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Best Samsung Phone In The U.S.A


Jul 5, 2006 by Lynch79

I've never liked Samsung plain and simple. I have, the past 3 years been a dedicated Sony E. user, but i took a chance and I'm glad I did!

Samsung, Thank God, Finally did there homework!

1. Edge Class 10(GREAT Speed).
2. Mobile Email App already on the phone.
3. Mini Opera works great.
4. The 1.3 MP performs like a 2.0 MP.
5. Calendar Apps are well organized and easy to use.
6. You can Customize and Adjust just about everything on the phone.
7. BEAUTIFUL! Screen.
8. If your a casual "Daytimer" user, throw it out and get this phone.

2. Not all Java games are available.
3. Downloaded apps still go in the Games file.
4. Does not come with Data cable or Memory Card.

If you want a well priced, sophisticated looking and performing phone thats really user friendly. This phone is for you hands Down.

Excellent Phone!


Jul 8, 2006 by smiles4you914

I purchased the Samsung SGH-D807 today and I absolutely love it!

1. Has an amazing screen (size and clarity)
2. Has a camera with zoom
3. Looks amazing!
4. Easy to slide open and close
5. Has an automatic key lock so the phone won't accidentally turn on.
6. Good sound quality

1. The ringtones that come with the phone are not the greatest.
2. The arrows on the control pad are small (but still manageable)

So far, this is the best phone I ever had. I would strongly suggest that you purchase this phone. It's amazing!

In Comparison


Jul 5, 2006 by jason_maxim

Before I learned of the Samsung SGH-D807, I had my money set on the Motorola SLVR because of its ability to play music and much more. When I came across the D807, I realized that I would have all those necessary features with an essential bonus of a much needed price break. In the beginning, the D807 presented only 2 issues that I was able to resolve quickly.

1. The battery life is, unfortunately, too short, but instead of coping, I overcame and subjected myself to buy a travel charger and car charger. Problem solved.

2. It was unclear about what formats were needed for the media player to function properly. With about 20 minutes research I found the solution and now I have a fully featured media phone.

Those exceptions aside, the phone is nothing short of perfect. The LCD display was a nice surprise. The clarity is uncanny compared to previous phones with a simple color display. The functionality and amenities that come with the features are fun in comparison to the RAZR and SLVR by Motorola. Though the buttons on the phone are small, these days, most cell phones have small buttons. However, to maintain a high standard, the voice command allows for easy voice dialing and as such, I have not had any trouble dialing a number simply by dialing by voice. Bluetooth is relatively new to me, but with the D807, it just feels more fun to learn about bluetooth using it in conjunction with the phone.

Let's just say that I'm very satisfied with this choice of phone. If there are any reservations on buying this phone, might I suggest the SGH-T809 which is an almost exact replica, but with some interesting differences. From what I understand, the D807 is an exclusive phone for the Cingular Network. the T809 is exclusive for the T-Mobile Network.

If you choose to purchase this phone, I wish you fun!

awsome cingular phone!


Jun 11, 2006 by walkertexazranger

just got this phone from Cingular on Friday and so far it's wonderful. The signal quality is great! Im visiting some family where according to the Cingular website, there's no service; but I even get calls in the basement (guest room) Plus the screen is a huge step up from my old phone (moto rokr). I got this phone because of it's looks and excessive list of features. It's my first phone from Samsung and I am very pleased with it's user interface. I would most certainly recommend this phone to anyone who even considers it. I would choose this over the se w600i, moto razr &rokr, & the discontinued se s710a. (I have owned all of those in the past) The only bad thing about this is it's no-contract price. ($350)

Very pleased!


Jun 18, 2006 by isidore

After a few initial troubles, I've really come to love this phone. My first one that I got from CIngular (the day it came out) had some issues with voice clarity. I could hear people perfectly, but they would constantly say that I sounded garbled or muffled. I exchanged it with no troubles, and the one I have now is perfect.

-The large, bright display looks awesome, and you can send pictures/art over Bluetooth that end up looking really great for wallpapers and such
-It is quite light and thin for a slider phone, and it feels great in your hand
-Voice dialing! The reason I didn't use it on previous phones was because you had to program each name individually. This lets you just say a name in your phonebook and it recognizes it automatically.
-Reception is wonderful. I live in a suburban area, and everywhere I've gone from my home to the city has been stellar.
-Looks great! There are nice backlights on the top keys and the chrome on the sides.

-Battery life. I'm good about charging my phone, but during a couple days when I misplaced my charger, the battery died somewhat quickly. While on a call, it started to beep, and after literally about 3-4 minutes, it flat out died. My other phones have lasted nearly 10 minutes while beeping.
-The top keys feel cheap. They must've used the lightest, cheapest plastic for them. The numerical keys are great, but send/receive, and the soft keys on the top feel like they're going to pop out sometimes.
-A small gripe, but the text messaging interface does not have an autocomplete. I typically don't abbreviate that much, so when a long word comes around, I'd like to be able to just put in the first few letters and have it successfully guess the rest.

I really do love this phone, and I feel like the Cons listed really don't interfere with the manner in which I use this phone. Great little device!



Jun 27, 2006 by cingularfreak12

Awesome design, and overall a great looking phone. Good call quality around Indy, but the volume is just too quiet. Here's my whole review:

Slide Design
Sleek Look
MP3 player
bright display
big numbers
voice dialing
micro SD

battery life is not up to par, but works
low call volume
exclusive charger/headphone jack
main down button is too small

Overall the phone is decent, still better than the razr in my opinion, but that's not hard to do. Much easier to manuever than the w600. Overall the D407 is probably a better phone, despite the much cheaper price.



Mar 21, 2007 by thisiskris



-doesnt come with USB Cable and it advertises as a music phone
-no vibe & ring for texts (only silent, ring, or vibrate)
-display does not turn off while charging, only dims


-Awesome Camera
-Great Bright Screen
-Nice size, thin
-smooth slider
-Nice features
-Voice recognition is pretty good


1. The Con: "Short battery life"
THE TRUTH: The battery hasnt died on me yet, and i use my phone ALOT

2. The Con: "Phone does not get any reception"
THE TRUTH: I think people need to check their service areas. Mine is fine, better even that other phones. I can make calls with one bar, and it sounds like i have 5.

3. The Con: "Ear Piece and Ringer are not loud, very quiet"
THE TRUTH: Ringer is loud and easy to hear, and so is the ear piece, i can hear everyone fine.

4. The Con: "Even if the slider moves a millimeter, it answers the phone, and if it moves a millimeter back it hangs up"
THE TRUTH: You can change the settings on the phone so that the slider does not have any affect on whether the phone is answered or hung up. You can also answer the call without sliding it open.

5. The Con: "You have to hit 2 buttons to reply to a text message, and hit 2 buttons to send a text message."
THE TRUTH: You can hit the center navigation button to do both.

6. The Con: "Even when the phone ringer setting is at its lowest, when you hit a button, it makes a loud beep. Whether its at the lowest, or highest, it beeps the same. Theres no way to change it"
THE TRUTH: YOU CAN CHANGE THIS! You must change the settings on the phone, and no matter what ringer setting the phone is is, no matter what button you push when, it will NOT beep.

im sure there are other cons that can be proved wrong.
People need to read the phones manual when they thing they have a problem. And NOT take it out on the phone. It can probobly be fixed!

In love with its form, but not its functions


Mar 6, 2007 by dcgnco

Beautiful phone to look at, hold, and touch. Very sturdy and is just the right weight. The sliding mechanism works smoothly and with ease, perhaps too much ease. It could have benefited from a design quirk like snapping in place when open or closed, this would eliminate the accidental open and close problem I have with it.

Pros: Very few
1. Aesthetics, simply a beautiful phone to look at.
2. Build quality, very solid and equally weighted phone.
3. Screen, very rich clear main display.
4. Camera, best camera phone I have. I own 4 ranging from VGA to 2.0 mp.

Cons: Unfortunately outweigh Pros
1) Terrible battery life, this phone had died on me more than once.
2) Customizable, very limiting. While you can customize the D-pad you have to choose from a preselected list of options. In my opinion that is not true customizing. Motorola wins hands down.
3) Small key pad. WAY too small wouldn't be such a problem if the buttons have any tactile feedback which they don't. they are just flat and feel unresponsive.
4) Confusing menu system, Samsung has never had the best menu system to begin with, but I think they have regressed in their recent efforts. Some items such as the calculator and date book are hidden within subsections of another menu. What makes is even worse is that "tools" which contains things like your calculator is not an option listed to create a shortcut to the D-pad. It isn't just a problem with this phone, but all samsungs produced today.
5)Earpeice volume, is just okay for people with normal hearing capabilities. I would prefer it to be a little louder. But all in all call quality is very good.
6)Music player, VERY poor and it wouldn't be such a problem if the phone wasn't advertised as a music phone. But it is. There are so many restrictions on the player that it isn't even worth using it.
7) Voice dialing, WAY to complicated and not very intuitive on the users end. You must assign it as a short cut on the D-pad to use it.

Nice Lines


Jun 10, 2006 by jhass

I just got this phone today 6/9/2006 an upgrade from the Sony W600i. So far I am really liking the styling. It is definitely a BEAUTIFUL phone. It has pretty much everything that you need: Bluetooth, Speakerphone, Camera/Video, Vibrate & ring or Vibrate then ring option, mp3 player with expandable micro sd slot. The display is simply stunning. I love the fact that the slider doesnt feel cheap. In addition when you slide the phone closed it locks AUTOMATICALY so you dont have to go through any menus. You can answer calls with it closed. In addition the speakerphone is decent not perfect.
I havent used it too much yet but on the box it states that it is capable of 5 hours talk time and 250 hours/8 days standby time. SO far the only con I see is that the tones are not nearly as loud as the W600. I still need to figure out if you can set mp3 as ringtones which the w600 does, & how well the mp3 player works. I will add to this review once I have had it longer.

good phone but...


Jun 9, 2006 by ezazzali08

i just got this phone about 2 days ago and so far it is a good phone...i went from a Sony Ericsson w600 to this...this phone does have an mp3 player but the w600's was nicer... the speakers are not as loud as the w600 either...and the fact that it has its own new port for charging and data cable is quite fusterating...other then that tho i like the fact that it has the expandable memory slot and its slim form factor feels much nicer in your pocket...resolution and clarity on this screen is really amazing...i like how the camera lens is protected when the phone is closed too...havent long enough to comment on the battery life, durability or strength of signal yet but so far so good....i would recommend it to anyone who wants a feature full slim phone that is not a razr

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