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Aug 31, 2006 by lamberghini

I love everything about this phone except:
Low Listening volume, Large digital clock display and cheap looking keys. I would like to move the clock around or make it smaller, does anyone knows how to ? Thank you. LP

Sweet Phone


Aug 17, 2006 by notURmoto

The 07 Is A Sweet Phone All In All
Just A Few Complaint's
1. The Signal Stinks - Typical Samsung Though

2. The Fact Of Having To Cut An MP3 In-order To Be Able To Use It As A Ringtone.

3. When You Take A Pic And Save It To The SD Card It Shrinks It. So When You Go To Use It As A Wallpaper Its Not Full Screen Anymore ( No Matter What You Do )

get the D500 instead


Aug 9, 2006 by ptprinze

Okay I though an upgrade of the old phone would actually be better than well the old phone... if i had to chose, I'd rather use my D500

External Card
Better and cleaner display

Reception is worst than the D500
No Flash
Keys are hard to use
No idle display of the time
Lights stays on when you charge
Wont let you use a whole song as a ring tone
Battle life is worst
Internal memory is extremely low
Have to go out and buy the external card and headset

If you can go get the D500 instead, you wont regret it, unless you really want the external card

Sleek slider with a few problems.


Aug 8, 2006 by IcaruS

I receieved this phone as a replacement for my beloved w600i. The w600i bit the dust with another WSOD (WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH) A known firmware glitch. After negotiating my cell phone dilemna with cingular's warranty dept. They offered me this phone at no cost to me. What sold me on this phone was the expandable memory via the micro-sd slot on the side. I received the phone within a few days and was quickly dissapointed..

Appearance: This is by no doubt a beautiful phone. Sleek chrome on the face, Hidden camera. It's simply gorgeous. The only grip that I had about the physical aspects of the phone was that the slide felt a tad to flimsy for my liking.

Firmware (The phones operating system): If you have ever owned a Samsung cell-phone, Don't expect an update in interface. It is the exact same as my 3-yr old E317. Very dissapointing, Sadly to say the menu is befuddled. My kid sister has already locked the sim card TWICE. The mp3 function is admirable but poorly executed. You have to go through about 4-5 screens just to activate it VS. the w600i's dedicated button. If you plan on using this phone's bluetooth compatibility, you might want to rethink this purchase. I have a brand new H3 motorola headset that worked perfect with my w600i but this phone kept dropping profiles. I really wanted to love this phone and its features.. But samsung lost me with this one..

* Cool, Sleek design, It is a head turner.
* Got decent reception everywhere.
* Beautiful screen
* Sound quality was clear and crisp.

* No dedicated key for mp3 function
* Sorry excuse for firmware, Especially for a high end phone
* Flimsy feel to the phone
* The buttons are a pain to press, NOT a phone for text messaging or IM's
* Should come with a warning *Bluetooth Incompatible

So all in all, If you are looking for a head turner with next to nil functionality, I recommend this phone to you, But with so many phones with the mp3 and expandable memory option nowadays, Don't settle.

Great Phone!


Aug 6, 2006 by Krossfire

I think the phone gets pretty good reception where I live in Ohio(better than my SLVR) The slider feels good unlike past sliders I have owned. The battery functions better than what I expected from prior reviews.

Great screen clarity
Camera/video is great
Fully customizable
Edge10 blazing speed
Looks Superior
Auto keylock
Screen on while charging(Already used too though)

Waste of money unless you get it free


Aug 4, 2006 by ckalodemas

I bought this phone recently, and i cannot believe the running total was 450 before i left the store. It is like an automobile in that it is only good with the options. The camera might be sharp, but what good is that when any light whatsoever distorts the images? The "mp3" player does not support any kind of CD quality music and requires a memory card. There are no USB cables included, the slider mechanism is impossible to operate one handed, and the phone gets horrible reception. The battery life is minimal, with every "feature" this phone has requires extra searching through a complicated menu system. I am sure that this will be good enough for those who do not expect to spend this kind of money hoping for the latest advancements in technology but sadly, it is just another bad product from a B list company.

Pros: Looks like it might be worth the price

Cons: see above, then proceed to buy Blackberry or equivalent Smart phone.

Samsung, you got me.


D-807 absolutely brilliant


Aug 2, 2006 by cellulargod721

The D807 has ended my phone choice woes for good. If you look through my past reviews you will see I have had a large variety of phones and this one is just incredible. The first thing is this phone just looks flat out gorgeous. The black and silver color scheme has quite the elegance to it. You turn it on and hey presto you get a visual show. The screen is just fantastic. Very bright but yet not bleeding or blurry. So then comes the first call and what do you know it sounds good and keeps the call. West Galveston to South Houston on the call solid!! I have yet to see the battery under full three bars.(Granted I do charge it every night) This phone is the closest thing to godly I have used so far and I don't foresee anything knocking it off its pedestal anytime soon.

Just look it at its stunning!

Screen bright, vibrant and clear

Camera quality is very very good

Software is logical and intuitive

Bluetooth is blazing fast and the reception is absolutely perfect

Media player has mesmerizing visuals and works very well

Compatible with 1gig microsd card!!

Vibe and ring setting

Ringer and media player are both LOUD

18mb of internal memory so tons of space for pics, vids, games, and tones

The video quality could be better

Accessories can be a little hard to find

Even with my small complaints I still truly believe that this phone is a masterpiece and out of what is available is perfect ......at lest for me

Great Features


Aug 2, 2006 by opdaddy

Screen Size
Easy Slide Function
Megapixel Camera
Video Camera
Mp3 Player w/out limits (like SLVR and ROKR)
Fast Processor
Easy to Navigate
Quad Band
Voice Recognition works great
Bluetooth works great

Should have higher resolution
Only 4mb's for Java games and applications
Does not come with a Transflash memory card
Mp3's can only play 192kb/s files or less
Samsung headphones needed to listen to mp3s privately. ( no adapter or mm jack)
Cannot listen to music with bluetooh stereo headphones.

Other than that. This is a wonderful phone. and i am enjoying every single bit of it. also. download opera mini high end phone edition. i am able to view 90% of websites with HTML easily and quickly.

hope this info helps.

Very good phone!


Jul 25, 2006 by timslo

Besides the battery life (which is poor) and the reception (which is still good but not as good my SE W600i) this is a very good phone. Excellent camera, display is great, the slider functionality is solid, it's slim and compact, and is overall easy to use. Well since Samsung does not provide software or cables like Sony Ericsson, that would be my only other complaint.

Business travelers stay with current phone. May be nice for kids


Jul 15, 2006 by tdinaro

This is packed with features but not any that I require or want. This may be a good phone for kids etc but if youre a business traveler I would stay away.

I got this from my company about 2 months ago and there are some things so bad about it that it sits in my closet and I went back to my ancient Nokia 3200

The Bad:
1) Has an annoyingly proprietary and expensive earpeice, I know it has bluetooth but for people who travel every week/frequently the absolute last thing I need is another thing to pack and charge.

2) If you txt alot, this unit is super terrible. the keys are not completely useless, but close. When txting if you have the ringer on AT ALL the phone beeps loudly whenever you press a key. No matter which key, no matter if you have it on low volume.

3) The charger and earpeice come out of the same port, which means that unless you use the bluetooth ( see charging above ) you are stuck either charging the phone, or using the headpeice.

4) It doesnt appear to have any way to hook a cable to your USB port hence again the bluetooth scenario on your laptop, or your wireless provider can extort money from you to transfer photos, ringtones etc . I guess you could use the MMC card but this seems overly complex to transfer a photo from YOUR phone to YOUR pc..

The good:

Its very pretty

The screen looks nice and bright if this matters to you ( It doesnt at all to me )

I still havent figured out the reason why anyone would want a camera on their phone but the camera works well ( see the extortion comment above, seems there is no real easy way to actually get the photos off the camera )

It is quad band which is nice and the charger is 110-240. Which means that you can go to Europe and Asia and use your phone, and use your charger.

If you want a phone for talking and texting then this is not for you.
If youre a real gadget wonk then I could see possibly wanting this.

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