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Great Phone


Jul 5, 2006 by bbkim

Replaced my Nokia 6230 and no regret.

Nice slim design
Good bluetooth connection (allows to connect multiple connections, i.e. palm dials number while connected to a headset, which I could not do with 6230 nor Mot V551)
Reasonable battery life (almost good as 6230, better than V551)
Good reception
Intuitive GUI
Good EDGE (with PDA data connect option using Palm T3 bluetooth connect, got high as 121Kbs, not bad)
Nice, very bright, high contrast big screen
Good slide

Only 176x220 resolution screen
Limited built-in ring tones
screen stays on (slightly dimmed) when charged

Overall, better than my old 6230 and v551. Due to the big screen, I am afraid of scratching it. I ordered a clear case on ebay. I read about the low ear piece volume. In general it should not be a problem, but in a noisy environment, it can be. But, when I slightly press the ear piece against my ear, the sound gets louder.

Excellent phone


Jun 24, 2006 by lafaver1

I am extremely happy with my selection of the Samsung D807. I chose this over the Sony Ericsson W600i and the new LG slider with the video capabilities. I get very good reception all over the Phoenix valley. The sound quality for the MP3's is very good. The screen is very large and the picture is very clear. I use the phone quite a bit and I can get by charging it every third night so I am happy with the battery life. Very easy to navigate and figure out. Only a couple of small problems. The screen stays lit while charging, but that can fixed by simply turning it upside down. When the phone is closed there is a call rejection key that I hit quite a bit, but there may be a way to change that...I just haven't looked yet. And this may be the case on a lot of phones, but you have to cut the MP3's into small clips to use them as ring tones. All very minor problems for me. Overall, great value and a really good phone.

Nice phone...but


Jul 6, 2006 by jm18_909

i got this phone 6.18.06 an upgrade from my Nokia 6230 which i had for a year. So far I love the style except the size. the 6230 is smaller and sleeker, and sits on my pocket neatly.I'm still familiarizing myself with the phone because its a big leap from nokia to samsung which i used for approx 4 yrs. But this phone compare to my old phone is much better. Better features/options.

-Sleek Look (Black with Chrome accents)
-Slide Design
-MP3 Player (need memo card)
-1.3 Megapixel Camera/Video (zoom)
-bright color display
-voice dialing

-battery life needs impro
-low call volume
-Main control keys feel cheap
-Reception in my area for my phone is poor. although our other cingular phones get good reception. except this one.
-charging port
-no USB/Micro SD included

Overall the SGH-D807 is a fantastic phone. One of the best phones cingular had after my Nokia 6230. If you need a new phone that is sleek and stylish i suggest the Samsung SGH-D807.

Very reliable phone


Nov 21, 2008 by brsmnky007

This has been an extremely reliable phone for me with no real problems; I'd recommend it to anybody looking for a quality, reliable phone.

- Reception better than my previous S/E T616 and LG L1200;
- Sound quality is very good incoming and outgoing
- Screen - large and vibrant
- Durability - phone and slider mech. has held up incredibly well
- UI - snappy and responsive, organized pretty well

- Call volume could be louder; while out in noisy environment, it's hard to hear the caller, same for speakerphone
- Few quirky design choices, e.g. text messages can't have ring and vibrate at the same time, can't silence the phone without going into the full menu, no one-beep mode, etc.
- keypad doesn't have as much space or tactile response as one might want

In all, cons are small and nitpicky; I've been quite happy with this phone.

Don't Buy This Phone--


Sep 23, 2008 by KBA

I have had this phone since about March of last year so about a year and a half. Coming from those awful, chunky Sony Ericsson flip phones, I was very excited to be getting this sleek, very cool looking slider phone! I was the one who refused to listen to reviews on the phone just because I wanted it so badly. That's was a pretty big and costly mistake. I can not stand this phone now..

The speaker absolutely SUCKS, if you are planning on ever making phone calls, the only place you would be able to hear would probably be a dark, extremely quiet room. And that's only if you have service, because let me tell you, I don't even have service OUTSIDE! If you're a big texter, I hope you send it to the right person, because if you find out when it's sending that you messed up, you better just forget about it because that 'cancel' button to the right is just for show. You can repeatedly click and click, but it won't work. Calls drop OFTEN and when you try to press the 'end' button, it sometimes (for me, alot of times) doesn't work. I don't like how I can't personalize my text message tones, but it's not that big of a deal. But in conclusion, it's not a good phone, so just don't do it.

Piece of Junk


Jul 12, 2008 by Kgen

I got this phone as a replacement for my old one, which was a sidekick. Despite the chick looks, colorful features, this phone was a piece of junk. I was able to hear fine at first, but as I started using it, I had to keep asking "Can you hear me now?" also, I have a tendency to talk to people for long periods of time, and this phone literally drops my call about 20 times within the conversation. Also, the reception for this phone is horrible, I always seem to have one bar, even though I live right next to At&t. The battery life is pretty much nothing. My old phones had lasted about 3 days before the battery ran out, while this one was about a day before it needed to be charged again.

I love this Phone


May 24, 2008 by TedOrkchu2121

I really like this phone I have had it for about a year and 5 months. I dont have many complaints about this phone. I got this phone for my birthday and I was blown away by how clear the screen was.

Pros: Beautiful screen display
cool default backgrounds
You can set it so when you slide it up it makes a noise.
Overall A FABULOUS phone
Excellent speakerphone
The keypad tone can change to a xylophone and you can play songs just typing away on the keypad.
Cool white color

Cons:The picture quality aren't too great after a while.
The video time is a bit short, but you can set it to record longer.
Not too many complaints.

What can I say I love this phone.

Love this beast!


May 13, 2008 by phonguru

Great phone, love the slide action, very durable (I am VERY hard on Phones, I have used a nokia 3595 as a temporary hockey puck at a church function. beaten up but still worked).

PROS: durability, amazing battery life,good camera, great signal reception, user friendly UI, good loud sound quality, aggresive vibration when ringing, hot swapable microSD card slot, love the exchange of media via bluetooth (gives you access to other phones with the ability of downloading any media ie pics, tones, vids, etc)

CONS: a lil heavy, music player sucks, no memory card included, would not open very long SMS,

Testimonial: I once fell into a lake with this phone in my pocket. There were no adverse effects.(this is NOT suggested use)

Looks cool, but has its faults


Apr 14, 2008 by smac

I really wanted to get a chocolate phone but the sales guy at the store talked me out of it and said he had so many returned because they stopped working. Little did I know less than a year later my Samsung stopped working. It was exactly 11 months. let me tell you I took VERY good care of this phone. I maybe dropped it 3 times in the year that I had it. One day I picked it up to use it and found it frozen on the title screen which shows the type of phone it is. This really suprised me since I have always had Samsung phones and been satisfied with them.
Here are the pros and cons of this phone:

I usually had great service although I dont know if I should contribute that to the phone or to Rogers.
It comes with the software so that you can hook the phone up to your computer and upload photos and songs very easily.
It is a nice looking phone
Never turned on on its own in my purse or pocket unlike other phones I have had in the past.

The screen stays lit up when you are charging it. I hated this because I always charged it at night.
Sometimes it would freeze and you have to take the battery out to restart it.
To add pictures or special ringtones to certain callers is VERY confusing and near impossible to figure out.
The clock that is on the Idle display is so big that it covers most of any type of background you may have on your screen.
The phone doesnt hold very many songs unless you buy a MicroSD card which is like an additional $100 at walmart.

Honestly after having this phone for about a year I was pretty sick of it.

dont do it!


Mar 23, 2008 by kebomachy

style: very good looking phone
reception: it is like a dollar store phone... you get bars but your calls are constantly dropped

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