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Awesome Phone


Oct 9, 2010 by limalima83

This is by far the best phone I have ever owned and I just left AT&T. Yes the battery does suck but it's because of all the bells and whistles. If you aren't using your gps turn it off. It will not mess with your location when you use shop savvy, yelp, or any applications like that. Also if you aren't using wifi, turn it off. That does not need to be on to work Qik or Fring, regardless of what your friends told you. Also 4G, if you arent in a 4G area then you shouldn't have it on. Next is your background data. The advance task killer is not enough. Your background data is constantly looking and searching for up grades. Do you really need to know EVERY time someone sends you a notification, or logs in to IM? Go in your settings, go to accounts and sync and then turn background data off. A message will appear letting you know you will be saving battery life. You will still get emails, you may have to refresh your whether or stock, which has a refresh button on the bottom of each app. Trust me this goes a long ways I have actually gone a whole entire day from 8 in the morning to 10 at night without plugging it up once. Just texting and using my task killer with background data OFF.

2 weeks after unbricking. Sprint Evo 4g


Oct 2, 2010 by samorte88

Well, 2 weeks after unbricking the Evo 4g and I can already tell power management is going to be the leading issue with this device. My solution for fixing the issue is simply using Start Up Auditor (available on 2.0 or higher) in conjunction with Advanced task killer. Just use the auditor to limit all the apps that turn on (i have about 19 limited...and I've only installed 5 apps on this phone. yes, there are quite a lot of apps on the device already when you unbrick it.) then use advanced task killer to monitor/turn off any apps you don't use on a consistent basis.

Hardware wise, I love the front facing camera. Yes it's VGA, but i can sacrifice the pixelation in return for more photogenic pictures. The kick-stand is a cool feature, especially when you think outside the box with it. i use mine to help steady the phone when i'm texting or doing just about anything else that requires me to hold the phone sideways. the 4" screen is the best I've seen on a phone outside of the galaxy S series.

Software wise, it comes preloaded with 2.1 (mine did at least). A definite plus to this phone is the Adobe flash 10.1 update that is on the market. No more having to use the you tube app just to check my subscriptions!

Overall: If you know how to operate and maintain an android device, I definitely recommend picking this phone up. If not, spend a couple extra minutes with who ever is selling you the evo and figure out what will help you keep the battery up, otherwise if you don't know what your doing, you're battery life will be horrible.

Another thing i would recommend is a Zagg line screen protector, but be sure to follow the instructions or get some assistance with applying it.

I love this phone so far, and unlike the other phones I've had from sprint. I can definitely see this one lasting me at least until my next upgrade.

If you have any questions about the Android OS, HTC phones, or just general Q&A feel free to send me a message at samorte88@gmail.com-Sam

Love the Free Android Apps...


Sep 14, 2010 by quikfeat

I'm upgrading from the Palm Pre however I think the Palm WebOS is the best operating system on a smartphone currently, with the "deck of cards" multitasking and the banner notifications and the Google search where you can just start typing on the homescreen and it will begin searching on Google without having to go to an internet browser screen first. Where the Palm Pre fails is it's apps store since it doesn't have the apps of the Android OS or of course the iPhone. The HTC EVO is an upgrade due to better hardware specs over the Palm Pre with the faster processor, more RAM and higher resolution screen. I love the BIG 4.3" screen and don't feel the phone is too big-I use the internet on my smartphone frequently so it is an improvement over the Palm Pre also. I just upgraded to the HTC EVO today so haven't gone through it's full functionality. I'm in Honolulu where 4G is available so it seems fast however 3G to me is fast enough. I'm satisfied with the HTC EVO however I think if the Palm Pre had the apps and they upgraded the hardware specs I would prefer the Palm Pre - I just think it is a more user-friendly and efficient OS. However the HTC EVO has the Android Apps which I enjoy so it is a good tradeoff.

Really Awesome Phone!


Sep 13, 2010 by bellaluna4488

I have had this phone for almost 3 months now. Coming from the iPhone and a blackberry before that, it had some tough shoes to fill. I won't go into too much about the phone as most of the pro's and con's have been listed in previous reviews and I agree with most of what has been written. The main things I'd like to point out are the battery life and the keyboard. Battery life, yes, could be better, but, if I can just point out that if you DISABLE "Always On Mobile Data" (In Settings, Under Wireless Network), this will TREMENDOUSLY help with the battery life issue. Not sure what exactly this feature does, but I don't see my phone doing anything different than it did when this feature was enabled and my battery life is so much better. The keyboard takes a little getting used to if you're coming from an iphone...different key placements, but after week, you get used to it. Overall, I really like this phone a lot. If you're a person who loves social networking and multimedia, this is the phone for you. Final Verdict - Great phone and great gadget.

this is the best device ...ever!


Sep 11, 2010 by mobileguy2010

Ok to begin the screen is huge and beautiful! The 8mp camera takes gorgeous pics. The video camera is so good I won't need to buy a separate video camera. The internet browsing experience is rich and lightning fast! The dual flash is superior. The new froyo 2.2 fixed everything. There is a flashlight app that turns the flash into a really bright flashlight. the friendstream app allowed me to stream Facebook! There are 7 home screens that can be accessed quickly. Love the multifinger pinch to zoomin and out! The 1 ghz snapdragon processor makes this phone fast smooth and great for gaming. The only con so far is I haven't figured out how to videochat yet. Overall this device is mindblowing and is worth every dollar!

Get Froyo update, stop using task killers, battery lasts.


Sep 8, 2010 by Syndil

I just got my EVO in September, and it came with Android 2.2 a.k.a. Froyo already installed. I have not had any problems with the battery life, and I am a heavy user. Take it off the charger in the morning and it lasts all day. With the battery issue a thing of the past, the EVO is what it is: The best Android phone money can currently buy.

Once you get Froyo installed, DO NOT USE A TASK KILLER. It's unnecessary, a waste of time, and may actually interfere with Froyo's JIT optimization. Don't just take my word for it: http://androidspin.com/2010/05/25/why-you-dont-need-a-task-killer-app-with-android/

I thought about knocking a half-point off for lack of a physical keyboard, but that is not a flaw, it's a choice. If you want a keyboard, get the Epic instead.

I've owned and used Windows Mobile phones up until the EVO, and I don't see myself ever going back. I've been tempted by the BlackBerrys and the iPhones and the Palm Pre, but none of them could hack it as serious business tools.

BlackBerry's method of handling email is outmoded, Palm requires additional third-party software for only semi-adequate sync functionality, and the iPhone is not much more than an expensive toy, given the crippling network it's married to. AT&T has been struggling to keep up with the data demands of their army of iPhone users, and they have finally started imposing ridiculous limits of 200MB or 2GB and of course the inevitable overage fees. All kinds of fail.

Been with Sprint since before 2000, and while their customer service was indeed the absolute worst customer service of any company on the planet there for a while, I never had to call them. They don't screw up my bill, and the service keeps on working. Only have to deal with them when I change phones, and they have gotten a lot better.

Simply an AMAZING phone!!!


Aug 2, 2010 by Kristal2010

I always thought I would be a BlackBerry user, until I saw the Evo! I have been through 4 BB Tours and 1 BB Bold since Feb 2010! I recieved my Evo 9 days ago and I must say I am in LOVE!!! I has taken sometime to get use to the touch screen keyboard, but now its no problem! I downlaoded Advanced Task Killer and to someones recommendation to set it to crazy and my battery lasts me all day and then some! If you have kids just be ready to be hounded by the kids to play with it!

- Awesome screen
- Fast web
- Endless FREE apps
- Sprint's plan rates *More for my money*
- Both cameras are awesome *I take lots of pictures!
- Lost more to list

- Kids wanting to use it all the time!! lol

Awesome Phone!


Jul 22, 2010 by richportcitizen

Overall I would consider this phone to be the best phone out at this point in time. After being a huge fan of the Iphone for a couple years and having every single model up to the Iphone 4, I have no regrets for switching over to the EVO. This phone is amazing. So far I love every feature.

-4G Network (Where available)
-Huge 4.8" Display
-8MP Camera. Amazing quality pictures and HD video.
-1.3MP Front camera. Which so far is kinda underrated and not mentioned a lot but it is capable of video chat on 3G/4G without wi-fi.
-HD output
-Convenient kickstand
-Expandable memory. Up to 32GB
-HTC Android which is great.

Battery life
Which can be extended by using a task killer app which you can find for free.

Go get one. You won't regret it.



Jul 6, 2010 by bigdfan70

I had the iphone 4 returned it and got the EVO....let me tell you its not even in the same ball park with the EVO.The display is is much bigger and better,much faster on sprint i cant beleave people even try to compare the two.trust me get away from the tired old iphone its the same phone with a little better display looks like a old toy beside the EVO.this phone would get a 6 from me if it could!!!!

AWESome Device


Jun 19, 2010 by erikvan71

I lucked out and preordered this device from Best Buy. I am totally a huge fan. This is my 2nd android. I had a htc hero. Once u use this phone ur hooked. I am totally impressed with its size, its features, 2 cameras 8mpg camera u can eye chat it has 2 cameras. I have never seen a phone do sooooo much. Yes I know the battery isn't good. 4 hrs. Thats why u can get a car charger . Hello? Iphone battery life isn't long either. All i cansay is i waited for bout half hour at the Best Buy In Boca raton and prob 30-40 Iphone users were switching over. I think finally Sprint and HTC have the competitor to the Apple Iphone. I still believe Iphone is a good device does alot. But I feel by far this can do more....I hope you all love ur Evo as much as im loving mine.

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