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Enjoy all features


Oct 29, 2006 by cluecatcher

-screen quality is great
-sound quality is great
-good volume
-extras on camera (black and white, etc)
-slide feature is cool
-volume buttons on the side lock with keypad lock
-some neat but most likely useless features such as world time and stopwatch.
-easy transfer of files
-mp3's as ringtones
-lots of storage on memory card

Only have 2 minor complaints
-although you're able to change the sound of the keypad tones you're not able to change the sound of the front keypads (menu, answer/hangup etc). Those have a constant beep which is a slightly unpleasant. They do however go away in vibrate mode.

-when connected to a headset (bluetooth) you must still use the phone to activate the voice command feature. Could vary depending on the headset you have (Mine is samsung wep150)

Also be aware that use of mp3 player will kill cell phone battery very quickly!

Overall I really enjoy this phone. It is very slim and sexy although I do not use most of the features it has. In Canada phone comes with both USB cable and 256 memory card.

Excellent slider phone


Oct 12, 2006 by nni123

You got everything from this phone. I am outlining details for dumhead people who says MP3 has problem and sound is low

1. MP3 players works great with 192kbps bit rate. Also you need miniSD card to get going for songs. Get the card reader to save MP3 on miniSD for faster rate.
2. Volume is perfect for me but others who has problem use Motorola H700 bluetooth headset and your ear will ask you to lower the volume..period..

I am able to transfer all the stuff from my Sony Ericsson W600i without any problem. In fact I love the way it is downloading by directory to directory i.e. music to music etc..

Phonebook doesn't club sim card and phone number together no matter you want same person contact on both. But you can have work around according to your need by having limited numbers on phone to get another features to work.

Voice dialing to class of it's own so use it with bluetooth headset and enjoy true heads free experience.

I got the White color and wife love it so much..Enjoy Samsung D807

It was a good phone except for.........


Oct 11, 2006 by chocolateman85006

This was phone 3 out of 4 with Cingular for me. Good phone except for:

Low video time
No USB cord or micro SD card included
Reception was so-so (Phoenix Area)

Nice screen
Good sound

Although this was phone was not for me, it may be for some of you. It's really not that bad, but it wasn't my style.

Great Phone but has flaws


Oct 7, 2006 by ashkerr03

I have had the D807 for about 4 months now. I do love it but it does have a few flaws that bother me. For one, its not insurable so if you break the very delicate screen you are SOL and have to buy another one. also the signal strength is not always the greatest. it goes up and down alot with in a five feet area. one other thing is that the volume on the phone is poor for what it can do. It has awesome sound quality compared to most phones but its not loud enough. I wish it would have came with USB cable and a SD card. I would love to put more music on it. full songs.
the great things about this phone is that it does have a big memory compared to most phones. it can hold alot of pics, video, audio all at once. i have yet to have to delete anything to save something. also i love the big screen. makes it easy to see, very clear and bright. the camera is awesome as well. you can take many diff types of pics and video.
so over all it is a great phone but be gentle with it.

A good phone, but some annoying little things


Sep 21, 2006 by akaufma

I got this phone after my beloved Nokia 6230 finally stopped answering calls. It looks cooler than the 6230, and has as many features. It has a bigger screen, better camera too. Unfortunately I am taking it back because of some stupid little things. Phone reception is good, I'm in Washington, DC with Cingular.

-Excellent camera with pre and post processing options
-Camera lens is well protected
-Sleek looking
-Large LCD screen
-Thin and light weight
-Good voice recorder, unlimited recording time

-Can't change ringtone without phone ringing sample ring for a second
-Poor keyboard design, often results in me pressing wrong key - very frustrating
-Video recording limited to 10 seconds
-Default ringtones lacking in quality and quantity
-LCD screen stays on while talking
-Must be careful with screen, made a minor crack in phone when I had a pen in my pocket with the phone

Only one real problem


Jul 9, 2006 by lilcita3

What really matters:

*Reception/Call Quality*
In southeast Michigan, the reception is fine and the call quality is also very good.

Phones should not cost as much as good furniture, a car payment, or a month's groceries. With that said, I picked this phone because it was free as a new customer ($50 + $50 rebate). Otherwise, given the battery life issue (mentioned below), I don't think you get your money's worth, because you run out of juice trying.

*Call Volume*
It's great. If you talk to someone who talks lower, don't blame it on the phone. The speaker works great, even from a distance.

*Battery Life (THE PROBLEM)*
Very poor. You need to charge it everyday, and plan to charge it often if you talk a lot AND use the multimedia functions heavily. Based on my usage of the phone, I can deal, but for those who use it more heavily, try it for yourself (my golden rule), but keep an eye out for it.

As for the rest (i.e. multimedia features):

They are all great! You'll have a lot of fun with the phone!
Bottom line: great up-to-date phone that does not have a good battery to support its features

Awesome! Minor Comlaints..


Jan 18, 2007 by tvdewd

This phone does every thing I could want from a phone. It EVEN makes calls ;-) The camera takes a very nice picture and video, and the large display shows it very clearly. You can make your own ring tones from MP3s, though limited in size, its enough for a good long ring. (it would go to voice mail before the song would repeat.) The MP3 player is cheesy, but it plays them just fine (no higher than 192 bit rate) Once I added a 1 gig Micro-SD, I was able to convert my music videos and even some full length DivX'd movies to the phone. (Use SUPER, It is a must for awesome FREE video and audio conversion (Not a plug, just the truth)) The blue tooth works great, and combined with the free Samsung edit software, you have full control over phone content from your PC. The design is very sleek, and fits into a pocket with ease. I could go on and on.. I liked it so much I got a second one for the wife.

The But....

The ear piece volume is very low. The max setting is 5. It really needs to go to 10. The only other "whine" I'd have is if your not careful while sliding it open to take a call, you can easily tap the 'end call' button and send it strait to voice mail.

The PROs really out weigh the CONs by far, I'd get more of these at the under 80 USD price should I need them :)

Great phone!


Jul 5, 2006 by viewaskew

I've been having nightmares w/ Verizon for the past few months so I finally decided to cancel and switch to Cingular. I was looking at this phone since I don't like the Motorola UI. This phone rocks. The screen is beautiful and clear. You can program the front buttons to whatever you want which is nice. I'm not used to a phone w/ so many features. That was one stupid part about Verizon. They all had the same UI and the feature set sucked to say the least. This is not the case w/ this phone. The pictures are pretty nice considering it's a camera phone. The speaker phone is nice and I can hear people clearly and vice versa. The only thing I don't like is that the earpiece is kind of low even w/ the volume on full, but you can still hear it. So far I don't have any regrets buying this phone at all.

so far...not sure


Jun 5, 2006 by dhabes

I got the phone a few days ago and have yet to decide if I will keep it. My last phone was a Nokia 6230...so for me, it might just be a matter of adjusting to a completely different type of phone.

Looks great
Amazing clarity/image on screen
Good call quality
Nice graphic interface
Love the new version of Bluetooth...great in the car!

-Heavier than expected
-Battery life - not as good as my old Nokia 6230 (and the screen stays lit when it charges...not great if you charge at night and don't want a night-light).
-D-pad difficult to use (the down arrow is 1/2 the size of the other directions)
-Camera is dark...you need to increase brightness before each photo

Some of the cons I might find ways around, but there aren't a ton of settings adjustments available. I really do like the phone, but might still prefer the old school Nokia for its small size and ease of use.

battery life


Dec 17, 2007 by 1navyguy

I see a lot of complaints about the battery life of this phone....I have to say....I don't know why they are getting such short life out of the battery. I use my phone ALOT. I'm talking a little over 5000 minutes on a easy billing cycle. I normally have close to 10000 minutes a month though. I talk to my g/f for hours at a time! I get 6 or 7 hours out of this battery for sure, and it might even be longer but I know for sure its 6 or 7 hours. I've had the phone over a year now. this is my 3rd phone...the first one I leaned on it with it in my pocket and broke the screen. the 2nd was a refurbished phone to replaced the one I broke the screen on. That phone did what one of the reviewers talked about where the screen went white. So that is why I have had 3 of these phones. placed phone. I have always liked flip phones and this was my first slide phone and I think it was a great phone. I'm looking at new phones now only cause I'm eligible for an upgrade. The only thing you need to watch for on this phone is the large screen. It can be broken (like any screen) if you press or lean something against it.

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