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Best phone out there


Jun 19, 2010 by lclark414

What an exceptional phone! Despite a short battery (buy a car charger) and some MINOR screen issues (known issue: light leakage), this phone is incredible. Compared to any other Android device out there, this is so much faster, smoother, and sleeker. Android OS runs so well on this device. The screen is absolutely beautiful. The touch screen is extremely responsive. If you like Android, this is by far the best phone out there.

EVO Incredible


Jun 13, 2010 by dany

I had numerous high end phones including the iPhone 3GS and Blackberry's, and this is the best I have ever owned. I am totally impressed. I switched over from AT&T's iPhone 3GS to Sprint. It's not enough I have the best phone, I also save money on my monthly charge. I love the big screen, the processor speed, and the ability to customize different screens. What can I say, I'm hooked.

EVOlution of phone.


Jun 7, 2010 by ajs253

This is a fantastic phone. I bought it on 6/4 and have been liking better and better by the day. Here's the scoop, if you love a large screen, and enjoy Android, or are willing to learn Android, then this phone is second to none. Here's why. I have had, and still have the Apple 2g, 3g, 3gs, and the IPad,etc, etc. But, I love the combination, of a killer high resolution screen, fantastic 8MP camera with the capability to record digital video in 720p, large capacitive screen to type one, and a provider that DOES NOT DROP calls every 10 minutes, then this phone is for you.

Sprint has done a fantastic job of giving you a device that will probably be unbeatable for at least the next 18 months and will match up to any newcomer, any newcomer (Iphone 4g included). How do I know? well look at the stats, the Iphone 4g will have a slightly smaller screen that the existing screen, higher resolution, and will still be restricted to the ATT 3g network. Now they even have 2gb cap on data to add insult to injury. The only other phone that compares to the EVO is its little brother the HTC Incredible. But after a 4.3 inch high resolution screen, even the 3.7 inch screen looks slightly smaller.

Let's talk about the battery life. I don't know what some of the people on PS are doing, or what glue they sniff, but they are being unrealistic. The EVO has a 4.3 high resolution screen., a 1Ghz processor, it streams sprint TV, makes calls, and surfs the web all on the same battery. I am a heavy phone/text and data user. I make around 30-35 calls a day on average, and probably receive between 60-80 texts and emails a day. I also stream sprint tv. My battery lasted the entire day and I had over half left. So, please people, don't be silly by saying the battery life "sucks".... It's like buying a hummer for everything it can do and then whining about the gas mileage.

Really, you will not be disappointed with either the phone or the carrier. Kudos Sprint.

Finally a real iPhone killer!!! Awesome Phone!!! Thank you Sprint!!!


Jun 5, 2010 by techmaster

This phone is absolutely the best phone I have ever owned! I use to have the iPhone 3GS and somewhat liked the phone, however I hated the fact that AT&T was seriously impacting my wallet! I recently dropped AT&T and even ate the early termination fee just to jump on this HTC EVO from Sprint. Best decision I have ever made hands down!! Not only the phone is incredibly feature packed and awesome to use but the Sprint 4G network will also blow your mind!! So coming from an iPhone 3GS I can seriously tell you that not only this phone kicks its @ss but the Sprint network is also very reliable!!!

I am so happy with this phone's and its features but the fact that I'm also saving money is a huge bonus!!

Go Sprint!!!!!!

America's first 4g phone is Amazing!


Jun 5, 2010 by Chippewas86

***I have been using the phone for approximately 3 weeks through work.

-4g capable (obviously)
-Huge screen that looks amazing for Youtube and movies
-Watching HULU
-Video Chat
-Kick stand is very convenient in both landscape and portrait positions.
-Snapdragon processor makes this phone super fast. Loading apps, web pages, movies and movement between screens is insanely fast and works flawlessly. There is NO lag!
-Camera is the best I have seen on a mobile phone. It is superior to other 8-mega-pixel phone cameras.
-Android with the Sense interface is on point. It is VERY easy to use and it is extremely customizable.
-Call quality is very good as well

-Battery life could be better but it isn't a deal breaker by any means. If you use the "App Killer" app and turn off the bluetooth, WIFI, and 4g transmitters while not in use, battery life will increase significantly. I also found that turning down the brightness of the screen saves battery life as well. I would imagine that their will be an update coming in the near future that will help with the battery life.

This phone is legit. Its screen is absolutely beautiful, the processor is screaming fast! I have been using it for three weeks and have not had it glitch once. Battery life isn't the greatest but hopefully a software update will fix that issue in the near future. America's first 4g phone deserves the hype! This phone is absolutely insane!! It has been said elsewhere in articles all over the interwebs, but the Evo is truly a DREAM PHONE!!!

Sets the bar much higher!


Jun 5, 2010 by shwals

Upgrading from a Hero, I was not expecting much more. Wow! The display, speed and sound quality is stunning! It was worth the wait. While selling out all over, the Sprint system was crashing. Customer service was still easy to reach and very helpful when I called.

HDMI out
Fast 3G and Faster 4G
Navigation starts in 10 seconds instead of 40
Great Camera
Excellent voice dial
Kickstand for watching movies
Readable in direct sunlight
Excellent voice to text performance
Great looking design
Sprint network speed, coverage and customer service (It's true!)
Did I mention FAST?

A bit heavy
On switch at top is a bit of a chore to press
Bluetooth headset cannot initiate voice dial (should be fixed in Android 2.2)

Completely worth of the hype


Jun 5, 2010 by Simply_Eric

I've actually had my hands on the Evo through work for almost 3 weeks now so this is a little more than an instant impression on the phone the day it launches.

The summation is that Sprint and HTC no only hit a home run with this phone but they knocked it out the park.

-Android 2.1 combined with HTC's Sense is completely customizable with quality touches that you may not notice at first.
-Speech recognition allows you to send a text without having to type it
-Easily separate contacts into groups, great for mass text/emails
-The free amount of quality apps available in Google Market
-Huge, responsive, highly detailed screen.
-Search Outlook directory without having to be near your desk
-Free video conferencing with either Qik or Fring
-Mobile Hot-spot feature can replace the need for aircards
-Did I mention Google Market? lol If you have a Evo (or any Android for that matter) and you're not digging around and finding apps you really like then you're missing out.

Cons:The battery life isn't great. On a day of moderate use, the phone will last about 12 hours before needing a charge. With heavy usage it may drop to between 6-8 hours. I don't think its a deal breaker but you should have a spare charger handy if you plan on using it a lot. I'm not mad at HTC, they packed a high-capacity battery with the phone. I understand a screen that big is gonna take up some power and battery technology has been at a stand still for some time while the phones zoom ahead. The phone itself more than makes up for it and really, I'll be around some kind of outlet pretty much all day at work. No big dal.

Now This Is A Phone/Everything Else!


Jun 5, 2010 by FoneFreak13

What can I say? The title says it all. There is nothing this phone cant do, I have been waiting forever for a device of this magnitude to finally be available. I have had just about EVERY phone/PDA out there and have found things wrong, this came along and changed all that for me.

I have been visiting this site for quite some time, and only now have I decided to join after getting this phone today. Not only has it blown me away, but made me want to write about it. It truly is everything that the hype was surrounding it, not to mention it makes the iPhone seem like a StarTac circa 1998.

I have been a VZW customer for 10 years (obviously for the coverage) cause their selection of phones is just sad. In the interim of those years I have ported out my number and had just about every carrier out there looking for that PERFECT phone. I was always hesitant about Sprint cause of past experiences with dropped calls etc, lets just say they stepped up their game and got it right this time. The call quality is amazing and the speed of this phone is astounding, and thats using 3g, I cant wait to test it out in a 4g area. It is blazing fast and rips through web pages like a bolt of lightening.

The UI on this phone is truly amazing and user friendly even for a novice PDA user. Too many things to list, but believe me everything on this phone is chart topping... camera etc.




Most Sprint Stores are sold out of it, I got mine in Radio Shack....

Best phone ive ever had!


Jun 5, 2010 by Mac2311

Ive had about 6 different phones in the past year, ranging from the palm pre to the touch pro 2, all had their good sides but no phone was more well rounded than this, i will admit usually i like a phone with a full QWERTY keyboard but i figured i would give this one a try since the screen is so big the keyboard should be good, i was right the key board is great. but thats just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how amazing this phone is:

large display
quick app download
and the list keeps going

Battery, but its to be expected with a 1gig processor and huge screen under the hood, with that considered it holds up well.

Bottom line:
pick up this phone! even if your not in a 4G area this phone does everything better than any phone i know of. and its fairly priced to top it all off. youll thank me later!

Finally the wait is over!


Jun 4, 2010 by aux2

Finally after waiting for this phone so long, i finally have it and what a beauty it is! The phone is so sexy, the screen is beautiful and big, the responsiveness is amazing, and the overall flow of thephone is a charm! Only thing to test now is the battery which being a smartphone user, i aint expecting no miracle battery ;) Buy this phone now, Love Android!

Written and submitted using my Evo4G

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