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Overall Good Phone


Aug 11, 2007 by jester13rok

SD micro card slot
screen bright and clear
Takes Good Pictures
Bluetooth Excellent (I can connect to my MAC!)

Ringer Volume Low
Speakerphone is useless
Headset sound really low
User Menus are difficult
Customization limited
Cannot Transfer contacts easily

I have had this phone for about 8 months and I was really excited to get it. I like the slider design however every once in a while I will accidentally close it on a live call. As a phone it is just ok, not great, I miss my V551 Motorola in that respect. However with all the features it is nice to have. The USB requires a special connector. One thing I do like is the NiCe LCD screen. but as a phone I think you could find better. Text messaging is a pain since the buttons are lumped together.
If you are looking for a good phone look elsewhere. If you are looking for an OK phone with good features, then this is your phone.

durable. video sucks!!!!


Nov 5, 2006 by samie

ok. i love the quality of the super bright and colerful lcd screen on this phone. i also love the camera, the sound quality, instant messaging, and mobile e mail. because you can recive e mail on your cell phone, in good quality. the speaker in the cell phone is not good at all! i mean yeah, if im in a quite room with little talking, or a library the speaker is fine. but at a party or cookout or resturant, i can barely hear the other person on the other line. unlike most modern cell phones, it doesn't have a seperate speaker. it comes out of where you hear. so if the speaker blows out, your earpeice does also. it has voice command, which is great. but the internet on this cell phone, (available from cingular) sucks!!!!! i could only go to yahoo and google. and they wern't even the real internet. google you couldn't even look up images!!! so if your looking for a cell phone without a speaker, or you don't care if the speaker is low, with text, and multimedia messaging, this cell phone is good for you. but if your looking for wb acess and all that technical stuff. this phone probebly won't suite you. overall i give it a 4 out of 5. pretty good!

Thumbs Up


Oct 11, 2006 by FrankLee

Very nice phone. It feels a little awkward in your hand if your use to a flip phone but give it about a day to get use to. For the average user the battery life is suburb. If you're into heavy texting the keypad is not the best.

1. Speaker quality
2. Large storage capacity
3. MP3 ring tones
4. variable font size
5. LCD
6. User interface is sweet
7. Camera options
8. File transfer is a snap with either USB, Bluetooth, or Micro SD
9. Too many to mention


1. Keypad
2. Speaker volume (if you want the loudest external speaker for annoying other people you may want to look elsewhere.)
3. Finding a case you like.



Sep 20, 2006 by pointsplat

My overall rating of this phone is poor, they spent alotta time makingt his phone look badass but completely missed the functionality train. And by completely I mean like ran over by a bus, then hit by a train and thrown into the grand canyon type missed. Even for the most basic functions its a major pain the cajones to use, if you dont use the phone often and want something that is sexy this is your phone but if you do make and receive calls expect frustration.


-large LCD

-sexiness factor


-battery life

-menu navigation (expect to go through a minimum of 3 menus to get to even common tasks)

-keys are too small so have to concentrate when dialing

-outside part of phone is curved at edge and down arrow is small so you push clear alot when you mean to push down

-This goes ditto for any of the external controls they are all too close and make you hit one or more of the wrong keys (I DONT have fat fingers either others using my phone have had same problem!!!)

-speakerphone is worthless

-regular speaker is quiet as well

Great Modern Phone


Jul 19, 2006 by Talon

I owned the Samsung D807 for over a week and am happy with it. The phone is beautiful to look at and use. This is my 1st Samsung phone and it is impressive.

Cons: Smaller keyboard that would be a problem if you have bigger fingers.

Spotty reception in my house.

No accessories included except wall charger.

Pluses: Bright detailed clear screen.

Very compact in size.

Everything is customizable.

Tons of features

Voice Command allows less button pushing.

Good 1.3 M camera.

If you want a new phone that looks better than the Razr that is unique.....I would highly recommend this phone.

Love it!


Jun 11, 2006 by AllensFI

I just purchased this phone yesterday and I love it! It's super sleek, lightweight, and has any feature you could hope for.
light weight
quad band
1.3 MP camera
expandable memory
high resolution screen
good construction
easy to push buttons
large built in memory
class 10 EDGE
slide design
camera has effects and frames

voice quality is decent, but nowhere near the RAZR, in my experience
all text messages come in with the same tone. the RAZR uses their personalized ring tone.

Nice Looking but fails in the Reception Dept


Jun 26, 2006 by celnut

I agree with sam912's review on this phone. However, I live in Cingy's highest signal area so it still works inside my home, most of the time. I do experience some dropped calls & garbling once or twice a day. If you live in a low signal area you will not do well with this phone.


Great features
Nice display
Nice Size
Camera takes decent pixs


Call Quality
Videos/MMS are too short (have to reset page duration everytime to make longer)
Audios/MMS are too short (have to reset page duration everytime to make longer)
Picture I.D. pixs show up small



Nov 26, 2006 by bboy4l123

The phone itself works fine but with bad reception.The problem is the screen cracks very easy.I bought my first one with all the extras.The screen cracked after one week,cingular and samsung told me to go crap in a hat.So I bought another because I already had all the gear (yeah I know,dumb)well guess what cracked?Now I knew the problem with the screen and it still wound up in the trash.Thank you samsung.The last time I will buy another of your phones.



Nov 17, 2006 by knicknack

pros: nice screen, sexy look

- low battery life (recharged twice in 3 days, 1:42 talk time total. Never listened to music or anything else)
- battery dies with about a 30 second warning
- slider too sensitive, answers phone if it moves even a millimeter
- buttons too close to bottom of phone, kept hanging up on people as i was sliding it open
- Pulling phone out of pocket would open it an inch (answering phone) and then it woudl snap shut when out of pocket (hanging up phone)
- hard to hit 1,2,3 buttons because of design
- no manual lock
- menu is awful, had to dive through a dozen menus to do anything
- no reply button on a text message, had to hit 2 diff't buttons to reply
- crackles exactly once a minute
- alarm turned off when I picked up the phone from the nightstand (because of slider movement problem)
- had to buy music bundle (what's the point, battery too fragile to listen to music!)
- doesn't quite fit in pocket nicely
- had to buy carrier for it b/c of screen fragility I read about
- no vibrate and sound for text messages
- volume - wow, it sucked. both on the speaking and ringing end
- vibrate wasn't very noticeable

Anyway, didn't like it, I could go on with the list of complaints. Bought the Sony 810w and am very happy so far.

Good Phone


Oct 13, 2006 by zip647

I got this phone a few days ago...first of all the volume is fine and the battery lasts all day and I talk about four hours per day. Some hard of hearing people might find it too low though. Also the other complaint some people had was the LCD staying lit when charging, now I thought all phones did that since all of my previous phones(4 in total including nokia,samsung,LG) did the same thing so I don't care about that. And for pete's sake folks just fork out the 20 dollars for the memory card, the phone was free after all. I am an avid texter and honestly I had no problem adapting to the small keys although I could understand a newbie texter having difficulties. Cingular has excellent customer service by the way; they helped me set up media net since my phone came half activated from where I bought it and it needed the voicemail to be reset or something. The woman was very nice and I could actually understand her since she was an American.

LCD screen is big and amazing
Amazing clarity on calls
fast downloads
slides easily
fully customizable
mp3 player is amazing
mp3s used as ringtones
mobile email is convenient
voice command for everything on the phone

Don't get me wrong however there are a few things that bother me just a bit, but not enough to dissuade me from buying it. (I got it free though - I even made 50 after rebate)

charging port cover is cheap
signal randomly changes
had difficulty setting up medianet(cingular prob?)
voice command is hard to get used to
fingerprint prone(if you are that picky)
people ask if it is the chocolate

I really don't like the cheap port covers, I know they will break off eventually. The signal randomly goes between 2 bars to 5 bars within inches but I've never lost it completely. Overall this is a great phone and most people will love it as a RAZR alternative. Just be careful because you unfortunately can't insure it under Cingular's plan. I am satisfied and I highly recommend this phone.

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