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Samsung SGH-D807 / D806


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awesome phone!


Jul 13, 2006 by alwaysreal09

I love this phone! I just got it today and its the best phone had.The speaker works great,the Internet is fast and so is sending messages.The screen is beautiful.I highly recommend this phone to anyone!

Not What I Expected


Jul 12, 2006 by motorola1

I just recently got a D807 without a contract in Charlotte for 279.99 (4 days ago to be exact). I thought I was getting my dream phone, but I've really been disappointed. For someone who was trying to escape the Motorola user interface (my previous phone was a RAZR V3) I feel like I've taken a step down. However, there are some good aspects.

*Bright colorful display
*Excellent voice recognition system (and it's not just for your phone book)
*Clear ringtones
*I get service in areas where my RAZR would occasionally drop signal
*Very customizable

*My text messages save to my SIM card instead of my phone and I can't seem to fix this (nor can the Cingular reps). You must manually move the text messages from the SIM to the phone one by one.
*Flimsy cover over charger slot seems prone to come off any minute...
*** It's WAY too easy to accidentally press one button when you mean to press another
*The phone looks flimsy and cheap now and I've had it for 4 days. The plastic is not a good look.

Also, as a person who does heavy text messaging, the keypad is entirely too flat and it feels awkward to text with one hand.

My suggestion is don't get this phone if you like to text or if you have small fingers. There also aren't many accessories available for it right now, so be careful.

Unfortunately I think I'll be taking this back and trying out a Nokia 6682.

Very Disappointed


Jun 9, 2006 by sam912

The first two things that I look for in a phone are reception and call quality. This phone disappoints in both areas. Reception at my house is fair, however,with this phone I could not get enough of a signal to make calls and when I did, the calls dropped. I know that the RAZR has its issues, but compared to this phone the reception is stellar.

Great Screen

Call Quality

not that great of a phone


Jul 2, 2006 by joecity

Well.. my verizon phone that i canceled worked a lot better, Cingular advertises all these "If you hate dropped calls get Cingular" well i had very very few dropped calls with my Verizon VX 9800 and i live in staten island NYC so theres of phone towers here... with my new cingular phone, EVERY call breaks up, and i have at least 10 dropped calls a day, Ive tried swapping my sim card and I'm already on my 3rd phone.. No luck.. im thinking about going back to verizon...

i LOVE this phone!


Jul 28, 2007 by marenda

I actually bought this phone at retail price. It was "love at first sight" ;]

It was very unique at the time because the only other slider phone I was aware of was the Mint Chocolate from Verizon. I was with Cingular at the time.


the screen quality is awesome. very clear, and very bright.

a lot of people don't like how you have to navigate through the menus, but I think it's perfect.

mp3 quality is pretty cool.

It takes great pictures, too.

It's durable. I can't tell you how many times I've thrown/dropped my phone. It still works perfectly.


battery life. I talk on my phone A LOT, i mean a WHOLE LOT. and i would live for my battery to last through a whole day & night. unfortunately, it doesn't.

I would totally recommend this phone. I'm thinking about buying another one just like it.

samsung rocked-it-out with the D807

Great Phone


Jul 27, 2007 by Fahad

this is a great phone. its thin and has a very bright screen, which if u don't like you can make it dimmer. it is about the length of an ipod when the phone is not slid. it is a little wider then ipod nano. i always have great signal even if im in the basement. the battery life isnt the worst like other people say but its also not the best. it has an ok battery life. the keypad is not too small. its a good size. it also has a very good camera, i need a good camera because i love to play with it and my last phone had a VGA which isnt that good. all of my calls are clear also. one bad thing is that if someone is calling you when it is in your pocket and you try to take it out it sometimes opens even if you didnt want to answer. you can answer without sliding it up also. this is a great phone i would recommend it to anyone who is considering it.

Dont own it yet but love it!


Jul 17, 2007 by Ms. Renee

i jus ordered this phone last nite and i have been doin research about it...i love it so much i have purchaesd the white one i will have a better review later when i have received the phone!!! i would highly recommend it to anyone that wants a good phone that is sleek and is really cute and has alot to offer!!



Jul 1, 2007 by hamzaoglu

this the best phone i have owned it has good batter life good screen and lots of other great features i haven't found 1 thing i hate about this phone.

Not Bad


Jun 28, 2007 by BoJsaves

This phone isnt as bad as some say.
The earpiece is a little quiet, but you can place it on your ear to where you can hear better. The slider is cool, smooth. The phone overall is great. I havent had any problems with dropped calls, maybe its service area related? Not a lot of bad things to say. It takes awhile to get used to the keys,but you will. Battery life is a bit low, but you can buy car chargers...well thats it, good phone

It's..... OK


Jun 11, 2007 by dwomack418

This phone was okay. I bought it last August and it held up alright.

1. I was pretty disappointed with the reception and it is hard to here people and everyone complained that they could barely hear me when I was talking rather loud.

2. Speakerphone was not loud enough. I still had to hold it directly against my ear.

3. Camera was awesome. no complaints.

4. Bluetooth was good and voice recognition was good.

I dropped this phone and it still help up. It fell in water so I let it dry out for a few days and it still held up (some buttons were a little sticky though). Overall it was a decent phone...just put me through hell! It's so slippery and easy to drop!...

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