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great phone


Feb 3, 2007 by cheech73

let me start by saying i used to own the lg 8300 switch to the lg 8600 which i also wrote a review for. but traded the 8600 for the razr v3m. And now i know what all the hype is. Its simple this phone is beautiful. Feels really sturdy, motorola used some really good materials. I love it. Call quality is great, got reception everywhere, camera is good but could be better is some areas. speaker phone and ringers are nice and loud.

great sound quality both ways. better than 8600 and same as 8300.
good reception, better than 8600 and 8300
awsom speakerphone, way better than 8600 not as great as lg 8300 though.
great materials used
good camera

camera functions as in loading of pics is a little slow. not as good as 8600 and 8300
UI can be a little better,not bad though, 8600 was more user friendly.

Could be better (Metro PCS version)


Nov 30, 2006 by phonecellar

I have had this phone for about 2 weeks and it's ok. I had the v3c before it. I got the v3m because I wanted the mp3 player. Here is my list:

mp3 player

Can't transfer files from one bluetooth phone to another like I could with the v3c
Battery life is still not as good as it could be

This RAZR is VZtastic.


Sep 1, 2006 by Corpsales

This Razr is the best yet.

I have the V3M from Verizon Wireless. Let me advise you that the phone has every media entertainment possible.

If that is not your cup of tea, then this phone also has the simple basics.


Speaker phone is office quality
Size, front pocket, no more belt clips for me!
Large Display.
VZW menu, This makes going from phone to phone easy, no longer have to get used to new menus.
EVDO speed is wicked!
RF output is fantastic! In the basement of my home, I still have a signal where my previous 2 phones had 0 to no signal and I live in the middle of no where!

Only 1, The battery could be a tad better but one needs to realize, when you sacrifice size on the phone, the battery will not be fantastic -- Answer, buy the extended battery.

Overall, very impressed with Motorola and VZW.

Exceeds Expectations


Aug 31, 2006 by StarbucksSam

I was expecting to give this phone a C+ overall... it was an act of desperation purchase - I used the Worry Free Guarantee to return the Chocolate and pick this gem up. I have to admit that I chose it because it's pink. I was pleasantly surprised.

Reception: B+
Aesthetic Design: A
Build Quality: B+
Practicality of Design: B+
Battery Life: C
Camera Quality: B+
Ringer Quality: A-
Vibrate: A-
Charge Time: A
Bluetooth Headset Pairing: A
Keypad: A
Interface: B+

Overall: B+

Was skeptical at first...but believe in Motorola now


Aug 30, 2006 by bleu_tropix

I admitedly don't visit Phonescoop all that often unless I'm about to upgrade to a new handset...and so, as I did 2 years ago, I went online to do my research on my next phone. From the gitgo, I noticed that the V3M didn't receive stellar reviews from most of you and so I didn't think twice about purchasing one...instead I had my heart set on the LG Chocolate or VX8300. But when I actually got to play with several handsets at the store, I immediately dropped the Chocolate and although I was impressed with the 8300, I felt the Pink V3M would suit me best. Luckily, I have not been disappointed as so many of you were. And so coming from the wonderful Audiovox CDM-9900, here goes my review...

- Reception, reception, reception! I cannot stress this enough; I have not dropped a single call (minus the elevator) in 3 weeks which is a major plus since I was beginning to lose calls all over the place before this

- Aesthetics obviously, but it actually feels good in my hand (I was very surprised at this)

- Ample camera/video functions, not as good as my Audiovox/Toshiba 9900 but is useful in those "wish I had my camera" moments

-VCAST/Music capable, I personally don't use these features, but it's nice to have when you're really bored

- Verizon UI, wish I could take off those hideous red borders on the top and bottom

- No dedicated 2.5mm

BOTTOM LINE: for making and receiving calls, this is probably my best phone yet. Battery life holds well during a full day's use, and since I am in the habit of charging my phone overnight, it's not an issue for me. Overall, if my V3M continues to do what's it's doing now...it's a definitely a keeper. So until my next NE2 rolls around...ALOHA =)

Great Device


Jun 9, 2006 by ufcfan

I got this phone yesterday and I love it!!! I had the Samsung A950 and exchanged it for the Motorola V3M. The overall style of the phone is great and very well made. I have always been a little curious about the whole RAZR line and now that I have one, I am very happy. The battery life appears to be good and the reception is wonderful.

Inner LCD Screen
Plays MP3's (converted into WMP files)
Plays videos downloaded from PC (3p2 only)
Good battery life
Excellent reception
Nice sound quality

Must take battery off to get to the extended memory slot

External LCD screen is small and can't be customized



Jul 8, 2006 by Geneg102

Got this phone for about two weeks, had V710 for two year before that. I like RAZR V3m a lot. It has great reception, conversation quality and form factor. I do not use VCAST or EVDO. It is a terrific workhorse for what I use it, that is talk. Antenna-less shape is great for carrying it in the pocket.
Battery life is satisfactory, it handles full day of converstation, and I am in the habit of charging overnight. Mini-USB cable can be used to charge wherever there is a computer. It is fairly easy to manage phone book, images and mp3-s from PC using Motorola software and USB connection. Additional customizations, such as "vibe and ring" profile can be enabled using "seem edit" (google for more info).
Embedded Verizon software, compared to Motorola version on V710 took 1-2 hours to get used to, but is completely usable for the things that I do - maintain users and make calls.
Camera has decent light sensitivity (much better then V710), but like any phone camera it is a toy for emergency picture taking only.
In short, I am glad that I have it, and I highly recommend it.

Hearing Aid Compatible? Not really.


Jul 28, 2007 by kristel48

I bought this phone purposely from Verizon because it claimed to have the best ratings for hearing aid compatibility. Though it is definitely better than many phones out there for those of us who wear hearing aids, it is nowhere near the best quality that was claimed. There is a lack of clarity and sounds seem distant when using your T-coil. I have been very disappointed in this phone. I finally stopped using it as I could not hear anyone I was speaking with. I have found Verizon's LG phone to be much more compatible with hearing aids.

Great in the beginning


Jul 24, 2007 by yaamakoh

I've had this phone for about three months now, and in the beginning it was slow, laggy, and the memory card took forever to load up pictures. A lot of software problems as well, but it only had one purpose... to make phonecalls. At least for that purpose, it was great. The battery life was good; since I talked on it consistently I would charge it every four days or so. All of a sudden, these past two days I've been having to charge it everyday, with hardly any use of the phone. I can't seem to figure out the problem. I do work for cingular and sprint, and I know about phones, and how to properly maintain them. The razr was never overcharged, along with it's location taken off to preserve a few more days, but now I'm thinking it's the actual problem with the phone. I might just swap in my phone for the Katana II when I get the chance.



Jul 15, 2007 by t329talkert329

My dad needed a cell phone to replace his aging Samsung SCH-a670. He had researched the RAZR V3c, and found out that he wanted it. When we got to the Verizon Wireless store, we found out that my dad would be getting a better version of the RAZR, the V3m. The only reason I gave it 4.5 stars is that his old RAZR froze up, and he had to get a "new" (refurbished) one. This is his second RAZR. After my mom had to replace her aging Samsung SCH-a670, she loved the RAZR, and wanted it, so we got it for her!


-V-Cast Video/Music Services
-SD Card Slot
-Excellent Speakerphone
-Oh-So-Thin and Sexy
-Silver/Black and Gray/Silver Colors
-Integrated Antenna
-Signal Strength


-Poor Low Battery Life (3 1/2 Hours)

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