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The best phone I have ever used, and the best Sprint phone ever


Jul 20, 2010 by Kool-D

I got the phone on launch day (6/4/10), after playing with this phone for several weeks, I can attest that Sprint and HTC have made the best phone - - ever. Last phone was HTC PPC-6800, a drag to use compared with the HTC EVO.

The phone is solid to hold, solid to use and only gave me one small problem of resetting the phone only one time in 6 weeks - - compared to the 6800 where I had to do soft resets every day, this is a big plus. The Android 2.1 with HTC sense is easy to use, fully customizable with the favorite shortcuts you need, the camera is easy to use, takes great pictures while the video quality is good (HTC, please improve the FPS.), and the numerous share options to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc are easy to use. Videos on YouTube and SkyFire played almost flawlessly, some minor buffering issues on the higher res videos. Mafia Wars is easy to play on the phone (as you use your fingers to scroll and pinch).

As everyone said before, the battery is the biggest gripe I have - - however it can be mitigated by TURNING ALL RADIOS EXCEPT MOBILE INTERNET OFF. You don't need GPS or 4G while you are going to work or heading to the movies, why leave those on. Use Advanced Task Killer too, that will close all open apps which are battery drain and most importantly TURN BACKGROUND DATA OFF (This is the one needed to run the Android Marketplace and other apps).

Note that I live in NYC and 4G is not live yet. However, as a 3G phone, it is solid, fast and easy to use.


Great phone to hold and use
Good phone sound quality
Videos and photos are good quality
Android 2.1
Good processor speed
Fully customizable UI
Never want an iBrick or LoseMobile 7 ever again.
Status messages easy to pull down
Internet is fantastic to use, get Skyfire and Dolphin browsers
Many options to share pics and videos

Battery life
No Sprint Picture Mail

Best Sprint Phone


Jul 19, 2010 by natalecalandra

I had this phone for a while and it was great but it took a beating not having 4g and also having sprints poor coverage in Up Sate NY. The size of the phone was great it was like a mini Computer in your hands. I love how the limits are endless with the EVO.

Dual Camera 8mp with Dual LED Flash, and 1.3 Mega on the Front for Video Conference.
HTC Sense
8 Gig SD
Footprints App
4.3 In Screen
Loud Speaker
Voice mail is Visual and very easy to use
Keyboards are Huge both Ways
Live Wallpapers look good on the Large Screen
Fast Internet When you have service
Can Install 3rd Party Apps

Sprint Coverage
No 4g Coverage in our Area
Battery Life is horrible ( You need a car charger for Sure )
Size of screen is good but the phone can be quite bulky.

Return of EVO


Jul 16, 2010 by waltermax

I was really excited to get this phone, and after 4 weeks returned. I wanted the unlimited connection to my computer. I was unable to connect a lot of the time. I purchased it in Novi, Michigan and took it on the road where I almost always am. I was excited to be in a 4g area in Raleigh, NC, but couldn't connect to the 4g network. 3g was o.k. Then I was in Laurel, Md. where there showed a 4g signal but unable to connect. I spent more time talking to tech support than on the internet. Then when I got to Charleston, SC, I couldn't even connect with 3g and decided I had had enough. To it's credit, I didn't drop a call the whole time I had it, but connecting to the internet was another thing. I am heartbroken that I had to return it, and am getting the Droid X today. This is my experience. If it works for you, fine. I guess it all depends on where you are. I wouldn't recommend it for traveling, but if you are in a stable area, stick with it.

A Worker Bee Phone


Jul 13, 2010 by KeepNTouch

This is my 3rd Android phone. I love the technology so much that I've cascaded phones to my teenagers when they were due for an upgrade.

The phone is great. I'm not a gamer and I'm in a weak signal area when I work. I download and listen to music, check emails routinely, text, use an application or two and answer a few phone calls. My battery lasts from 5:30am to 5:30pm, and I'm not in a 4G area. When I made one tweak to not use the GPS (once I was at my destination), the battery lasted a few hours longer. When I'm in a better coverage area (weekends) and talking, music the battery lasted all day.

I received my phone after the infamous upgrade, so maybe that's a help. Of course 4G is off.

It's a large phone, but I can manage it with one hand. I still have nails (about 1/4inch extended) and I find the virtual keyboard responsive and friendly.

Voice or call quality is very good to excellent. Music with stereo blue tooth is great. Phone is LOUD enough for first setting. Display is great, where I don't need my reading glasses. I am pleased with the talk time. I started with the Moment (son wanted that one), then I had the HERO (daughter wanted that one) so I'm happy to have my TALK TIME back.

Video viewing is great (no I have not used HDMI port), if I need to watch something that bad, I'll sit in front of a TV or PC. FM radio works well and I'm happy to have a 8MP camera on board as well.

You will notice the speed enhancements even without 4G.



Jul 13, 2010 by gmeeks513

This is an incredible phone. I'm not going to beat a dead horse by discussing the pros and cons of this phone. HTC and Sprint did their thing.



Jul 12, 2010 by michaelt1977

I Got The new black&white EVO 4G Pro's 10 Con's Waiting For 2.2

Love my EVO!!!


Jul 12, 2010 by sonya1224

Let me first say that I love this phone! I love cell phones & always have to have the newest thing out there. I left Sprint 2 yrs ago to get the iPhone. This time, I broke my contract with AT&T to get the EVO. I loved my iPhone & was concerned at first that I'd be making a mistake. I have not been disappointed yet.

My husband thinks it's a huge phone..which it is, but it doesn't bother me. It takes awesome pictures and my 3G is fast. I love the screen size and how customizable it is. I can customize it the way I want without having to "jailbreak" it like I did my iPhone.

For those that complain about the battery life, you need to follow some suggestions offered by others - turn off the GPS, location and wifi if you're not using it. I also downloaded the Advanced Task Killer app. I charged my phone sat night and this morning I am just now at 30%. And I am one who's on the phone constantly all day texting and using the internet.

I do not regret my decision to leave AT&T. I just wish I had known that it was going to be coming out in white. I may have waited a little longer to get one.



Jul 10, 2010 by WDCRAZY

Moving from Verizon to Sprint was not an easy decision. My partner has had AT&T for some time and it sucked so I stayed with Verizon and my Blackberries. Moving from my Blackberry Storm to the EVO is like going from a shopping cart hitched to a mule to a BMW.

-screen size
-internet browser
-android system
-video calling

-battery could be better but it is not bad.

HTC "Help The Consumers" Thank you.......


Jul 7, 2010 by davean37

I would best describe this phone as efficient. Coming from a Windows based phone I would have to say the Android OS is almost perfect. Windows is more colorful, unique options, and gets the job done. Android is plain, detailed and productive.In my opinion
Android is hyped by the numerous Apps. There is an App for SMS, calculator, police scanner, ups etc.... I ran through 100 apps and found 2 useful.I am not sure why they would call State Farm and Ups a App when you can go to the website and get more info. I usually purchase 3-4 phones per year because I'm a picky Bi...The EVo is the best phone I have used by far. This is the first phone I have owned with a 100% touch keyboard/no other option. After calibration,
the keyboard is accurate to the individual who set it.

internet browser
oily fast engine
instant brakes

power button(fingers are exercising)
google map (delayed gray grid screen)

Conclusion: This phone was designed first-class. You will not be disappointed. The battery life is great for such a powerful device.Remember there will never be a perfect phone because to much money is involved.

Re: MRwright


Jun 30, 2010 by wells2269

Charging the phone when you first got it might have been your mistake. You should always let the battery run dead before you charge it the 1st time.

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