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Not too bad of a phone


Feb 7, 2008 by pn0yvstyle

I got this phone as an upgrade from my old Motorola V400 and I was impressed when I got it. It had neat features and it was definitely a reliable and stylish phone. I had this phone for almost 2 years and so far it has been good to me but there are some drawbacks from me giving this phone a perfect score. So here are the pros and cons:

-decent size memory storage
-decent battery life
-easy access to menu and other stuff
-loud speaker
-good sized phone for travel
-easy slider

-phone's reception unstable
-phone freezes from time to time
-navigation buttons are a bit small
-non-customizable text msgs tones
-only one input for both battery charger and headset

Like mentioned in the cons, the phone freezes from time to time. Just recently, it froze and erased all my numbers! The reception on the phone is bouncy and its not the area I'm in or the service (compared to my girlfriend's phone). There are other minor stuff to but other than that, the phone has been good to me. I am looking at to replace this phone soon. If you are looking for a good Samsung phone, this would be one to consider.

durability /design flaw


Jan 14, 2008 by collins.p

My college age daughter loves the phone, but wore it our in 5 months ----- the display part of the slider is connected to the circuit board/battery half with a flat ribbon cable --- with heavy use the cable chafes --- the insulation wears out, and the cable shorts out. I bought a new cable off ebay and installed it --- phone works like a charm, for now. Despite the fact hat the phone is less than a year old ATT would not honor warranty claiming it had gotten wet.

Cool phone, but quiet


Sep 9, 2007 by rubgirl0027

This is an awesome phone in all aspects but one: the volume, both ringtones and earpiece volume are really quiet. I've never tried any of the music things, so I can't review those, but I do know that people are always interested in checking my phone out when I use it.

try it for yurself


Aug 7, 2007 by sld0504

I always use phonescoop to check out all the info and reviews when looking for a new cell. It is hard deciding when you don't know from experience and your putting money into something you hope is great. Well I got the samsung d807 almost a month ago and i have had no problems what so ever. I wanted to write a review just for the skeptics that have read some of the negatives that are pretty important. One con was that the reception was bad. I have had other cells with bad reception like the sony Ericsson t226 and my boyfriend has had tons of motorola with bad reception. I think it just depends on your area cause i have had no problems at home, on the road, or at the office. My texts and calls go through just fine. Today i did have a problem sending a text while at the office but after a couple tries it was fine. Another con i read about was the screen cracking. Again, i think sometimes there are a few bad lemons out their cause i have already accidentally dropped my phone like 2-3 times and it hasn't gotten one crack. I dropped it on the hard wood floor so i don't know if that makes any difference. The phone does show fingerprints easily but its nothing that doesn't come off with the wipe of your t-shirt. Another con i read was the battery was awful. I once again have had no issues with the battery at all. I have pushed it as far as three days with out a charge but haven't try any longer yet. A pro- the screen is huge and so bright and colorful. I had the lg c225 sent to me when i broke my lg c2000 and samsung d807 is a million times better, but then again my lg phones were both very simple. The slider is tricky with one hand i will agree with that but if you use your thumb and grip it right then its all good. You do have to go through several menus to get to things that would normally be easily accessed but all you have to do is customize the buttons to what you want. I have not tried to download the mp3 and stuff yet but hope to soon. I thing the d807 is great!

Love Phone and Samsung


Jul 28, 2007 by newayz1

ok i love samsung phones by the way had 2 previous and loved features and navigations.

This slider is just the right size not to small not to big and durable. It gets decent reception. I have had it for 2 months and only 2 dropped calls. I love the built in memory plus the option to expand. it sounds great as a MP3 player and rings loud and clear. the camera is the best.The screen is large and offers large and bright print.

Samsung didn't create a perfection with this phone. on the menu they made sections fo IM, E-Mail and Messaging. All of these could have been combined into one menu to make room for the Tools(alarm,calender,calc.) and Applications(MP3) to get there own menu.(the calculator and calender are to hard to find I prefer that over e-mail having its own menu). But its menu still beats that of Motorollas. There is no option to customize text ringtones, only the preset beeps.

It isnt the most customizable phone around but it work for what it costs i give it a 4 because of its memory and easy to use bluetooth memory and bright screen.

Great phone!


May 29, 2007 by clsmooth2

I've had this phone since November from Rogers and it's been great!

Not enough room for pros:
-Beautiful phone
-Incredible screen size, resolution and colour
-Custom ring tones
-Not irritating and loud speaker
-Battery lasts nearly a week for me
-My package bundle included data cable, software CD, 1GB SD card and earpiece
-Pretty much full reception within service area
-Plays music
-Has a camera
-Durable slider
-Easy picture guided menu

Some cons naturally:
-Not keypad, but arrow/OK buttons took getting used to
-When entering text for storing name/number or for message, don't have all the characters... like ( and )
-Caller picture ID isn't full screen like wallpaper, displays small thumbnail of pic

This has been my most versatile and durable phone to date. I've put small nicks in it here and there already, but hard to tell cause casing is black and plastic is durable. If you were to slide the phone open and shut non-stop, I think your hand would fall off before the slider broke.

I don't have a digital camera, so the camera in the phone is perfect for when I need to take a quick pic of something I'd like to post up online, like when selling something for eBay. Doesn't take the greatest pix indoors, like it can't process artificial lighting, but takes amazing outdoor pix. Can't *quite* send a txt msg how I want/used to but use to it now. Plays music though I only have tunes on there for ring tone purposes. Had to crop some tracks to under 0.5 MB so that it can be used as a ringtone. Couldn't assign an entire song as ringtone, and let phone decide when to stop ringing. Wish I could set a custom ringtone for receiving msg's; stuck to a list on the phone.

I've read other reviews, and a lot of "cons" can be adjusted in the phone's settings if you sit down and take the time to set them up to your liking. Had a crappy PCS Samsung years ago, this phone doesn't compare anymore. I've wanted a slide phone since The Matrix and now I have it!

Pretty good phone overall!!!


Apr 27, 2007 by alf9386

Overall: I was pleased with this phone. It was easy to place a call which today is an achievement! Also, the features were easy to understand.

Signal strength
Functional size/shape
User friendly

The MP3 player is horrible. The MPS have to be less that 193 bit rate and the file name can not be too long or the phone won't play them.

If you want a MP3 player buy the SLVR!

Overall, this was a great phone. I dropped it on several occasions and it Even survived a trip through the washing machine. Now, I must get a new phone because the washing machine ride destroyed the phones charging abilities!



Apr 26, 2007 by velocityoffate

This is my second D807 due to the first one I had breaking (the top slider part broke off)...The screws literally came undone. Cingular of course replaced it no problem.

Overall though...the phone is very nice. I wish that I could have the charger and wired headset/usb cable plugged in at the same time though.



Mar 26, 2007 by iHaveAd807

this phone is excelent
i purchased a screen cover plastic thing from sheildzone.com and that is the best thing since sliced bread.
it saved my screen from so many scratches.
the only bad thing about it is the battery life but it is great if u dont use it to talk because it lasts about three days if you dont talk on it, which is a bad thing because it is kind of a cell phone.

What??? Huh?? I can't hear you!!!


Feb 21, 2007 by keziapurrs

I just received this phone yesterday, but I've used it enough to give it a brief review. All of the functions on the phone are great. It's easy to use, it looks great and I love the slide form factor. Trouble is.......the call volume is WAY to low. I can hardly hear the person on the other end of the line. I haven't tried to use it while driving, but I'm sure I wouldn't be able to hear them at all.

I should've read the reviews here before I made the purchase b/c this issue has been raised many many times. Obviously Samsung doesn't read any user reviews or they would've fixed this by now.

So any...................

Pros: Just about everything


So if you want the phone for it's features and not it's call quality, then get it. But isn't that defeating the purpose of a cell phone?

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