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Jun 23, 2010 by MrWright

The first thing I did when I got this phone was charge of coarse, but little did I know that's where it would spend most of its time

-screen is amazing
-great choice of apps
-both cameras work great
-I personally love the size of the phone
-web browsing is best I've used on a smartphone
-on screen keyword is flawless

-I live in las vegas, which is "covered by 4g" to bad I can never pick it up
- I mean I've seen bad battery life on phones but this phone defiantly takes the cake, I go to work at 4 am and without even looking at the phone its dead by 8am

This is definatly a solid phone, a lot of fun to play with. To bad you will have to keep it on the charger most of the time

HTC EVO 4G My true love!


Jun 13, 2010 by I_Flogged_molly

I paid full price for the phone after reading many reviews, I even ported my number from the "T" just for the EVO, and I dont regret a single thing after I first held it in my hand. I have had it almost 48 hrs. now.

It is 100% worth the extra 10.00 a month.
The camera is perfect
It's the most breath taking screen on the market, sharp and clear.
I am sadly not in a 4g market but I was impressed by the 3g speed
Apps Apps and more Apps.
The personalization is endless.
Multi screens hold tons of app icons and widgets.
Sound is the best I have ever heard on ANY phone.

I have yet to find any.

Lots of people complain about battery life, but I can not keep my hands off the phone and It took about 7 hrs before I needed to charge it. Most people who will invest in this kind of phone will invest in a car charger, so I don't see where the battery would be an issue. For all the phone does I will gladly charge it in the car, and smile while I do so.

Dear sweet Evo I love you!

Battery fixes for evo


Jul 8, 2010 by Woodie201

Hello everyone! Let me start off by saying I'm an ex-at@t customer. I use to have the iPhone 3gs for 8 months, but like most customers like the phone but hate the 3g coverage. So I decided I couldn't take the spotty coverage anymore!!! I decided to break my contract and come to sprint to buy the evo. 1 word..... FLAWLESS!!!! Listen there is battery fixes just download the free app advanced task killer and put the settings on crazy(to turn off running apps every time u hit the standby button) last all day!!!

-wonderful screen
-blazing fast Internet speed
-best bill plan for an smartphone(huge)
-3g and 4g coverage(if availabe)
-built for now and future

- nothing

Amazing phone but has a few issues.


Jun 13, 2010 by PlayboyPenguin

This is one amazing phone. I would not call it an "iPhone Killer" because I do not think it needs to be compared to an iPhone. For the first time ever I think they have made an Android device that does not need to be compared to anything else. It stands alone as it's own incredible device. This is probably the best phone on the market today. Right up there with anything Apple could hope to achieve with the iPhone 4.


-SCREEN: This phone has the biggest screen I have ever seen on a phone. It is almost like having a tablet you can keep in your pocket. The screen size really does make this phone a whole new experience when surfing the web.

-INTERFACE/SOFTWARE: The interface is so fast and fluid. It is every bit as fluid as navigating any of my home computers. All interactions are immediate. The software is fast and easily used. it is also very customizable.

-HARDWARE: The hardware is solid and well put together. The touch buttons respond well and the touch screen is very responsive. The phone feels very solid and well made. The kickstand is a great addition.


-SCREEN: I like a glass screen. This machine has a plastic screen. Even if it is plastic over glass the plastic is still vulnerable to scratching to careless people like myself.

-BATTERY: I am draining the battery completely with as little 2 hours usage on 4G service. That is a major issue I hope they fix. Without 4G I would rate the battery life "fair."

-BUILD: The back cover feels very flimsy when removed and seems like it would be easy to break...especially the small tabs.

-CARRIER: I could not get 4G service inside my home. I had to step outside even though I am in the center of the covered area. When I did get 4G the speed was nowhere near as fast as I thought it should be when compared to my iPhone 3GS. I also dropped several calls in one weekend with Sprint.

Overall, this phone is revolutionary. Give it a glass screen and fix some carrier issues and it is a perfect device IMHO.

Do not buy this phone. Do not waste your time and money.


Dec 28, 2012 by nbright93

The phone consistently tells me that I have low storage space when I only have a few apps installed. At times, when I click on, for example, my Google play app, it will take me to my email or my phone history. Internet is very slow unless you're using 4G or WiFi. You can count on having to buy several chargers for this phone because not only does the one that it comes with break easily, every other charger that is sold for this phone will most likely break within 5 months. Then you're stuck paying $20 for another one that you're going to have to replace very soon. A few months after purchasing the phone, the WiFi and 4G would turn on by itself. I called Sprint and they sent me around a hundred different hurdles so I looked up reviews on the internet and found that the problem could be fixed in less than 2 minutes without having to call the service provider. The weather app that comes with the phone is consistently wrong. The battery is absolutely horrible, I understand that smartphones use up a lot of battery but when my brightness is turned all the way down, the phone has been sitting on my night stand the entire day, not a single text, call, notification or anything and when I pick up the phone later on in the day and it tells me there's 2% left, there's a serious problem. Last problem, the phone is slow to react. When I turn the phone on it's side, it takes a while for it to realize that it's been turned on it's side. The phone is slow. Another problem, sometimes texts will not come in until much later than they were initially sent. Also, at times, the phone will not show me that I have a missed call but it will give me a notification that I have a voice mail.

Sprint HTC EVO 3D V ____## NEVER BUY IT ##_____


Aug 30, 2012 by skhr777

I have extremely bad experience with this phone. I purchased it brand new from Virgin Mobil. When I received the phone the battery died after a few hours. Tried to charge and re-charge, but the battery was dead. I called Virgin Mobil to issue a refund as I would never trust this phone. To my surprise they were trying all tricks so that I try a different battery. WHY?
Anyways after 1/2 hour I agreed to trying new battery. The batter arrived and I started using it again. After 2.5 weeks the battery died again. I had spread my new phone number everywhere, but my business got on hold for a few hours before I purchased another phone with another company. I will see if I get a refund or not otherwise I will take legal measures to get my $326.00

Intially good..BUT....


Aug 3, 2012 by melissazf

When I first purchased this phone I was in LOVE.. I had previously owned a LG optimus, which was good, but the EVO 4g was a huge leap forward as far as camera quality, size, and speed.
After only owning this phone a few months I could no longer charge my battery. Researching on the web led me to sites that explained this is a manufacturer flaw of the phone. The charging port disconnects from the inside of the phone.
I am now forced to use a battery dock to charge my 2 and 3 batteries and constantly switching them out. It's more of a nuisance than anything. What is bad about it is not being able to charge in my car with my stereo unit for navigation.

Camera Quality
4G capable

Charging Flaw (BIG CON)
Battery life

Year and a half now and STILL not bored


Jun 11, 2012 by jririshbmxr97

My younger sister and I have this phone. I've had it for about a year and a half now and im still not bored of it! People always ask me to use my phone and think its really cool. The 1 CON I have to give it is the battery life. My sister agrees but then again, she is a teenage girl on her phone 24/7. My sister is also still entertained by the phone and got it the same time as me (Coming from a teenage girl, it must be a fun phone!) If you like things simple, this is NOT the phone for you. I would suggest this phone to a younger audience.

First Android


Jun 7, 2012 by BlackRoseAngel

I switched to this phone after my iPhone 3GS. In many ways the comparison isn't fair being that Sprints service was 100/1 better than At&t's. I never once lost a call, unless I was in a metal enclosure. But, as far as it by itself goes, I wasn't very impressed with this phone being that it was pushed as the best phone on the market for SOOOO long. Sprints 4G is pretty nonexistent, so I can't really judge based upon that. The 3G was really nice, and consistant, and everywhere in comparison to At&t. The battery was a nightmare! I had the extended battery just to survive like my iPhone could, and even with that I had to charge it nightly. And on top of that it made the phone MASSIVE! As for Android, there were a lot of decent helpful apps, but at the same time a lot of battery sucking leech apps too. They, when compared to their iPhone counter-part, seemed a few updates behind. But, if your willing to wait out the updates, they were great.

Sprint's Great Service
Big Screen
Pretty Responsive

Terrible Battery
Camera Wasn't Of 8MP Quality(By any standard)
Android Seemed Behind/Unfinished

Battery Life  
Hardware Usability  
Hardware Quality  
Interface Speed  
Audio Volume  
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The Phone with Super-powers!


Oct 8, 2011 by emmadebr   updated May 5, 2013

This is the most amazing phone I have ever owned and showed off to friends and family…period! It has been close to a year and still I haven’t been able to put it down, not even for a second. Until today, I am still marveling over its’ abilities and how it beats the pants off a lot of the current phones being offered today (including Apple’s newly released iPhone 4S).

I mean really, “In my book, if there ever was a phone considered to be iconic, the Evo 4G by HTC would be it.”

Why would I opt for an iPhone or its competitors when I could go with the Evo that sports a 4.3 inch display, a 1.3 megapixel user-facing camera for things like video chatting and self-portraits, an 8 megapixel rear camera with dual flash, HD video recording up to 720p for those moments you’d like to capture, a 1 gigahertz single core snapdragon processor for blazing fast processing power and agility, an expansion slot with the ability to accommodate a microSD card to up to 32 gigabytes of external memory, and a built-in kickstand for added convenience when watching movies, personal HD video clips, Netflix, Crackle and a host of other streaming services and much, much, more. Please tell me why?!

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