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Mar 27, 2006, 3:12 PM

Mp3 Player?

I have a trans flash card in my phone and put a song on it, but I wondering how do you get it to work with the phones mp3 player?
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Sep 7, 2005, 7:30 PM

E815 Wallpaper?

Does anyone know where to get free wallpaper for the e815?
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Feb 28, 2006, 11:26 PM

E815-Download help

I have read all of the posts on the subject, so if anybody can offer help it would be GREATLY appreciated.
I have made mp3 ringtone with wavepad. And then I sent it as an attachment to mynumber@vzwpix.com. I got the message, but when I tried to dowload the attachment it said"unable to download try again later". I have tried later and it still didnt work.
So then I tried sending it through funformobile.com, and once again I got the message but when i tried to download it gave me the same unable to download try again later. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! Has anyone had a similar experience and know how to fix this? Any advice would be great!!!!
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Mar 25, 2006, 6:02 PM

MP3's for E815 with mobile mate SD (sddr-103)

where can I find the driver download for the mobile mate SD memory card and adapter (sddr-103) that has the format for Windows XP?
Wing Shooter

Mar 23, 2006, 2:25 PM

Off-center camera lens (and other ramblings re: quality)

My wife and I recently upgraded from a pair of Samsung SCH-a530's to a pair of E815's. We've had them for a week now and so far have been very satisfied with their features and performance.

However, I must admit I am somewhat disappointed with the build quality of these devices. This is the first Motorola product I have owned since the StarTac. Prior to the ST, we owned a pair of Samsung SCH-T300's and then the SCH-a530's. The build quality of both Samsung models was superior in many ways to our E815's.

In particular, I am surprised at the variation between our two particular E815's. For instance, all the keys on my wife's phone feel very nice, but the two soft-keys on my phone make this annoying click sound whenever pressed. The...
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Mar 24, 2006, 5:14 PM

Camera takes blueish images

Recently, my phone has been taking bluish images. There will be a circular region right in the middle of the image with a blue overtone. Up until a couple of weeks ago, the phone shot perfectly normal photos. The weird thing, is that videos shot with the phone do not show the bluish area.

Any ideas?


Mar 24, 2006, 9:06 AM

Custom Ringtones

I need help figuring out how to record a custom ringtone i.e "Pick up the phone and stop ignoring me", or "I'm not calling to borrow money so pick up the phone". Please tell me I'm gonna feel really stupid because it is so easy. 🤭 Thanks!

Mar 23, 2006, 1:50 PM

Pix Messaging Problems

I'm not sure if anyone else has this problem and it doesn't happen all of the time but it is rather frustrating!

When i get a pix message and view the picture it is very small (thumbnail) I try to zoom to make it bigger but the size will not change.

I have checked all of my settings, have had friends on multiple carriers send to me, and still some are large size (wallpaper) and some are just thumbnail size and useless to me.

Does anybody have a clue as to why this is happening??

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Mar 22, 2006, 7:57 PM

This Should Be A Big Help! New Firmware 01.1e.00 HELPS!!

I bought my Moto E815 on March 8th and it had the old software version in it. After reading the reviews on this phone, which helped me make my decision to buy it, I had read a few that mentioned the alarm clock problem as well as the vibrate problem.

I just went to the WZW corporate store today and they installed the latest firmware 01.1e.00 It took about an hour because the techs were backed up with many waiting customers. Afterward, I tested the vibrate feature, and hands down it is much better! This is not my opinion, it's fact. I even had one of the store reps agree with me. I also set my alarm for about 6 minutes in the future and the store rep texted me after I set up the alarm. My phone showed that I received the text m...
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Mar 22, 2006, 7:53 AM

HS 850 and E815 issue

A new problem has started. Now, whenever I turn on the headset, the e815 recognizes the unit and then automatically starts dialing the last number that was dialed. Does anyone know how to disable this? Is this a known feature or is this a defect? Thanks.

Mar 18, 2006, 10:13 PM

Phone Tools question

I know there is a lot written on this already and I did read about 50 old messages but please someone verify.

What do I need for cable and software to be able to transfer pictures off my phone to my computer? Mp3's would be nice. Syncing my contacts/calendar would be helpful as well.

Can I do all this if I buy an original Motorola Phone Tools 4.0 with cd and cable? Or do I need to buy something aftermarket?
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Mar 17, 2006, 2:00 PM

Unable to download

Hello, I know that this has been covered on the forum alot (by the way I love this place), but I cant seem to find the answer to fix my problem. So here goes:

I take an mp3 file from my computer trim it down with Audacity to the size I want and then resave it as a .mid as instructed in one of the posts.
Then I email it as an attachement to my#@vzwpix.com
When I did the first few it worked great, they came through and I pressed read. After a few seconds it played then I stored them and was able to use them as ringtones.
Then I tried some others, it wouldnt come up as read but details on the right button. When you press details it gives you the option to download. But when you download it takes about 30 seconds and then says "Unab...
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Mar 16, 2006, 12:37 PM

BLUETOOTH H850 versus H500????

I just went to the verizon store and asked about bluetooth headsets. I have tried the h500 and it works fine, but I feel like it flops around on my ear too much. SO, they advised me to try the H850. Anyone have this and can tell me pros/cons of this one versus the h500? Any help would be appreciated. I haven't tried it yet, it is charging, but I did try it on and it is, in fact, a bit more comfortable. Also, I like the fact that it uses the same kind of charger as my phone!
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Jul 21, 2005, 9:49 PM

Web Browser and Favorites

Is it possible to save a web page as a favorite without going back to the screen that says "add favorite"? What I have to do is go into the menu, select Address and write down the URL. Then go back and enter it on the Add Favorites page.

When I had Sprint, I could be on any page and could select a menu that would allow me to save the page as book mark. I do not see anything like that in the Verizon menu. It seems so awkward to save a favorite. Am I missing a trick to do this easily? Thanks.
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Feb 24, 2006, 8:04 AM

8100 went back for b/c of problems, got 815 ,now it goes back

The 8100 ,I like the phone but had to return it three times. Twice for microphone problems and once because the front screen and buttons did not work. I really liked the software on the LG phones they are very easy to navigate through the phone and the quick keys to lock/unlock and put your phone to vibrate at a blink of a eye were really nice and very user friendly .I finally returned the 3rd one because I was on day 15 and would be stuck with a phone that I was having problems with. So I put service back to my old and tired moto 720. A week has passed and I went today and picked up the Moto 815 ,LOL what is everybody ranting and raving about ? The Software on this phone is absolutely the friggin worst ,I could navigate the rain forest in C...
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Mar 13, 2006, 1:04 PM

How's the E815 in low reception or fringe areas?

My wife and I just switched from Cingular TDMA to Verizon last week and bought a pair of Verizon Razrs. She even shelled out an extra $30 for the Pink one! Anyway, so far I have been less than impressed with the reception. We have little service in our house which will probably get worse as the leaves come out on the trees. We had none with Cingular and switched to Verizon after watching many friends answer their Verizon phones and carry on perfectly normal conversations in our home.

I was on the Easter Shore of Maryland on Saturday and compared my Razr to my father-in-law’s Verizon Motorola E815 and found that he had at least one if not two more bars as we drove though some notorious fringe reception areas. His phone rang when min...
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Mar 15, 2006, 11:55 AM

sending a voice record

Hey I am a former user of the V710 and I know hot to send ringtones,etc.. However I have noticed that when I go to send a picture message I am given the option to insert a voice record but when I attempt to do this I am not allowed to. When i hit voice record it gives me the option to record a new voice record but not send one, as well as I cannot go directly to the voice records and send one. I know that I can do this with a new picture by pressing insert then new picture,or by going to the pictures category and having the option to "send in message". If I recall the 710 would allow you to do this. I know that I have the option to send a video however I do not always want to do that. Any suggestions?

Jan 5, 2006, 6:07 PM

Moto E816

Not that anyone should care (unless you luv trivia), but the Hollywood is now the 'Motorola E816 Hollywood':

Amp'd also announced this week that is has partnered with Motorola to launch the Motorola E816 Hollywood handset, a mid-tier high-speed EV-DO clamshell for use on Amp'd Mobile's broadband wireless service. Key entertainment features of the handset include an MP3-quality music player with 1-button access to favorite tunes; a 1.3 megapixel camera with a dedicated camera key, photo indicator and 4x digital zoom; MPEG-4 video and playback; and a 262,000-color display.

http://www.wirelessweek.com/article/CA6297174.html »

I think the E816 also has push-to-talk.. kinda neat, i guess.
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Jan 17, 2006, 8:29 PM

Does USB Data Cable Charge Phone?

Considering buying a USB cable for the e815 so that I can use it as a charger by hooking it up to my laptop when I'm on the road. Do the USB cables charge this phone or are they data only?

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Feb 24, 2006, 8:01 AM

anyway to get the LG software on this phone ?

The software and how you have to navigate into this phone for the simplest things can make you go crazy . The software makes this phone a non keeper ! So my question is this , Is there anyway to get he phone flashed to have The new LG software onto this phone ?
2 replies
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