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Got this phone 2 days ago.


Oct 8, 2006 by bugzFAN

For the most part, the things you read about it are true. I had a razr and upgraded to this because EVERYBODY has a razr.

Sweet looking phone, love the slider
Ton of features
The fastest phone I've ever owned (no lag)
Great options with phonebook etc
Reception is better than razr
lightweight, small
Alot more camera options
Voice Activation is the best I've seen

Buttons really small takes time to get used to.
Ear piece volume could be louder



Oct 2, 2006 by cmark

I personally own this phone and i have had it for 3 months now and ive owned alot of phones. I am not a cell phone junkie or 1 of these freaks who you see on engadget.com and have a review of why its a piece of sh*& compared to the c9234857 motorola,but from personal use this phone is not by eny means a great phone it looks good and it has a good camera but thats about it.Ive noticed that it is very very low on the phone. For people who are thinking of getting this phone im not trying to rain on your parade but if u buy this phone ur wasting your money.And for the guy below me i was just as happy the first week and id say enythign to make myself belive it was the best phone ever produced even though i knew it wasnt.

A Great Phone


Sep 29, 2006 by drose224

I've had this phone almost a month now and it's a great phone. The RF in my area is terrific, 4 to 5 bars all the time. Screen is bright and clear.

Sound is fine with me.

It's small and takes up very little room. Feels good in your hand.

It's a winner for me.

Samsung d807


Sep 18, 2006 by mikefly562

Overall, this phone is okay if you use it in a nice quiet serene setting, such as your home with the TV and radio turned off. Otherwise, the volume is way too low. I received this phone as an insurance replacement for one of my 2 sony s710'a and I must say, the s710a is a much better phone. Fortunatly I still have another s710a, so I'll be using that one and giving this one away.
I would have amore positive thinking of the d807 if this was a mid 2004 phone like the s710a, but since this is 2006, I feel that this phone is way too limited. True, the camera is nice on the d807 with more features, but overall, it does not compare with the s710a.

Pros of d807:
1. Great looks
2. Great screen
3. Vibrant easy display to read in bright daylight
4. Thin profile
5. Overall call quality is very good (when in a quiet area).
6. Camera has a lot of features and setting options.
7. Add on memory card is microSD, which is fairly cheap and available up to 1 GB.

Cons of d807:
1. Volume way too low at max setting
2. Very small amount of onboard memory (18 Megs for a 2006 model....my 2004 s710a had 32)
3. Can't save video on to memory card...limited to onboard memory.
4. Wallpapers do not fit screen, except for default wallpapers.
5. No gmail support
6. Will not play mp3s over 196k sample rate.
7. No flash
8. Address book sucks...if you copy from SIM to phone, then you have duplicate entries. The s710a gives much more options.
9. This phone came with absolutly nothing...no usb cable, no headset, no extra memory card. (The Sony s710 came with everything)

Over all, this phone is okay at best. It's great, but it's not bad. I would think that this is a great phone if I had never owned the Sony s710a, but since I have (and do) own an s710a, this phone is just not what I had expected. The 2 1/2 year old s710a is better.

this phone is a joke


Sep 14, 2006 by HomeyMoJo

i signed up for this account because i felt strongly against this phone so people that had a choice wouldnt buy this piece of junk. I got this phone because i had insurance under my Sony Ericsson w600i and i lost it, and this is the only phone cingular is replacing it with, and the phone blows. i was in the mall and i coudldnt even hear who i was talking to because the volume is so low (and on speakerphone) i keep hitting "up" volume button and its as high as it goes, the phone seriously had a date with the next water foutain near the food court

the nice screen quality
thats it

-cant hear anyone talking if you are in any place where there is any sort of activity going on
-speaker phone blows compared to old phones
-when closed the slider is flimsy and wiggles around
-the navigation buttons are unbelieveably hard to use, you always hit other keys (and i have small fingers)
-ringers suck
-dont give you software and USB cable with the phone

many more just dont feel like typing anymore

dont buy this junk phone

Samsung D807 is a great phone overall


Sep 10, 2006 by jack3

Maybe its where I just got rid of my NGage QD and replaced it with this phone, but I love this phone! Good pictures, great reception, and no problems.

The Only downfalls to this phone:

When your talking holding the phone with your shoulder you can easily slide it closed and hang up your call (But that can be disabled)

The MP3s can only be 192kbps so you may have to convert.

MP3 ring tones can only be 600kb

And the Videos I can get supported are only half of my 3gp collection

But still this phone is great and any who I show it to instantly falls in love with its sleekness.

Overall good


Sep 8, 2006 by tamimichelle

Samsung D807

Phone looks very cool!
Big numbers
Great camera
Loud Ring
Several alarms to wake up to

WOW. I can NOT hear anything on this phone. At first I thought it was just me- but now after reading that everyone has the same problem. It really sucks- I have to put the phone on speaker phone to be able to hear. I HATE this.

It is almost worth getting a different phone.



Sep 7, 2006 by danyel84

I have had this phone for about 3 months now, and I absolutely love it! I had a RAZR before, and there are some definite differences between the two phones, but not enough for it to matter. In fact, I would advise ppl purchase this phone instead! I have Cingular service, in Schuylkill County, Pa.
PROS: Lightweight, thin, awesome display and easy to use features. (I got the phone not long after it came out and I couldn't' find a case for it, so I bought one that was made for a razr. The Samsung fits perfectly!) The camera on this phone kicks butt. Not only is the resolution decent, but it has a ton of features. It is very customizable, too!
CONS: If you are hard of hearing, or if the ringtone you have in kind of quiet, you may not hear it. I do not have any problems hearing it in my car while playing loud music or in the middle of the mall, where I work.
D807 v. RAZR: The biggest differences between the two phones are, 1.)Loudness. The razr is louder; 2.) features! The standard Cingular razr does not have an mp3 player, and the camera sucks. If you have an older version of the phone, you don't even have video capture! The new V3i has an p3 player, but you can get the D807 for half the price, and have a phone that is a little more .) reception. The razr does get a little better reception, but not enough that it matters. I live in the mountains, and there are a lot of valleys and weird places. I get the reception in all the sames places with both phones. If you are familiar with the Razr, sell the things, or even just read a lot about them, you should know that the phone was made to hold onto that last bit of reception, which would account for the extra bar a service here or there. Again, it is not a big deal.

So, to sum it all up, forget about the damn razr and go get yourself a Samsung D807!!

Great phone


Sep 7, 2006 by plummdigg

one of the best looking phones out on the market. Chalked full of every feature you can think of. the pictures are crystal clear and the size is perfect, they the mold when they made this phone.

Only issue of why its not a 5 durability of the phone is questionable, the screen is very sensitive.

i am in love


Aug 31, 2006 by farzin1

i have this phone for about 5hrs now. I am totaly in love with this phone.
-great camera
-clear and bright screen
-and much more
-when charging the back light stays ON. (annoying)
-no memory card included
-no vib and ring together
It is a great phone, get it to feel it. Do not hesitate and get fool with what others say. This phone is a 5 out of 5

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