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pretty good phone


Sep 23, 2008 by apricot

-very durable (i drop my phone alot and it still works very well!)
-some very good tools and features
-looks good
-the menu has very good graphics
-easy to use
-the alarm is good
-its been almost 2 years and still works just fine

-bad signal (i dont think it is the phone's fault though, i have at&t now)
-camera isnt that good, nor is video
-very little memory
-some glitches sometime (like the phone acts slower)
-kinda thick and big
-the front keypad is kinda small so i accidentally reject calls alot

overall, this was a very good phone. and i like the durability the most, because i do drop my phone alot.

Good phone, but did not out last two year contract


May 21, 2008 by carterman

Overall I really enjoyed using / owing this phone. For me, it really *looks* cool. The voice dialing works great and the camera is decent. Reception with AT&T in Connecticut is terrific (very few dropped calls). I depended on the wake up alarm on many business trips. A 1 Gig microSD card (upgrade, the phone did not come with this) let me carry all the music / pictures / video I could want.

I was disappointed with the low speaker and ear piece volume. In a car, I would have to turn on the speaker phone, adjust the volume all the way up and hold it to my ear to hear. The lack of support for high bit rate mp3's was also a bit annoying. Proprietary headphone jack is just a shameless way for the manufacturer to make a few extra bucks.

The phone lasted about a year and a half before I got the "White Screen of Death". When this happened the phone was still usable to make and receive calls, but the display was totally worthless. I treat my phones fairly well and was surprised to find the internal display ribbon chewed up (Yeah, I took it apart to see what went wrong).

When will A&TT, et all figure out we want wifi (with out a data plan), bluethooth, high call quality, a decent camera and non-proprietary extras like headphone jacks? No need to answer that, I think we all know the answer.

Lasted 1 year, 4 months


Nov 12, 2007 by V Inc.

So i bought this phone when it was fairly new on the now defunct Cingular. Now it doesn't work anymore! Making a list of PROS and CONS won't be necessary. Let me just give a warning about what MIGHT happen to your phone:

The vibration will stop working. I use it when I'm at church or a movie theater which means it's on vibrate at least once a week. I don't think i'm overusing it.

The screen will start to disappear. When I slide it up/down, it took a few sec for the screen to appear. Eventually the screen turned pure white. I've googled this problem. Apparently, the ribbon tape which makes the phone slide becomes worn out thus causing the display to malfunction. You can buy the ribbon tape to fix it yourself which I planned not to do. It's cheaper than getting it repaired (after 1 year, Cingular/AT&T/POS cannot help you. They direct you to Samsung to have it fixed. $$$) BUT it's also risky.

Dont take a chance on a phone just because it looks good. YUCK!


Sep 17, 2007 by plain jane

I got this phone 5 days ago. WOW looks awesome, great features! Set my contact to certain ring tones. (after I figured it out a little complicated)
BUT BUT,...... the signal is HORRIFYING!!! Everywhere i go i have 1 bar!.....then it drops!!!! Always having to go through the "can you hear me now" commercial gets real old! My husband has a blackberry and the signal is great where mine is nothing. My 10 yr old has a razor and i cant pick up where he has full signal, I have an 8 yr old w/a Nokia and again i don't have the signal he has.......(yes we all have the same carrier)
Oh and the battery life.......WHATEVER!! more like 60 minutes........what good is a phone that looks awesome has features but no signal and no battery life?? This is being returned and I'm getting the new Sony W580........stay away from this phone is my suggestions. Unless you don't need a phone to talk on just to carry around and have a nice looking phone.
I rated it a one because it looks good or it would be a ZERO.

Looks good
Ring tones for contacts great after you figure it out.

Battery life: there is none!
Signal: there is none!
Takes a while to figure it out
Keys are very small and close together easily to hit others.
Cant use the phone to talk on cause your battery is dead all the time.
Cant use the phone to talk on cause you don't have a signal.
Frustrating phone.

You do the math on the pros and cons.

Not so happy after all :(


Jul 22, 2007 by Bustabeatz

I have now had this phone for about a month now and i had fun with it. But heres what i have learned about the phone while i had it for a month. Very little or no recepsion, anywhere. This phone is very fragile. I took the phone out of my coat jacket which was hung up for about 5 hours. Nobody thouched the jacket. When i took the phone out, the screen looked like it had been sat on because it had a crack. Their was nothing in the pocket but the cell phone. The whole sliding part of the phone started getting loose. The backlight stays on while phone charges. I am just dissapointed that i didnt listen to these people who said the same thing im saying to you now. Please dont buy this phone. It broke on me in 1 month and i take very good care of my phones and have never broke a phone, never. I now have to go and buy another phone after losing $250 i paid for this phone.

Big mistake


Apr 23, 2007 by MattLittleJ

I've had this phone since Christmas 06 and I regret purchasing it

Sleek slider
Nice display
Easy menus
Fast bluetooth/downloads

Drops in and out of calls frequently
Softer earpiece than I'd like
Fingerprint magnet
Cannot dim the display while charging
Cannot use custom message tones
Small file size limit for ringtones
Gets nicks very easily (from a freaking penny!)

Of course, when I tried returning it Cingular wouldn't take it back because of the few scratches on the sides and back, so I'm stuck with it for a while. AVOID!

ANOTHER TRUTH to this phone rating


Sep 17, 2007 by c_29

Ok below is someone who states people are not rating this phone they should look into the manual before taking it out on the phone. Sooooo i listed my truth also to confirm my opinion.

1. The Con: "Short battery life"
THE TRUTH: The battery hasnt died on me yet, and i use my phone ALOT
****ANOTHER TRUTH: I don't use mine ALOT and still goes DEAD!hmmmm

2. The Con: "Phone does not get any reception"
THE TRUTH: I think people need to check their service areas.
****ANOTHER TRUTH: I checked 5 of my other friends, same place, same carrier.I had 1 bar or no signal. One bar ends up droped.hmmmm

3. The Con: "Ear Piece and Ringer are not loud, very quiet"
THE TRUTH: Ringer is loud and easy to hear, and so is the ear piece, i can hear everyone fine.
****ANOTHER TRUTH: Everyone has their own opinion what is loud to one is not to another hmmmmm

4. The Con: "Even if the slider moves a millimeter, it answers the phone, and if it moves a millimeter back it hangs up"
THE TRUTH: You can change the settings on *****ANOTHER TRUTH: You do need to ck settings

5. The Con: "You have to hit 2 buttons to reply to a text message,
THE TRUTH: You can hit the center navigation button to do both.
*****ANOTHER TRUTH: Middle button does most all

6. The Con: "Even when the phone ringer setting is at its lowest, when you hit a button, it makes a loud beep.
THE TRUTH: YOU CAN CHANGE THIS! *****ANOTHER TRUTH; this is correct read figure out the settings

So with all this said......it comes down to ck your settings for the physical part but get a phone with no battery and signal.... yeah great phone! HA



Jan 3, 2007 by sowhatsowhat10

i got this phone in early august. i was hesitant in getting it as it was replacing my w600i. in my past and most everyone else's experiences samsungs are crappy even getting joke names like SAMSUCK.
with that said here is my review.


size. its slim and light weight

screen. the color is very bright

mp3. its becoming a normality between phones but its really cool. however the bit rate limit of 192 sucks.

bluetooth. very useful


signal. the signal strength is very in-consistant. it can go from 5 to 1 bar in a heart beat. also sometimes with 3 bar or lower signal the call wont connect or it will drop.

battery life is horrid.

the mp3 application is minimizable.

no pop email. isnt that much of a biggie though.

putting custom or ringtones from your own collection is bit of a work-around as they have to be stored in the music folder and are size limited to 600kb.


this is a come up for samsung however it isnt a come up for alot of users like myself. the price as of now cant be beat. features this thing has are awesome. if you are looking for a nice phone with mp3 i'd get this one. if you have a nice phone with mp3 and are looking for an up-grade i'd get the w810i.

A nice slider option from Samsung!!


Jun 24, 2006 by mainmaninc

I had the Samsung P777 and it had a long way to go. It looks like Samsung had "raised the bar" with the Samsung D807. On to the Plusses and Cons;

-Sleek Design
-Beautiful Screen
-Slides easily
-Excellent signal strength
-Expandable micro SD memory slot
-A decent amount of memory in phone itself
-Easy enough interface
-Just a beautiful phone

-Speaker could be a bit louder
-Have to hunt down and purchase USB chord (other phones come with one)
-Mp3's have to be cut and set to play on phone
-Keys are a little awkward at first but you get used to it

Overall this phone really has me impressed and I recommend it to anybody who wants a phone with the keys covered that never really caught on to the RAZR or SLVR bandwagon. (BTW dont let the crappy pics Cingular has of this phone on the website fool you; you have to see it for yourself!)

Finally a GOOD GSM Samsung!!


Jun 5, 2006 by Djanifer9512

This is a very good GSM phone with all the fixens. The phone looks fantastic on the outside. The chrome trim around the screen makes the phone stand out and look more expensive than what it is. It is extremely thin and will fit in any pocket. Keypad is low key, yet easy to hit. And the phone gets even better when you get beyond the shallowness of just looks.
The screen on this phone is absolutely gorgeous. No other way to put it. It is the brightest display on a phone I've ever seen and I sell them. Not only that but the screen is HUGE!! The screen is about the same size as the Razr, but soooo much nicer. The Phone has a transflash (micro SD) memory card slot for use with video, photos, and of course MP3's. The bluetooth on this phone is fast and works well with BT headsets (tested moto h500, h700, hs850).
EDGE class 10 is awsome! Download the mini opera web browser to get the best effect and you'll get to really appreciate the speed of EDGE (from your browser type in mini.opera.com) The Opera Browser is free. Reception on the phone is solid.
However, this phone did not get a perfect score for these reasons.
The head phone jack on this model is unique to this model. What good is an MP3 player if you can't find headphones? The phone also experiences problems with playing certain MP3 files. If the file you are trying to play has a long title, the phone will give you and error message to the effect of the title of the song being too long and the song wont play. LAME. The camera is good but there is no flash. I guess that's not really a big deal, because usually the flash on camera phones aren't that great anyway.
Other than these few minor set backs this phone is pretty good. I would recomend it to anyone who is looking for an awsome looking, but functional phone but doesn't want the Razr. 4 outa 5.

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