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Perfect Phone?


Dec 28, 2010 by Lawren250

I say yes!!!

I have owned this phone from day one. It amazes me how anyone can write a review without owning the phone for at least 2 weeks.
First Battery life. It has improved with each update. It now lasts a full day and more unlike the Iphone you can swap the battery. You can buy an HTC battery on line for less then $15. I don't think you can buy a decent case(no jacket required) for that much money. Screen size well lets just say size is a quality all its own. Ram and internal memory I don't think there are to many phones that beat it and this phone is 6 months old. Features love the navigation its better then my GPS in my 2009 infiniti. I see myself keeping this one until it dies this cell phone is a keeper unlike ones in the past.

Buy it once you get it set up battery life and your smile will last a day and more!!!

Great Phone - Short on Battery


Dec 27, 2010 by beechaviator

Well I purchased my EVO at Best Buy last week December 23 and they price matched Sam's Club and I paid out the door $179.00 plus sales tax with the normal upgrade price being $199 - no mail-in rebate required like the Sprint store. As soon as I activated the phone it received 3 HTC updates and the phone is running Android 2.2 release 3.70.651.1 w/ PRL 60674. The phone is energy hungry, but it seems to last the entire day for me and I use quite a bit of WEB use each day. The unit while short on memory with only 512MB comes with 8GB SD card and I've moved many apps over to the SD card. The snap dragon processor is lightening fast and the display - while not a super AMOLED - is quite nice. For those that need to extra juice, you can get a extra size Seido 3500 mAh battery (or other type) which comes with a replacement back cover which is quite nice. These sell at Amazon for $53.94 or retail for $69.00 at Best Buy. These more than double the time between charges and are great for those who travel and can't get to a charge point. Bottom line is I like my EVO and would buy another as long as Sprint does not have the iPhone as it is clearly a better product - come on Sprint, get some Apple products like Verizon is! Again I'm happy with the EVO, but if I were to wish for the perfect Sprint high end phone it would be the next generation (5G maybe) of iPhone with CDMA/WiMAX and that would really rock!

HTC Evo battery life and tips to extend life


Dec 22, 2010 by aj148014

My name is kelley and i have had the Evo for about 4 months now, i have read a lot of reviews, and the number one concern everyone seems to have is the battery life. with that said, there are a lot of things that you can do to prevent this.
1. first, and the easyest way is to simply turn off "mobial network" or "internet" on the device. you do this by going into your setting- wireless and networks- and disable mobial network. if you want to take an even easyer rout you can add a widget to you main screen. by doing this its just the push of a button.
2. second would be something that alot of HTC users already know. if you donwload "advanced task killer" off the market, it alows you to manage all apps, or programs that you have running at one time.
3. something that people dont realize about an HTC product is that its a VERY data phone, that is why sprint requires you to pay an extra $10.00 on your bill every month. wether or not you know, it constantly streeming data. if you turn off "background data" this will stop the phone from doing things like automatic updates. you can do this by going to options- manage apps- and turn off background data.
4. the last way that i know of is to buy a extended battery. this will prolong your battery up to 50% but if dose come at a cost. if you would like to see it you can go to bestbuy.com, it cost 69.99 and is called the Platinum Series - Extended Life Lithium-Polymer Battery for HTC EVO Mobile Phones.

Excellent phone but not quite perfect


Nov 17, 2010 by legalfoot

I am coming from an IPhone 3G in NYC. The EVO is a lot bigger and takes time to get used to. As the screen is so much bigger it is easy to accidentally start an app or make a phone call when you take the phone in and out of your pocket if you are not careful. While it is a big phone it will fit in your pocket.

The interface is not as smooth or intuitive as the IPhone but is still very usable.
While some of the stock apps are not as smooth as the Iphone you can download replacement apps for free to find the app that works best for you.

Service is so much better on Sprint as compared to AT&T though you still get some calls that go straight to voice mail but I do not get disconnected when I am on a call. Calls are clear.

4G is nice if you are in an area that has it but it is a big drain on the battery.

Great screen to the point I can not go back to Iphone.
Customization is fabulous as you can replace almost any standard app that comes on the phone.
Better service in NYC.
A lot of apps with more every day as Android is becoming the most prevalent phone OS.
Great connectivity to the web

Battery sucks plain and simple. If you are a moderate to heavy user you will need to recharge during the day or get yourself an extended battery. If you use 4G you need to turn it off when not in use or else you will have a paperweight for the rest of the day.
Does have a small learning curve to use correctly.

Overall this is a great phone except for the standard battery which is why I could not give it 5 stars.

Amazing phone!!!


Nov 8, 2010 by Backtothemac

I have used them all. Blackberry's. iPhones, Palm, Windows devices, Samsung Impression, Tilt 2, so many phones that I can't even count them. Blackberry Torch, Bold, Bold 2, etc. I am a phone nerd. I have been looking for THE phone. The one that would make me forget what I liked about every other phone that I have ever owned. THE phone that would make me say, yep, that is how I would have done it.

The EVO 4G is it! I don't see how it can get any better than this, unless, they manage an update that makes the battery last two solid days. The screen is amazing. The camera is more than adequate. Not quite as good as the iPhone camera, but who gives a flip. The call quality is amazing. SOOOOOOO much better than the iPhone 3G, 3GS, or 4G. Again, did I say the screen is amazing! Size is way more important that pixels per inch. Don't buy the hype of the Retina display, this phones screen will make you throw an iPhone out the door. Froyo from jump, Wi-Fi hotspot, 4G service, KICKSTAND! I mean, the phone has a KICKSTAND! YouTube is fantastic. HQ videos look like HDTV. No buffering.

AND I GET TO SAVE MONEY! I gave AT&T the boot this week and it felt so good. I cut my bill from $348 a month to $179 a month. For more features! Unreal. Sprint has its act together, and this phone, is without a doubt the best phone made today. Get one, you won't regret it.



Oct 30, 2010 by iceking0221

Have the phone for 5 days now....WOW!
I switched from Blackberry Bald 9650 and was a little apprehensive about the "buttons to touch screen transition". It's something to get used to, but I find typing is pretty easy. I'm very impressed with all the Apps and how easy it is to use them. The internet (even in 3G) is much faster in comparison with the already pretty quick Bald.
As far as the battery life....honestly I dont notice any significant difference from other smart phones I've had.

Overall, probably one of the best of not THE best phone I've had thus far, and I tend to get a new phone every 4-6 months.



Oct 24, 2010 by amdmanken

This phone is Awsome, very customizable, very good sound quality, feels really good in your hand, but the best part is the 4G. I was in Bestbuy and did a speedtest, and was getting over 5MG a second. I have had two blackberry's, I-Phone, HTC Droid Eris, and sadly the Garmin Asus. This phone beats them all, and I don't really have any issue with the battery life. Unless you leave the Wi-Fi,4G,bluetooth on all day. I surf the internet on 4G OR wi fi, email,text and talk and make it a full day. Strongly recommend this phone and download Task Killer, really helps with Battery life.

Nice phone, not great phone


Oct 10, 2010 by saa001

I have had the Evo 4G for some time now and there are some great things about this phone. Unfortunately there are also some drawbacks also.

PROS: Screen size is fantastic, touch screen is great, Internet is very quick and loads full web pages with very few problems, syncs on-line with services (a must these days in my opinion), signal is usually very good (Los Angeles area California), camera takes some great photos and video, speedy processor.

CONS: No 4G yet (supposed to be here within the next several months), battery life absolutely sucks (I bought and extended battery and even then I am usually down to at least 40% at the end of the day and usually closer to 35%). Keyboard is not laid out very well and spell checker is worthless, no native profile settings (like Blackberry has with VIP callers).

More about the keyboard. I cam from the iPhone which has a great keyboard layout. On the Evo the layout is very poor, the enter key near the space bar, the top row of letters very near the text field, arrow keys not laid out very logically. I have had a hard time typing on this keyboard even after several months, with the iPhone I was up and using it without problems within a week. I also had to finally turn off the spell checker, it would replace words and then you would have to go back and not only change the on-screen word but you also had to add it to your dictionary, again very cumbersome and led to quite a few text messages and emails that sometimes were not understandable.

The Android app store is good, not quite as good as the iPhone app store.

I like this phone, but I am not in love with this phone. There is a lot of things that could be done a lot better but it seems like it was just thrown in there without any forethought (keyboard, spelling, profiles or lack thereof).

I wouldn't recommend this phone right now, maybe when 4G comes on line that will make up for the drawbacks but right now I am a little disappointed in its' layout and performance.

The Best Android Phone Out There!!!


Sep 10, 2010 by EVOlve91

I Love My EVO!!!

Perfect Screen
Amazing Web
Spectacular Cam
Endless possibilities

Battery Life needs improvement but with adv task killer its great.


great but needs work, beware of htc sync


Sep 9, 2010 by igetit

I've had the phone for two months. Love the screen, browser and apps. I do need to say that HTC Sync 2.0.40 (latest version as of this post) has been a bear to work with. It actually deleted meetings I had in my Outlook calendar twice now..and as a result I missed one of the meetings..! this is not good for your career..!

Also the voice dialer from Google is next to useless and no third parties seem to be offering up a stronger voice dial app.

The good news is that HTC support is responsive and HTC owns up to the sync issue; and alleges a fix is coming soon from HTC. Now Google needs to address the dialer... and if this all gets done I will then give this phone a 5.

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