped this one, yet. I guess I would think after what I paid for the phone it would be durable or of better lasting quality, but I guess I am wrong, now to try to get a new phone that I hope will last, well good luck to me I guess! This is only the third, well fourth cell phone (if you count the replacements) I have ever had, and the first two phones I ever had, I had for 4 years each one, and never had any problems, but they were not Motorola's either, so I am hoping to find one that last longer than 9 months again. I would not recommend this phone to anyone. I do however have to say that it is a cool looking phone, that would be my only pro for this one I guess!

Pretty darn good, once you hack it a little...


Sep 24, 2008 by kabuk1

I bought this phone used off of eBay as a replacement for my treo 755p. I had a v3a with Alltel last year and liked it a lot(aside from the BREW, ugh!!!), so when the time came for a new phone I decided to pick up another RAZR.

MOSTLY everything. The v3m has very good capabilities for a non-smartphone, I can accomplish almost everything I did with my Treo, just in different ways. I have full web access via Opera Mini, and real time turn-by-turn talking GPS via Telenav. Sprint Mobile Email works quite well, and has a push function, which I found amazing. The camera takes good pics, the classic RAZR styling is attractive, and you can add whatever apps you want as long as they're Java based. MP3 ringtones, custom wallpapers, et cetera. Good reception, clear calls. The music player & MicroSD slot are good too. Music sounds great, even through the speakerphone which is INCREDIBLY loud!

The UI is TERRIBLE! Sprint 'Sprintified' the entire UI, making it EXTREMELY slow & ugly. My Alltel RAZR was lightning fast, but with this phone there is a 1-3 second button lag & sometimes it freezes completely. Text messaging is horribly slow. Sprint removed the brightness level setting- WHY, SPRINT?! What point they were trying to make with that I will never figure out. They disabled themes too, which sucks cause theres enough yellow in the UI to make me have to pee every half hour. Tthere is a workaround for the themes, but still. The battery life is about half of the Alltel RAZR's, which I've fixed by disabling EV-DO & roaming. It seems that the EV-DO & roaming sucks the battery dry in about 12 hours. The music player is ridiculously slow. Expect to wait about a full minute for the music store to load. Don't even try to create a playlist either, adding EACH song takes about a minute. I wish there were an alternative media player for this phone.

Other than the few cons, this is a great phone and I like it a lot. Now, to see just how much I can hack it out >:D

Not Good Phone


Aug 31, 2008 by andrewsandahl

Beware! i have the sprint network and i got this phone about 9 months ago and have not dropped it once. now the screen is going black all the time and not turning on and the camera doesnt work and it says camera error. also it starts freezing all the time. HIGHLY RECOMMEND DONT GET THIS PHONE

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