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streamlined but mixed combination of higher end parts, but lacking certain refined FW features


Sep 17, 2006 by pkhtrp

trial testing this vx8300, coming from a v710 with old firmware, and an old business nokia before that. this one is def most advanced tech fo sho but sound, txt'ing, and RF just not as solid as v710 or nokia, and has equal txt'ing and sound to nokia. RF and sound are good enough though, and the speakerphone is pretty good quality. camera is relatively nice, good color, nice features; LCD or ?OLED? screens gorgeous; interface is speedy but 'dangerous' (hitting ok can do a lot sometimes), probably worth keeping just because my v710 had old FW (meaning shitty internet and camera), and i coudln't upgrade cuz verizon is holding me down (reportedly, motorola is discontinuing support for v710 FW upgrades, wtf is up with that.?!)

learning the new keypad interface is...somewhat annoying because the button choices aren't as consistent as either moto or noka. that's probably what's holding me back the most, because i like the txt input system on the v710. it was def the best thing that i've seen, and hope to have something like that in the future.

but i suppose the good battery life (i can't believe batteries this size can pack 1100mA.h, , compact quality shell, cool interface tricks, form factor, just solid quality shibble is worth the 60 bucks or so that it works out to after rebates and free number transfer. try to get a free number transfer, 10 bucks is .B.S.

btw, demo'd VZ Navigator, Verizon's mapping program for the cellphone, and the general gui isn't that great but the gps system is cool. mapquest is pretty nice, and defintiely fast and good looking, pretty useful overall. neither are as good as the java google application, but hey, at least we got qualcomm looking out for us (or more like their money).

phone gets hot, i don't know the batt life yet but i'm guessing it's set to be around 2-3 days, so charge on a 2 day cycle for the most part. it's adequate.

nice phone, congrats LG

I love this phone


Sep 10, 2006 by kbuttrum

I have to say I am pretty happy with this phone. Ihave owned Motorolas all my cell phone life. I HAD the LG CU500 but returned taht phone becasue it was so bad (see my review). This phone is pretty sweet to me.

Here are my PROs:

- easy menu. I dont have to search all over for the things I want to use
- easy to personalize the wheel to what I want to see
- voice calling
- fun animated graphics for my front cover
- NICE camera. Takes great pics
- SD card slot is on the side, not under the battery

- battery life too short. I have to recharge constantly
- no way to tell the time if you are on a call. Is it really necessary to display the call length? This should be an option.
- Clip on the phone case makes phone a bit bulky but acceptable

I am really happy with this phone. Very solid.

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Sep 10, 2006 by begle

First let me say that I can only comment on this phone as a phone and nothing else. I do not use it as a music player. I have had this phone for three days now and I am happy with its performance. The reason I got this phone is because I was looking for a good phone with Blue Tooth capability. This phone delivered. I use the blue tooth in my car and it works great! The phone itself has good sound quality and the volume on the earpiece is loud enough to hear (I have had phones in the past which had that issue.) All in all, this is a good solid phone. The only small drawback is that it does not constantly display the time on the front window. You have to push a button in order to see what time it is-small price to pay. The bottom line is that this phone performs great and that is what really matters!

Volume on earpiece
Blue Tooth works great
Ringer Volume is loud

Front window does not display time unless a button is pressed.

Not many choices of ring tones.

easy to used vs chocolate


Sep 9, 2006 by timweb

i have had many lg phones from the vx6000 4500, 6100,and 8100 before i went to the razr when it first came out. thought it would be nice to have a small phone NOT!!! that gave me the most problems of anything!!! i loved the 8100 and then after the razr i thought i would get back to lg and get the new chocolate...nice design and everything but the touch screen drove me crazy!!! took it back and got the 8300 which has been awesome!! they added some things that weren't on the 8100 and also took out some of the bad things...

great phone overall!!

only con would be not being able to read text messages on the outside!



Sep 7, 2006 by IdolMinds

On September 5 at around 8pm, I walked into the Verizon store at White Marsh, waited in line for a few mins, When the rep asked me how he could help me. I explained to him I wanted two LG 8300 phones with accessories. He ran my credit which was approved, asked me what area I would be using the phones in I stated the two locations listed in my profile. He said they should work great in both those areas, either way definatly better then Nextel. Which I have come to find to be true I only dropped about 4 calls all day, once with phone number 1 as my girlfriend walked into the building at school and 3 times at my work with phone number 2 but these both occured in off the wall locations. Service is significantly better then Nextel, I do agree. However my main complaint is 1) The sound loudness /clarity from the handset, Jabra Wired Headset, and the Motorola Bluetooth was no where near the quality of Nextel. 2) The clip for the phone carries it forward which in certain situations allows the phone to open which could cause you to easily break the flip. 3) The phone is not as nearly user friendly as Nextel models, Whats the point in having a headset or bluetooth headset if i still have to open the phone to make a call cause the voice dialer does not reconize the name even after being trained twice. Also the buttons on the outside of the phone do nothing with the flip closed except beep when you brush against something, whats the point in having them on the outside if you have to open the phone to use them. I talked on this phone all morning pretty much straight through until the battery died. My conclusion is both the phones are being returned tomorrow.

I talk on my phone pretty much straight through the day, I actually use about 3 Nextel I860 batteries. I need a service that works everywhere not just where it wants to and a phone I can hear on any other features really do not matter to me. See my review for my Nextel I860...

Three days into ownership


Aug 28, 2006 by BuffaloBear

After a battle with Verizon to give me this phone at no cost I'm starting to wonder if the deal was worth it...

I'm replacing my LG 4650 phone with this 8300 basically because I needed the bluetooth capability. I don't listen to music on this phone - don't care about the picture taking capability - DO need a speaker phone on occasion.

LG (or Verizon) redesigned the charging port on the bottom of the phone to no longer accept the plug from all my other chargers (auto + 3 home chargers) - the pin structure is exactly the same but an insertion mask was altered rendering my investment in past chargers useless (that is until my dremel tool came out) - now with a little plastic removed I have multiple chargers once again.

One VERY upsetting loss was the ability to search for a phone entry by partial-dialing the phone number, i.e., Dial "1234" and any phone number with that in the number string shows up on a pick list - I was very used to doing that and it's gone - only alphabetic searches. There's also a fluke where voice dialing (stating a name and having the phone search on that name) falters - on a phone entry you get to designate one of the numbers as the default number... that is the number that voice dialing should bring up - it doesn't always. I've got several key phone numbers that cannot be called up by voice - troublesome!

Esthetically the phone is nice - functional - menu somewhat confusing but acceptable.

Bluetooth works well at close distances - ear to pants pocket brings up some static but it could be my Motorola H700 earpiece to blame.

LG VX8300 from Verizon : The Best Phone


Aug 12, 2006 by agent18

This phone caters to all different cell phone users. This is simply the best idea that LG has had since the LGVX8100; which was a great phone as well.

-AWSOME Display (inner & outer)
-User Friendly
-Extra Memory Bay (if desired)
-Ringtones you can Hear
-Awsome Color to the phone
-Very Inexpensive

-3.8 Hours of talk time (not really a con!)

This phone explains itself, it's amazing; and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a joyride with their current carrier.

Upgrade from the 8100??


Jul 18, 2006 by LordObento

Compared to 8100
*VZ Navigator
*Stereo Bluetooth capable with MP3 (not VCast music. used the HS820)
*New UI
*Holster lets you take a pic without the clip getting in the way
*Great Speaker phone
*Sleek design

*Poor quality Exterior Display
*Lack of ability to read text messages on exterior display
*Interior display is poor quality too judging on the picture I took showed more pixels then smooth lines.
*Camera mode on looking at something with texture patterns looked like ants were crawling all over it. More static/noise reguardless of brightness level or resolution
*MicroSD vs MiniSD on 8100
*Bluetooth issue. I was getting static less then 30 feet away and people said I sounded like I was inside a container. Wouldn't say an echo, just a hollowed out sound in my voice I guess. The bluetooth cut out alot, if I put my hand up to the bluetooth, the connection broke, but not sure if it was th BT or the phone.

*The ability to hear myself and hear myself breathing on the earpiece was something different and takes getting used to since I didn't want to here myself breathing, I can see how this might annoy people.
*VZ Navigator, some routes were out of the way instead of more direct, I found some directions had me getting on and off the interstate for without reason

All in all, I think LG dropped the ball (I hope the 8500 is better), I could dealt with No Exterior Text message display but when I feel the overall quality of this phone is less then it's predecessor and VZ Navigator is not worth the trade-off. If you never had the 8100, then this is a pretty good phone and you won't really miss the features, especially if you don't use the phone to it's full potential. If it was the same as the 8100, with VZ Nav and Stereo BT with the option to power save such as no exterior text then this would have been a winner for me and not a return.
Overall a good phone for the masses but not for the tech savvy.

First-Rate and User-Friendly


Jul 16, 2006 by revjosh

This is the best cell phone I have ever had. I live in noisy New York City and the ring is loud enough to hear on a busy street. The vibrate is strong. It's easy to hear the person to whom I'm speaking and they hear me well, too, even in midtown Manhattan. The speaker is loud and clear, as well. Best of all, the instructions that came with the phone are easy to understand and easy to follow. The display screens are attractive and clear. No dropped calls in the first three weeks I've had phone. Not a major style statement, but a first-rate, user-friendly little gem.

PROS: Everything except the few cons. Phone support from Verizon was prompt, specific and extremely helpful.
CONS: Limited range of ring-tones. I found only like I liked.
External buttons are useless as I don't use VCast or listen to music on my phone. No way to disable them.

lovin it


Jul 11, 2006 by utahsnow1

i got this phone the second day it was on the market, and i have been happy ever since. i guess I'll do this like everyone else....

-excellent sound quality.
-super easy menu system
-easy to convert mp3's into ringers
-crisp inner screen
-battery life in awesome
-external memory slot a bonus
-great reception

i could keep going but that will do for now.

-can't read text on outer screen (not necessary but it would be nice)
-other lg accessories don't fit this port
-font on external screen could be bigger

and that's about it. all the cons are things that would be nice but not really a big deal. overall lg did a really good job with this one.

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