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Forget a girlfriend... get an EVO!


Aug 31, 2010 by DutchMaster

My girlfriend won't like title, but who cares? I have my EVO. I picked this thing up in early July and SERIOUSLY love it. I was an iPod Touch addict before, but have not touched (let alone charged) the silly little device since I've taken possession of the EVO.

* Facebook Integration is Awesome
* Large List of Free Apps
* Excellent Screen
* Excellent Web Browsing
* Fast Browsing Speeds (Even on 3G)
* Super Simple Media Sharing

* Battery life is an issue if not managed properly. Download "Advanced Task Manager" and set it to the "Crazy" setting and your phone will last all day, no problem.
* Android's Copy and Paste mechanism is a bit crude

The HTC Supersonic (EVO 4G)


Aug 29, 2010 by MadFatMan

If you have been dying for an iPhone but you cringe at the thought of AT&T pricing or their substandard service, my friend your ship has come in.

I was skeptical at 1st as I had the Touch Pro 2 and all of its windows mobile predecessors and giving up a hardware keyboard and familiarity of Windows Mobile was a true leap of faith more so than the $200 cost.

I don't miss the keyboard or Windows this is a fun phone to own

- Ability to give an iPhone user "Phone Envy"

- HTC finally got on the micro USB bandwagon and for the 1st time in years I have to re place ALL of my existing wires connectors and chargers.

- Sprint, where is my 4G signal that you are charging me $10 month for?

I Personally Own This Device


Aug 21, 2010 by SprintTech619

i have had my htc evo before it even came out. personally its a great phone. ive been reading that people are downloading Advance Task Killer which that program sucks!! why. it locks up your device = freezing. i have "Taskiller" downloaded into my device and my battery life is GREAT! i can go all day with out a charge! and im constantlly on my device. ANY PHONE WITH ADVANCE KILLER GET PREPARED TO TAKE IT TO SPRINT FOR A HARD RESET FORMALLY KNOWN AS "RTN"

the downfall of this device.. is that when ur on the phone for a long period of time it tends to get hot..

other than that overall this phone is GREAT!! i used to have a blackberry tour and then switched to this and i will NOT go back.

HTC at is best


Aug 12, 2010 by Lito187

Great job HTC this phone is a power house. After testing this and other products I decided to get The HTC EVO 4g. This is based on my experience with this great device.

4.3 inch display
Snapdragon processor
Affordable monthly rate
8 devices can use this phone as a modem
Great Camera 8 megapixel back and front 1.3
Great for mobile gaming
Great Camcorder records at 720p
HDMI to connect to an HD TV
Great for Youtube, Web browsing, social network
Comes with 8gb of memory card
Tons of apps and the list goes on and on

No physical keyboard but easy to use the screen one. NOthing else as far as I am concerned.

Goodbye iPhone 4


Aug 1, 2010 by doyal82705

Had the ifail 4 for about 5 days then switched to the Droid x on Verizon. After seeing a friends Evo I immediately had to get them for my wife and me. The front facing camera is a big plus especially with the app qik. Overall this phone is the best phone out and Sprint is the best value for your money. Any mobile anytime is huge. I can call any cell phone on any carrier and not burn any of my plan minutes. That along with the Evo is great!



Jul 30, 2010 by JAMBO1228

I'm a long time HTC fan, I have owned several HTC phones over the years so I have been through the transitions. This is by far the best HTC phone that I have purchased yet. When we receive the 2.2 android upgrade life will be even better! In my opinion this The EVO is the best phone that Sprint has to offer!!!!

Sprint's iPhone Killer


Jul 29, 2010 by sunilsonia

I switched back to Sprint from AT&T at the end of March 2010 and initially got the HTC Hero for both mine as well as the wife's line. I sold my HTC Hero on eBay that I initially started my Sprint Service with and got a White one back on 7/09/2010. It's an awesome phone with all you could possibly imagine and everything I've wanted in a mobile device.

- 1 GHz Processor
- Sprint TV has excellent reception
- Fast 3G Speeds as well as 4G
- Camera takes excellent quality shots, both still photos (8MP Main and 1 MP Front Camera) as well as Video (720p).
- Kickstand is a good add on Useful when taking a call over speaker or watching a video on this device
- HTC's expeditious handling to release patches for immediately detected defects with this device. (i.e., defect with the Expandable Storage which was addressed by the end of the weekend and then the battery life and WiFi Connectivity.).
- The Market Place offers more apps for Android on the higher end devices and many are great over 4G. 55k - 65k and counting (Lookout Apple, we're gonna take you down! Didn't Apple's App Store have that many or may just slightly more when their iOS was only 2 years old?)
- Android phones will get Android 2.2 (i.e., Froyo) very soon. No more storage setbacks compared to iPhone.
- Wifi Mobile Hotspot is a nice add on to this device. Monthly subscription < than that on Mi-Fi or Overdrive.
- Screen Resolution is impressive, second probably to the up and coming Epic 4G coming later in August 2010.

- Concerned about Sprint's 4G transition WiMax to LTE, which is potentially going to happen in the next 2 years. Sprint Techs have said though that a firmware patch OTA would resolve this connectivity concern.
- My wifi connection at home over FiOs (25 mbps down/25 mbps up) is faster than 4G (3-6 mbps down with occasional 10 mbps spikes/1-2 mbps up). Boost the speed.
- Sprint Corp Store & Radio Shack still working a wait list.

Don't wait! Get on a wait list and get one!



Jul 27, 2010 by bsamson05

I have to say I LOVE this phone. I have had every sprint blackberry since the 8703e and have been a die hard BB fan ever since. HOWEVER, Android is the way of the future! Aside from the coolness factor of this phone it's also very practical. Just keep a charger handy.

Pros: Almost everything!

Cons: Battery life

iWhat? No thanks, I'll stick to my Evo!


Jul 26, 2010 by tlabranche

1.) Customization - You can have any feel you want right out of the box. No need to jailbreak this device just to change the background.

2.) Overall speed - It's fast! The auto-correction while you are typing is excellent! The speech to text feature is outstanding and super accurate and best of all; it doesn't slow the phone down!

3.) Screen size - Yeah it's big (That's what she said).

Other's are the sound quality. I must say though; in a month's time, I only used the actual phone about 55 minutes! I'm a texting and Google Talking machine.

4.) Camera - WOW! 8MP for a phone! Geez..

5.) Synced facebook contacts into your phone book. This is an awesome feature of the phone, and it gives you a facebook phonebook!

6.) Google Navigation - Simply terrific.


1.) This is my second unit. The first had a dead pixel within the first 24 hours and the speaker rattled for phone calls

2.) Exchange ActiveSync - This thing his horrible at keeping up with your Outlook inbox for work. It holds its own for a day, but after that it just stops responding.

3.) Overheating - The back of the phone heats up when you use it for extended periods of time.

Notice I didn't type about battery life. Why? Because I HAVE NO ISSUES WITH IT! I use my phone from 4 a.m. til 11 p.m. every single day using Gmail, Gtalk, facebook, web browsing, camera, and Pandora for an hour each day.

Secret: Turn off all auto syncing. If I want to check my facebook, I'll sync it manually. Same with ALL apps that sync. Just turn it all off until you need it.

I don't use an App killer. I tried it, but found no difference in battery life. Android kills apps it doesn't need accordingly. When my phone idles, I can get 48 hours of inactivity. I'm a heavy user, and I'm looking at a solid 16 hours a day. BTW, when I charge it at night, I'm still in the green. So there you have it, the secret to getting a full day of usage without worrying about battery life!

No More iPhone!!!


Jul 22, 2010 by matneyc

I ordered this phone from my corporate rep to give it a "try" and thought that like the Samsung Moment, or the HTC Hero, I would hate it and return it within 30 days. History - I had the iPhone for 6 months and loved it but hate AT&T's cruddy service (both customer and cellular). I did it because of the device - same reason that I got this android.
Instead of 30 days and out, I broke my AT&T contract in 3 days and stayed with this phone. This has to be the best device that I have ever owned:

-Battery life is much better than any other android that i have used - 36 to 48 hours on regular usage.
-Camera: 8mpxl is crystal clear and amazing. I use it to document work ativities.
-HTC Sense has to be the best overlay for a phone that I have used.
-Device overall - its on a great network and its not an iPhone.

-Available accessories - you cant blame that on the phone though!

I have had them all - Blackberries, iPhones, Windows Phones, Treo (palm and windows) - you name it. This is head and shoulders above anything else that I have owned.

Sprint's service is much clearer and no garble in the conversation at all. I have issues with coverage in my home but, Sprint fixed that with an Air Rave.

I have no complaints and highly recommend this device.

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