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Apr 22, 2006, 7:47 AM

Games ???

Does anybody know of a website where you can download free games ????

or any specific "Name" to look up in EDONKEY / EMULE /LIMEWIRE / TORRENTS for games that run under the brew platform ????

๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜•
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Apr 20, 2006, 12:22 AM

T-Flash MP3 transfer issue

S'up peeps

Listen up, i need your expert's help, here goes:

I had a Motorola V710 and in order for me to have the complete funcionability of sending pictures via email (PC) and adding wallpapers to the phone AND also to put cool ring-tones with cropped mp3 which i have in my pc, you NEED to buy the t-flash card. Once purchased i managed to do ALL of the above stated successfully.

So a few months ago i decided to buy a new phone, but since iร‚ยดm a verizon user i have limited options. So i made up my mind for the Motorola E815. Ok cool its the same V710 but Grey and with the EV-DO tec. So i Figured that since its basically the same phone the MO would be the same, right ??? (Kind-a)

Here come the issues, it has the same MO as the V71...
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Apr 19, 2006, 2:47 PM

Will the e815 be around in 2 months?

I'm New Every 2 eligible with Verizon on July 3rd. The phone I have currently works well but I'm really looking to get into a bluetooth phone that will sync via iSync with my Mac. Right now the e815 seems to be the best option (the new Razr for Verizon doesn't sync Calendars which is a big deal for me.) I know the e815 is an older phone, but I haven't seen any signs of better offerings from Verizon.

Any thoughts as to whether this phone will still be available when I'm eligible to upgrade? Since my current phone works, should I just hold onto it for a few more months and see if any new phones come out, but at the same time risk loosing the e815?


Apr 19, 2006, 11:43 AM

Ringtone Problems

I just tried to send some new ringtones to my phone using the "Walmart" method but I keep getting an error message telling me to try again later.

Is there some limit to the size of file that can be sent?

Anyone got a new way to load actual songs rather than crappy midi ringtones?

Apr 17, 2006, 10:15 PM

e815 contacts download

I am trying to download my entire .VCF contact list (originally on a TREO 650), from my computer to this new E815 from Motorola. Obviously Verizon stinks on data. My first experience is a lot of effort with little fruit. Can I send this file to this phone somehow and make it become my contact list? Someone help me please.

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Jul 11, 2005, 8:32 AM

SOFTWARE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also have the E815, but I am disappointed with the vibrate feature like you, Plus I'm not happy with the contacts layout. I went to download my contacts all 176 and everyone of them come up with a space for a picture, I went into the program and changed the view to listing which is fine, but when you go into the individual contacts it give a big space above the name as if there should be a picture associated with the contact every one is like that. So I had to go into all 176 contacts and change the picture setting to "none"
That sucked, I should mention that my contacts came from IPHONEBOOK.
Plus IPHONEBOOK only allows you to upload 140 or so contacts directly onto the phone. That is really pitiful, you have a phone that can hold a 100...
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Apr 16, 2006, 12:34 AM

Why do pics enlarge for wallpaper?

I noticed when u take a pic with this camera ( which is grainy and not good in my opinion) that the pics enlarge like double the size making the wallpaper look like ****!

Any reasons or suggestions?

I wasnt overall impressed with this phone also.

Anything else that i should give a try?


Apr 15, 2006, 12:36 PM

Can I view To-Do items from iCal on E815?

Considering the E815. I've read here that people have had success synching with iCal on the Mac. I'm wondering if there is any way to view To-Do items on the phone. Thanks...

Apr 11, 2006, 8:37 PM

T-Flash picture transfer issue

Got one issue when I try to transfer a jpeg file from the computer to the t-flash and try to view it on the phone. I get an error message "File too large" when trying to view the pictue on the phone. These pictures are no larger than 300KB and are 1280x1024. Iโ€™m placing the pictures in the motorola/shared/picture folder, and can see the attributes on the phone, just not the picture. The pictures I've taken with the camera (which I've successfully transferred from the phone to the t-flash, then to the computer) are jpeg's with a file size of around 250KB and size 1280x1024. So I think I got all the parameters right, just keep getting that error message. What am I missing?
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Aug 20, 2005, 1:04 PM

moto hf820 portable speaker & hf850 car kit

Does anyone have any experience with either of these bluetooth external speakerphone systems - particularly compared to the 815 built-in speakerphone when used in a car environment or other background noise location? How is the volume on these speakers and the sound clarity?
Thanks in advance for any info! ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›
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Apr 12, 2006, 11:32 AM

E816 Hollwood

Does anyone know if the E816 will work on the Verizon network? I know Amp't Mobile is a Verizon re-seller so in theory, it should only be a minor programing change??? Anybody?

Jan 30, 2006, 8:22 PM

New Firmware is Out!

Just wanted to let you guys and gals know the new firmware is out. You can take it by any Verizon store that works on phones and get it uploaded to your phone. The new software version number is 8720_01.1E.00 which seems to fix the issues with the phone out so far (like the alarm clock which will occationally not go off even if it is set). Enjoy!
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Apr 6, 2006, 8:18 AM

$200 Shipped for a barely used e815

I have a lightly used e815. I got the phone in december and used it till february, then I purchased a smart phone. The e815 is a great phone, and mine is in excellent shape. I also have the leather case, car charger, and the orginal box. For $200 you can have all of this shipped to your door. I have great ebay feedback and have sold 4-5 phones on their website (you can check my feedback under "cwcanty04") First person takes it, don't pass on this is a great deal!


Apr 4, 2006, 4:39 PM

30 Sec Clips

Sup Party People. Ok I havent been on here in a while but recently noticed that wal mart blocked the right click 30 sec mp3 .. any other sites that do it ?

Jan 29, 2006, 4:16 AM

problems w/ saving to t-flash card

I am able to save songs to my t-flash card and play them on my phone. The problem I am having is that only certain songs that are saved on my t-flash card are accessible when on my phone. I have not exceeded the storage space and all the files show up when I am managing my folders on my pc and all files are mp3's. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! ๐Ÿ™‚
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Apr 3, 2006, 9:34 PM

Transporting MPs and Photos from computer to phone, and vice versa?

Other than e-mailing the files to mynumber@vzwpix, ((this method costs money, as media time))is there any other way to get MP3's, photos and wall paper back and forth from computer to phone and vice versa?

I have Motorola's Mobile Phone Tools 4.04 program and it worked fine with Cingular Phones,((v220)) but it is blocked with Verizon on this phone.....

I have the data cable, and will soon be getting a USB adapter for the Bluetooth, and have ordered a transflash card.

all help will be appreciated...
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Mar 7, 2006, 10:52 AM

.wav files work, but not .mp3 files

So I decided to try wav files rather than mp3s to see If I could get those to work instead, and low and behold they work. I still cannot get mp3s to work though. Can anyone confirm this?
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Apr 1, 2006, 5:55 PM

Question about Battery Charging

So I'm looking into getting the E815 through Verizon and the only thing that concerns me is the low battery beep (at least I hope that's the only problem). I used to have a phone that only beeped once before dying. That beep *always* happened about 3 am when I'm 50 feet away from the phone and was extremly annoying waking me up. So I hear this thing is like a smoke detector where it beeps every couple minutes with a low battery and can't be shut off, that sounds like it could drive me nuts.

I've seen on eBay these things that have "overcharge protection" for chargers. So do these things work? Can I just leave my phone plugged in all the time at home with those types of chargers and not have to worry about the low battery beep or pr...
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Mar 29, 2006, 5:01 PM

EVDO battery flaw

Anyone know if the EV-DO battery flaw has been solved yet? I have a new e815, and my battery is dying in under 1 day. I've got lousy EVDO coverage at work, which I suspect is the problem. I called verizon and motorola and got no where. I don't have the new firmware, but no one seems to say that the firmware addresses this flaw.

----from the phonescoop review------
The e815 battery lasts an impressive four days... as long as you have solid EV-DO coverage or Verizon has not launched VCAST in your area yet. There is a bug that causes the e815 to chew through the battery in about 1 day if the PRL says that the phone should have EV-DO coverage but the phone can only find 1xRTT. So if EV-DO coverage is spotty in your area or Verizon is in ...
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Mar 26, 2006, 8:48 PM

MP3s help Please!!!

how do you get the mp3s on the phone and where do you find the music in the phone?
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