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Love this phone!


Apr 15, 2007 by RyanX1395

I've had this phone for about a week now and figured I should write my review on here. I was really worried going in about the ringer and earpeice volume, however, read below.

-Big, bright, colorful screen!
-Meny layout is better then most phones (still not great, but good)
-Gotta love the camera, 1.3MP
-Sleek, thin design
-Smooth slider
-Voice software is handy
-Default keypad layout
-*Loud ringer
-**Good earpeice volume

-No USB cable included
-Screen stays on while charging, but turning it upside down fixes that.

*Many people have complained about the ringer volume on the phone, however, I don't know if I got a good batch, but mine is very, very loud. I can hear it from all the way around the house.

**Another thing people were saying was that the earpeice volume was extremely quiet, however, once again I think I got a good batch or they fixed it because I gerneally use the volume on 2 unless I'm at a party or something.

OVERALL: Great phone, only reason it isn't a 5 is because of those two cons.



Feb 21, 2007 by carlosmantilla

I have this cell pone less than a year. Is my second phone in 6 months.
This phone have many defects.

Good slider


Dec 31, 2006 by BassGuy

While this phone has its fair share of problems, the good far outweighs the bad.

Great screen
Very nice camera (1.3 mp)
mp3 playback is great
Great signal (Houston)
Opera mimi and AIM moble both work flawlessly
Can bluetooth with Mac
Fast downloads
Speakerphone and Bluetooth earpiece extremely loud.

Extremely soft earpiece. This seems to be the number one complaint about this phone.
Will not always be picked up by Mac bluetooth and it will not iSync.
Cannot customize main menu
LCD is on during charge, which increases the charge time
Cannot add .mac email accounts

Most of the cons can be fixed if you can get around Cingular's firmware, though. But considering how the earpiece has been voiced as the main problem for over a year, one would assume Samsung or Cingular would have fixed this by now.

Regardless, I am still very happy with this phone

the best phone i've owned


Dec 27, 2006 by samsung4me813

Okay so i owned about 11 phones and nothing is as advanced as this one. it's my favorite and compared to the phones now they all have similar features such as mp3 player,1.3 mega pixel camera, and the krazr,fusic,the LG chocolate, are all similar to this phone because i have family member who own them . What i like the most about this phone is the unique style.the black and chrome finish is amazing. the color is bright,not to mention the camera. it's a best buy and i recommend it GO BUY THIS PHONE!!!!

great phone best one so far


Nov 30, 2006 by jay_n_mtl06

this phone is great good slider easy to figure out menu fun games good cam on it and lots of other great features one of my best phones yet

No Reception!


Nov 29, 2006 by Writerguyla

PROS: Not a one.

CONS: No reception. You swing from all bars to none in a 3 foot radius. Virtually every single call drops. Cingular did nothing to help so I went to a Samsung store. There an employee confessed he also had this phone but had to get rid of it because it got no reception anywhere.

phone great, just different is all


Nov 26, 2006 by shellie1974

i bought this phone for my 12 year old daughter and she has had it for a month. works great. she had everything figured out on it in about two days. which i know is easy for kids, but she was able to show me without trouble. finding your way around inside the phone is teadious, but ive had worse. i wish it came with a sd microcard and usb cable, but you can get them easily from cingular. the screen is super. you can see things so clearly. for the case of the cracking screen, i doubt is was in your purse because my daughter has dropped hers 2 times and not even a scratch. it is very durable. the keys are a little slick and small, but cell phones are only going to get smaller and more complex. sound could be better, but again ive had worse. as for the ld light on at night when charging, all my phones have done that!!!??? i dought there are very few that dont. put it in another room if it bothers you and it is in sleep mode, will not ruin ld screen. read your manual. the slider is great, good for pocket carriers, the keys arent getting ruined by other stuff. we have owned phones from tracphone, motorola and sony and love this phone by far. actually getting one for myself soon.

Samsung GSH-D807


Nov 3, 2006 by powercat

Con the phone have low volume
Pros overall the phone is very good i love it

Luck or Picky?


Oct 17, 2006 by musicalwrath06

I have had this phone for 2 months. I am 16 years old so I'm irresposible : P BUT I have not had a single problem with this phone. It is an excellent phone. MP3 works, MicroSD works, Apps work, I have not had a single problem. Only reason I did not give a 5 was cause the keys were to slippery/slick so sometime pressed a wrong button. Some of you people out there are a little too picky, and if your screen cracked, perhaps you lef tit in unusual or condition which electronics can not operate in? If you have problems call Samsung, which I did when I couldn't fine the right headphones ( They directed me to site store and I was on my way to hapiness.) but they solved the issue. So don't blame the phone. it works great and all I can say is need more gripable buttons!

For the lady with the cracked screen: It's a LCD display so like stuff in ur purse thats too heavy and be enuff pressure over time to hurt it, and if you press Back/Options button near screen too hard, it can damage the screen.

This phone is beautiful, slick, sophistocated, and versatile.

Ring Tone~ Peace of Mind - Boston

I will never buy a Samsung again


Oct 13, 2006 by Joy79

Eligible for an upgrade thru Cingular, my husband and I both opted to get the Samsung D807. We both had Razr V3's previously and were ready for a change (everyone and their brother has a Razr) and the D807 *looked* cool, so we ordered one for each of us.

When I received the phone I was pleasantly surprised with it's construction. It seemed relatively durable, and was a very attractive phone. The screen is beautiful and clear.

The first thing I did was start navigating thru the menu options... horrible. You have to go through 4 steps just to get to the alarm. Texting isn't easy to get thru either, too many steps.

Then I made a call... and I've hated the phone since (and mind you I've only had it for 3 days as of today). The call volume is horrible, signal strength is so touch and go it's sickening, the battery life sucks, the speaker phone is worthless... this phone is HORRIBLE. Asthetically pleasing, but completely useless otherwise.

So here it is 3 days later and I've already called Cingy and requested replacement phones. I'm getting the 3125 and he's getting the Ericsson 810i. God willing we will have better luck with the new phones... couldn't get much worse.

Attractive & unique phone (it's not a Razr!)
Nice screen
Relatively durable
Has lots of cool options for the Alarm
Awesome camera
It *IS* insurable (despite what others say on this site. I verified this w/ Cingy on 10/11/06)

Buttons are small, texting is difficult because of it
Reception is very shakey
Call volume is very low
Screen stays on while charging
Battery life sucks
Speakerphone is useless
Menu navigation... too many steps
Charging port cover is cheap and annoying
USB cord isn't included
Stupid antenna thing on back... recommended that it goes unobstructed during calls, but that's relatively impossible

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