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Most amazing touch screen ever!


Jun 29, 2010 by bigeddguitar

I have had problems with touch screens before, but this is hands down the most amazing phone I have ever used. The only con is that the battery life isnt the best.



Jun 28, 2010 by cell_G

The phone is OUTSTANDING!!!! The speeds are great, large screen, quick app access, streaming video in high quality clarity, what can I say, Sprint made a believer out of me! I have had every Iphone so far and the Sprint EVO 4G Blows them out of the water! GOOD JOB SPRINT!!!

Grate Phone


Jun 27, 2010 by michaelt001977

Grate phone best phone I every used and I used a lot of phone I am a phone junkie can't wait till 2.2 make this phone every better then it already is

It begs you to drain its battery


Jun 26, 2010 by lars0361

Can't keep my eyes, ears, and hands off this phone, or my mind off its battery.

Speech recognition. Works for every text input field. You can dictate text-messages, emails, and search queries!

Intuitive. I have yet to read a single word of instruction.

Voice call quality. As good as I've ever used.

Fast 3G network. The network speed has never left me wanting.

Battery. Really bad. Fortunately, new HTC batteries are surprisingly cheap, $24. Buy a few. Seidio makes an external charger for $25. I just hope the flimsy back panel doesn't break from all the battery swapping.

Size. It's a pocket-full once you put a silicone skin on it, but pretty thin without a skin.

My First Android Device


Jun 25, 2010 by jbaer15

I bought an iPod Touch the same day I preorderd this phone at BestBuy (May 13th). I went from the Palm 800w (WinMo) to the UI of the iPod to the HTC EVO. The UI takes a small amount of time to get used to (having the iPod helped) but I am loving it. I bought one for my brother as well and so far is likes it (other than it reboots on him 2 or 3 times a day). We both have the Seidio Case....no screen protector.

Pros: (The Usual)
Screen Size
Camera Quality
Video Calling (Qik)
Internet Browsing
Social Networking integration
Sense UI / Customization
3G speeds (about 1100 kbps D, 700 kbps U)
4G speeds (about 3100 kbps D, 1000 kbps U)
Battery - 12 ~ 16 hours
-GPS off
-BT on while driving
-wifi off
-4G off (not in my area, Bro has it)
-few hours of app usage / calls
-not very good 3G signal in building
-email is on manual push
-brightness 0%
-I am at 59% after 11 hours off charger (8 hours of standby)
PAM (connect via USB and select PAM option)

Update apps 1 by 1 (fixed in 2.2)
Power button is hard to use
SD card hard to get out (wife or tweezers needed :) )

Over all I am very happy with this phone and will keep for at least 2 years or longer as long as if Sprint does not switch to LTE and the 4G radio will still work in this phone. I have not rooted this phone yet because of the "security scare" but looks to be fixed.....still on the fence.

LOVE my EVO & Sprint!


Jun 22, 2010 by vdr76

I have had the EVO for a week.
It is the BEST phone I have ever owned.
Pros: Beautiful Large Screen.
Takes wonderful pictures.
Calls are clear.
I just Love how FAST this phone is. I do live in a 4g area, and to be honest, 3g is faster than my previous phone, and I forget I have 4g, and then it is like WOW when I use it.
I love the different scene settings also.

Cons: Just one...Battery life.
I did invest in a car charger, and an extra battery and desk top charger.
Overall: Worth the cost and wait to buy this phone.

Almost perfect!


Jun 20, 2010 by jorgeix

If you are switching from a regular phone that you charge once every few days then you may find this troublesome, but the reality is until they make a miracle battery for these powerful devices, you need a car charger and spare wall charger all the time.

I have owned HTC smart phones since the PPC6700 and every sprint model after that, and while they were good enough then, this HTC EVO is by far the best they have come up with, not only the hardware is much superior, they decided to run this device with ANDROID 2.1 and I'm glad they did.

I feel let down by Microsoft for not being fast enough to develop a newer version of win mo, and as a result they will lose a lot of users like myself for a long time. Moreover, I think HTC is also giving up on win mo and going for android.

Being a win mo user for a long time I was a little scared to switch to a different platform because I was very attached to some apps that are only available for win mo and I feared not being able to find android versions, but after 2 weeks since I switched I've been able to find replacements for android, some are free, others I had to purchase, like docs to go for example, win mo has mobile office already built-in, but what I have gained by switching is very worth it, android runs much faster and smother, it feels more modern and is very stable; although I don't think it's perfect yet, there are some minor issues and glitches that they still have to tweak. I still don't like that many apps start running automatically and stay in the background and they don't have an X to close them, however there are free apps in the market to manage running apps, and for what I've heard, having a bunch of apps running drains the battery faster, but I believe those minor issues will be fixed via updates. Some apps crash, specially those that are free, most of the time you have to try many versions to find the ones that you like and that are stable.

Sprint network is very reliable.



Jun 18, 2010 by stephenl65

First off, I have had just about every phone out including the IPhone.

The EVO is simply the BEST PHONE out no matter what the review before me says. I get great battery and I use my phone all day long from 7am to at least 11pm and I don't charge it in between. I love the phone and couldn't be happier with my purchase. I don't have screen issues that were mentioned either so my suggestion would be to exchange it if you have problems. If none are in stock then demand one for exchange when one is available. It's very simple no need to make things difficult. I really question whether this person really had a phone or is just making up his issues. Oh well I love mine and like I said I couldn't be happier. Good luck back on Verizon. Oh did you know Verizon and Sprint share towers?

This is a real game changer!


Jun 14, 2010 by Windsponge

This is a wonderful phone. I know many wish battery would last longer but I find it to last longer than my I Phone 3GS. The screen makes it much easier for me to see. My vision isn't what it used to be and I love the size. Since is what I needed to like Android. I have had many cell phones and this is best one I have used bar none. Speed and smoothness is what it gives. Sprint plan is much better than Att which is why I wrote off buying another I Phone. I need size not pixcels. I have wi-fi at home but most of time I use 3g and it is very good. Web pages load very fast, as good as my laptop. Phone really has a quality feel to it. Time will tell but as for now this is best phone out.

Way, way, WAAAAY exceeding my expectations!


Jun 12, 2010 by david10240

The funeral for my Palm Pre will be taking place on ebay shortly.

Simply put, this phone (computer, actually) is spectacular. I was not an easy sell here, mind you. Yes...I was looking to get out of my love/hate relationship with my Pre, but the sheer size/weight specs of the Evo kept me on the outside looking in 'til yesterday, and I finally bit the bullet.

Let's get one thing clear. This is a computer as well as a phone. I don't expect the battery to be the same as my Motorola Startac, Samsung i330, Palm 650, Palm 750, or Palm 755p. That being said, it's "about" the same as my Pre. Also: Before you start writing awful reviews about this phone (computer) and tearing into it because you expect the battery to last you longer than 3/4 of a day (yep...that's about it), read about it in the forums and reviews and see the many ways/settings you can try to conserve battery life. Also: Before you start ripping into this phone (computer) because it's confusing to navigate and it's looks "weird", read about it in the forums and reviews and understand the COUNTLESS ways of personalizing it to YOUR taste/needs.

Love...love...LOVE this phone. I have been so, SO jealous of everyone pulling their iPhones out of their pockets for years now, not being able to get one for myself because it remains unavailable on THE BEST network, Sprint. I have always know that - when/if the iPhone becomes available on Sprint - I would camp out in front of the store to be the first one to get it. Now...I just can't see that happening. Hello HTC. Hello Evo!!!

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