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More than I expected and completely satisfied!!!!


Jun 5, 2010 by hucworld

This is the first phone I have given a five star rating and it deserves every star I gave it. Everything from the waiting in line to the smooth exchange of my Hero to the EVO 4G was easy and pleasant. After playing with the phone for a little over 24 hours I am sold on saying this the best phone I have ever owned. I was a die hard blackberry user and was scared to take that leap over to the Android OS. Now I originally had the G1 and MyTouch 3G, both of who were solid phone for their respected times. Then I made the leap to the Droid with Verizon. Single handedly one of the best moves I have made in sometime. The OS on these devices are nice to say the least. After months of becoming what most consider a "fanboy" I was sold on the OS and made the purchase of the Droid Incredible. That was an awesome phone and was sold that, that was going to be my last phone for a while. That was until I caught wind of the EVO 4G. I had been thinking about switching to Sprint for sometime now so that I could lower my bill and well the timing was right. The screen, the battery life, the Snapdragon processor, the form factor are all pluses or pros for the device. The fact that 4g is coming soon is another perk for me as well and I am sure this phone will show its true potential once that drops here in Cleveland. As for cons...there honestly are none.

Nice Phone


Jun 4, 2010 by Darynm

I know many people have done their fair amount of homework on this device and I am no different. I was very hesitant as I have never used an android device before. I had a palm pre before and although the phone had it's drawbacks, one thing I really liked was the webos operating system and the nice screen. I have alot to learn about the EVO, but at this point in time the phone is amazing. It's fast and smooth. The screen is very nice. Battery life is right on par with smartphones in my opinion as the pre was bad at battery life so if the battery serves in the same capacity, I will live with it. Well, I have much left to learn and I will update in the future. Well done HTC!



Jun 7, 2010 by amicu1

Bought phone on 6/4. Although, I was in 4G area (including the Sprint store), the phone never connected to the 4G towers. After a total of 2 hours on the phone with Sprint, after rebooting, resetting, restoring to factory settings and re-registering the phone with Sprint - problem was still there. I was told to take the phone to the Sprint store, the Sprint store manager told me he can't help and that I have to take the phone to Best Buy where I bought it from....Like they will be much more helpful? I am not holding my breath.
I have been using an iPhone 3GS (thanks God I kept the iphone), have not seen the new iphone 4G but will probably buy it as I plan to return the EVO.

- Big Screen
- Fast Response (similar if not better than iPhone 3GS)
- Android OS
- Good integration with Google Voice
- Good integration with all google services that I LOVE
- Kick Stand
- micro USB charger

- BATTERY (iPhone is bad, but this one SUCKS)
- BATTERY ... I can't emphasize this enough
- CAMERA is just OK (I expected much more from a 8megapiel camera)
- Can't use Internet, Send SMS or navigate maps when in a Call and 3G coverage only. This is a big issue for me. (I was told it works if you have 4G coverage).
- Have to stop Wi-Fi in order to use the 4G signal
- Sharp phone edges. My palm started to hurt a little from holding the phone for about 1 hr.
- Not too comfortable to hold at your ear for long periods of time, due to speaker's location next to top edge of phone's frame.

If you hate AT&T or Apple and have to buy a phone, than don't look around anymore. EVO is for you.
If you can wait a little longer, I think you will have several EVO like phones to choose from in a matter of months.

I tried to be impartial and provide an honest review from my angle. I hope this will help all of you in choosing the right phone.


Not my cup of tea


Jul 24, 2010 by esketores

I hate to be the one voice of descent...
I couldn't wait to get this phone. And it is a GREAT device. Just not a great phone for me.
I use my “smart” phone first and foremost as a phone. Secondly, I use it to read emails. Basically there is no third.
Predominately my cell phone usage is in a car while traveling the interstates. Some around town but not a whole lot. Regardless if I'm using my phone in my car it is with a headset (hate bluetooth).
Using the HTC, or as I have found most any touch screen device, pretty much is a two handed procedure. Which is not good in a car.
So take this with a grain of salt...
If you need to use an “app killer” to prolong battery life then why all the apps? Seems foolish to me.
The battery life is abominable.
The buttons along the bottom were way two sensitive for my use.
If you are a business person with needs are similar to mine I do not believe the EVO is for you. I kept the unit for less than four days and quite frankly could not wait to go back to my Blackberry which is very compatible with one hand use. Speed dial... pick it up and push a button. Read an email... similar, delete an email... push two button right next to each other, change ringer profile, having a physical keyboard...
All in all many people have, and will continue to, sing the praises of this device. Which is something I could not fault. However there is something to be said for having the ability to use a smart phone with only one hand while driving down the highways and byways.

Big screen...


Jul 18, 2010 by Clay330i

This is all the phone really has going for it in my opinion...a big screen. I'm a big guy (6'4") with big hands and it didn't feel too bad, but majority of people won't be holding this comfortably/ I've spent a week with the phone and it's just ok. 4g isn't fully functional for 90% of the public, so that's not a game changer. The internet speeds were quick, but on par with all other top tier phones available. Android is good, but all the phones just seem to run together. It's not much different from a Nexus One, Droid, Hero etc. I give it .5 for the big screen!

Super buggy/Unstable apps


Jun 28, 2011 by joelron26

This phones apps are extremely buggy and unstable. Pandora, netflix, navigation always stall, error out, shut down, freeze. It become so annoying im breaking my contract with sprint to get the iphone with verizon. i had the iphone with att (loved the iphone, smooth as butter, just did not care for att). i think its a htc thing as i have always had issues with htc.

evoz zbest


Feb 14, 2011 by azascan

This phone is great still great in feb. 2011
And theres still not alot of phones to go toe to toe with it being 4,3 screen and 4g ...htc with sprints awesome plan.

Well done HTC


Jan 5, 2011 by drake

This unit operates exactly how a Android should. It's responsive, has a super large, nice res screen and it's easy to learn. Now that it has SWYPE, it's complete.

HTC EVO, Plainly put is junk. Returning getting Droid X, from Verizon


Jun 17, 2010 by AndroidMan

Large screen, Android phone, HDMI out (doesn't work as stated).
Battery life is horrible, screen is coming apart. (I have had two of EVO phones.

Let me start off I have had Android phones since they first came out. Last phone HTC Hero.

Battery life is so horrible I can't make it though a few hours of the day. I have shut off everything IE Bluetooth, WIFI, 4g, also shut down all running programs. Battery is still horrible on both phones I have had!

Secondly the screen on the corner on both of the phones I have had are defective, this is supposed to be known issue and I am sure most users will get stuck with this.

I am switching back to Verizon the coverage on the EVO and other Sprint phones I have had are not near as good as Verizon. I visit all the Western States! The Droid X, expecting to have the same specs as the EVO is the phone to have on a much better and reliable network.

Don't get me started with the horrible sales transactions at Sprint locations and being told they had to receive a 5 star rating, when I was rushed.

DROID X! That's the phone I want and will patiently wait as two HTC EVO phones and Sprint were complete let downs!

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