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Best phone and will be for awhile


Jun 12, 2010 by DE 2 Philly

go to www.phonearena.com and look at the HTC EVO vs. HTC Incredible


go checkout iphone4 stats on phonedog.com; phonearena.com - etc.


go checkout AT&T & Verizons plans; even with the 4G $10 data add on Sprints about $40 cheaper a month


go checkout the newest 3rd party studies about networks and see that Sprint has moved to #2 for best dropped calls and has millions more covered on their 3G network than AT&T and a bigger voice calling area than AT&T and has the most improved customer service each year in the last 2 years; coupled with the only 4G network available in 30+ cities; 15 more by summers end and 120 million people by 2010's end


Oh and the phone is PHENOMINAL!!!!!!!!

Large Screen beautiful for everything
8MP Camera, 1.3 front facing camera (I used FRING free download in market and even this FREE app over 3G only worked awesome and has blown everyones mind that has seen it; live free video chatting!"
HD Vid recording
Mobile hotspot for 8 devices
Talk & Web on 4G
HDMI output!
Kickstand - whhhhat?
Comes with an 8GB SD card :)
This phone IS FASSSSST on 3G; and BLAAAZING on 4G
1GHZ snapdragon processor :)
Android & HTC sense = great combo and Froyo 2.2 update prob. soon that WITH upcoming Flash will make this phone PERFECT

Make sure you learn how to conserve battery life by turning off wifi, GPS, bluetooth etc. etc. and maybe try the task killer app. Because this phone is POWERFUL and will drain any battery you put in it if you dont know how to close apps your not using!




Jun 11, 2010 by lewvincent123

This is by far the best phone I have ever owned. I have owned quit alot of phones including the palm pre, htc hero, htc touch pro 2, samsung moment, blackberry 8330, and blackberry tour just to name the smartphones and by far the EVO is the best phone I have ever owned. In all the other phones there is something that I don't like like the Hero being slow and laggy with low memory, the voice dialing not working at all or not being able to voice dial with the hero through blue tooth. The phone has the best voice dialing and talk to text. I have downloaded about fifty apps and its still just as fast as when I bought it. I never experience lag with the phone as long as I close my programs correctly. The screen is amazingly clear and bright looks better than my HD tv. The camera you would never even need to carry separate phone and camera again since this phone has an 8 mega pixel camera and flash so it works great even in complete darkness. The apps are amazing and Fring for video conferencing is amazing. I love this phone so much and haven't been able to keep my hands off it since i got it at 8 in the morning on june 4th.

Great, not perfect


Jun 10, 2010 by wingtip

I love this phone and I am coming from a Hero. I liked the Hero but the size, the speed, and the ram make this soooo much better. It's not perfect though. I've had trouble with some video as the phone says the [codex] is not supported. I've also had some bluetooth issues. I bought a bluetooth stereo headset and many functions did not work. I'll try another brand. Also, and very importantly, the Wi-Fi does not have much range at all. My friends with I-phones beat me easily on wi-fi range and even my Hero beat it on range. I hope the Froyo fixes these little bugs. Hurry up Froyo!!!



Jun 10, 2010 by nikki1980

The EVO was my answer to getting away from the every other call is a dropped call with att. I love the huge screen and the easy use of the phone. I am the lease tech savvy person and I didn't need my husband to help me set up anything. This phone is truly the match to the iphone. The EVO has it in every area except battery life and the fact that I cant get on the Internet while on a phone call. I liked that about the Iphone but the iphone battery life wasnt great either. I love love love that I pay $70 and everything is included. talk,text,data, and I can actually use the phone where ever I am.I encourage anyone who is thinking about switching but is afraid of leaving the Iphone to just try this phone for a day. I promise you will say Iphone who? The apps are great and a ton of them are free. Oh last thing the EVO has video conferencing. So Apple is claiming that you can talk to your loved ones in real time and see them via the phone and that the revolutionized this they are wrong. The Iphone hasn't come out yet and I have it on the EVO. Its great. Also, you can try it for 30 days and still give it back no questions asked.

Awesome phone!


Jun 8, 2010 by franktcpa

All the hype surrounding this phone is true and justified. It may not be the Iphone-killer but it's definitely the best alternative to Iphone. In some ways, it's better than iphone. I bought EVO 4G because I wanted a touch screen phone with very fast response time, a large screen to surf the web on, tons of apps, and a mobile hotspot with unlimited data to share the internet connection with my laptop. Everything else is extra.


*Lightning fast 1GHZ Snapdragon processor
*Tons of RAM - 512MB
*Huge gorgeous screen
*Android 2.1 (it handles memory better than Windows Mobile)-soon to be Android 2.2...
*Tons of apps
*8MP camera with HD recording
*Mobile Hotspot with Unlimited Data - sets up in seconds with Windows 7 Pro so you can browse the internet on your laptop
*Fast, fast, fast!
*In-browser flash support
*Faster 3G than AT&T.
*Even faster 4G (but haven't tried this).

*Battery life could be better - but hey, what do you expect, look at the hardware specs...
*No (AM)OLED screen - but it's no biggie, the screen is still gorgeous.
*Some may find it a little too big. Not me!

Buy this phone. Yes, it's worth getting hit with ETF to ditch AT&T for Sprint. Worth every penny - you will not be disappointed. The new Iphone 4 does NOT have Mobile Hotspot, Flash support or Unlimited Data; don't expect 4G either.



Jun 7, 2010 by toeknee76

this phone is truly amazing! its incredibly fast and i'm only on 3g (4g not available in indianapolis yet). the screen is bright and easy to read. the camera is clear and takes great pics. thank you sprint/htc for a great product! i've never wanted an iphone, but have used my brothers a few times......this phone will run circles around an iphone!

the only thing that kept me from giving it 5 stars is that the battery life is not the greatest. but, as with any smart phone that is usually a given.

do yourself a favor and get one!

Extremely Pleased


Jun 7, 2010 by Old Salt

I am learning quickly that there is a lot to learn about this phone. The only con that I have is that I need a better calendar for appointments and other related items. I have Agendus for Palm T/X... Yes I still have one. If anyone knows of a comparable calendar/organizer please fill me in.

Used for 48 Hours. Excellent Device


Jun 6, 2010 by bigwrigg

This overall is a great device.
I am coming from an HTC Hero and prior to that a Treo Pro and Treo 800w.
I also have a Blackberry 9700 thru work, and an iPhone i get to use when i want to.
I am a phone tech. So i get to see and test all sortf of devices.

This is the first time in almost 10 years i have gone out to a store and bought a new phone on opening day. I am so glad i did.
In the past i have just done swaps to older used devices. But this was a great decision.

Everybody has mentioned the battery life is so-so. I only use 4G when i want to do something data intensinve. Wifi only comes on when i am at work. Other then that the Sprint 3G EVDO RevA network is plenty fast.

If your not around a charger then buy a 2nd battery. it will be a great investment. I work in an office and am always around a charger. I have to be honest though, this still has better battery life then my Treo 800w had. LOL

I am a big guy with big hands, and with the HTC Hero i struggled to type on screen.
With the EVO, i have absolutely no problems.

Great Device, Great Software, Great Service. Thank you Sprint, HTC and Android / Google.

Awesome phone!!!


Jun 6, 2010 by alexvilla00

Deff what i was expecting!!! i come from an i phone 3gs and darn i love this phone even if i dont have the 4g network yet.


Almost everything! this phone is fantastic!!, love the 8mp cam, 720p vid for my street racing nights lol.


batt life is awful but wasnt expecting more of it...


Whenever i connect my EVO to any aux cable to listen to music in my car or home it recognize it as a headset and it starts to act weird... i barely can listen to music... it starts the song then stopping it or fastfowarding it, opens voice dialing... and all of this with out touching the phone... something really weird.

The HYPE is Complete...Awesome Phone!!!


Jun 6, 2010 by chrisevo

This phone is absolutely the best phone I have had in a LONG time! I went through the iPhone 3GS and the phone was blah..and AT&T was syphoning my wallet and I had to jump on this HTC EVO from Sprint.
So coming from an iPhone 3GS I can seriously tell you that not only this phone live up to the hype but the Sprint network is also very fast and reliable! I did all the research and was very hesitant as I have never used an android device before. I had a palm pre a while back and although the phone had it's drawbacks, one thing I really liked was the webos operating system. I have to say I do not miss it that much..... Oooohhhhhh....the screen and the speed of the Evo 4G!!!! wow, finally a mobile phone worthy of owning!!

CONS: battery battery battery....dies too fast....
for the price of 2 bills (needs to come with a headset and the HDMI cable..

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