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This phone rocks


Mar 28, 2007 by sarah2707

I just got this phone yesterday. I had just signed up for verizon last friday and me and my boyfriend got free phones. I had the nokia 6215i. I liked it at first but it became a little plain for me. Picked this baby up for full retail price. (Two years is too long to wait) I am absolutely loving this phone. Great camera..great video and its ability to play music and all that other good stuff is just amazing. Speakers are awesome. Overall I really love this phone. It is just great.

Great Phone


Mar 14, 2007 by Sule

Just got the ph two wks ago and love it. I had the nokia 6256i for a yr. I have always been a nokia or Motorola man. Nokia has really slip here in the US. Ph is so easy to use. First time with lg and they got me hook. I was going to get u740 but the numbers and letters were too hard to read. Sound, size, weight, keypad, menu keys were just the right size for a man. I have verzion in Calif and service is great, not many drop calls. Blue tooth works great with the voice commands most of the time. I am still ajusting to it. This ph does everything I want in a phone, just need the talk to text like the u740 has.If they upgrade the env 9900 with talk to text, I will get that. First time buyer of a ph should get this one,has carmera,bluetooth.

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Very nice phone, but CDMA BLOWS!!!


Mar 13, 2007 by dfisher

First off, I was a t-mobile subscriber for about a year, But when we had to move (PCS) to Ft Jackson Columbia, SC where t-mobile has NO towers, yeah hard to believe huh? So you get the shaft on mtm minutes and a COMPLETE billing nightmare!.

Next we thought we would try a local company that "sounded" pretty solid and seemed like a good company SUNCOM. I will say this, service in our area was very good HOWEVER the TOTAL lie that your bill is only what it states at the store is the BIGGEST LIE EVER!our minutes were under are authorized usage EVERY month and we were billed 30 to 50 OVER every month! but thank god I only had a one year contract with them.

I guess the point of this comment is both t-mobile and suncom are GSM and it is CLEARLY a better system!!! the 8300 is one helluva nice handset and verizon has the best customer service hands down! but so what, if the operating freqs/system or whatever isn't that good? my moto v190 was ALWAYS crystal clear with no echoy effects, so I can't blame the handset it's one of the best bar none, but with all of verizons greatness the actual operating system/freq CDMA is not as good as GSM in my opinion

you can't dislike this phone!


Feb 22, 2007 by jpitts87

I am an agent and know pretty much all the ins and outs of the lineup, and I know this one is a real winner. Coming from the vx6100, I wanted a phone that had the music player (although VCast doesn't work in our area, so I got the music essentials kit) and I also wanted a phone with a better camera. I was worried at first that with it being an all digital phone that it would not work at my house, but it works even better than the Tri-mode 6100. I do however like the 8100's appearance better, but I wasn't eligible for an upgrade then (yes, we as agents have to wait, too!)

Stunning 1.3 MP Camera

AWESOME Speakers for both Music Player and ring tones (no more muffled sound!)

Different UI themes and color choices (Not a big fan of the red bars)

I was able to sync music to the handset with no problem whatsoever.

Memory Card Slot (why didn't they come out with this when camera phones first came out?)

The Mobile Web and Get It Now programs are extremely fast and easier to navigate than my previous phones (6100 and 6000)

Great Call Quality- extremely clear, crisp, and calls connect fast.

I could go on and on about this phone, but it does have a few downfalls.


Appearance not as appealing as the 8100.

No blinking status light like previous LG phones.

No way to view text messages from front screen like the 8100.

Stub Antenna!! The phone would look much better if it were internal. (but service at my home might be compromised)

Overall, I am glad I chose this phone. I was leaning towards the 8600, but since I'm tough on phones, and with the 8300's previous Phonescoop reviews, I chose this one. Not to mention, the price was right!!

Lovin' It, Lovin' It!!!!!!!!!!!


Feb 19, 2007 by redbone2848

Let me just say, I finally have a phone that I love!!!! I love everything about it. The LG 8300 by far beats any phone I have ever owned, and in my own personal opinion, any phone currently on the market. It is very durable and not flimsy like most of the tragically expensive phones currently being advertised, and it has the best reception by far. It is affordable, and it possesses all the features a person could possibly need. I would recommend this phone to anyone currently seeking a new mobile phone. I can't say a thing bad about it.

lg = lifes good or does it


Feb 19, 2007 by cyalaters

Ive had this phone for about 6-7 months and have no problems with it, although I have turned it in 3 times due to technical problems, the replacement phone acts just as if its brand new
I use to have a samsung and noticed that the ring tone vol. on this phone is a lot louder and can hear it evnen when i have it tucked away. Ive dropped it a few times and still keeps on tick'n. I do highly advise that you get the phone insurance then that way you wont spend 50 bucks a pop to get a replacement.

` screen is great and can change the way you view things
` Love the fact that you can make your own ring tones by recording it as a sound
` The sound quality is great and loud
` Camera is great for what it is, after all if you want great quality get a real cam, however it gives you options as if you had one
` Battery life is great as it lasts for me a day and a 1/2 or if i really stretch it 2 days
`You can customize your wall paper for both front and main screens by using video you shoot or a photo you have taken
`Vibrator mode is loud
`Has more memory space to use , with a memory card even enlarges it more than i thought it would
`Has a glossary pre-programmed into your phone to interpret what your icons mean
alarm is very loud if you set it to high as i am a heavy sleeper

well no ones perfect but here it goes

` No external screen view unless you hit the side key
` The mp3 player buttons are easily activated when pulling it out of your pocket and you get that annoying notice that it is not functional when you dont have vcast
` Antenna stub is somewhat easy to move but then thats why you get phone insurance
`The Motorola bluetooth does not really go well with this phone there are voice distortions but i talked to a tech and he said thats common with Motorola products at times
`Voice command mode is at times easy to activate
`Vcast costs too much to use although i wound not mind having it
` internet connections are at times slow



Feb 16, 2007 by cdizzle00

this phone is overall a great phone. ive had it for months now and i still love using it. i love all the features and stuff on a phone and i love palying with them all. this phone has many features to keep you busy but is also just a great regualr cell phone

picture quality is great
nice color ful screen
front and main wallapaper
takes good videos
love the mp3 player
easy speakerphone button
button layout
you can really customize it with colors and wallpapers
good vibrate
loud ringtones

to be honest i havent had any problems with the phone. im sure its not perfect but so far mines seem to be flawless ::knock on wood::

Very good phone, MP3 good, outside display not so good


Feb 7, 2007 by mbrenner

I have had many, many phones.

This phone replaced a Motorola E815. It is mostly an improvement.

Voice is good, volume and clarity
Speaker phone is works very well! (except you cant use it with the phone closed).
Reception seems excellent, no dropped calls in 4 weeks, including calls that lasted 30 minutes traveling on the freeway.
Navigation is good once the menus are customized
MP3 function works well (out of the box no modification is needed to play mp3 files). Sounds okay from built in speakers, the Verizon music kit headphones work well for me too.

External display is not usefull (biggest weakness IMHO)
OELED goes dark in energy save mode, so you cant see the time like you can on the motos and other phones.
The Font for the caller id is so small that I can't often see who is calling before time requires me to answer the call. Yes I have set it to the large font. The display is also not clear.
No good ringer choices, the MOTO had many more.
External antenna (this is the price you may have to pay for good reception)
Cant use speaker phone with phone closed (hangs up). Note: The inability for the speaker phone to work closed may have been technically necessary to acheive its excellent perfromance though.

Overall the phone would have been a 5 if they just put a usefull external display on it. For 2 bucks you can download about any ringer you want, and the other issues are minor.

I do not use the data functions on the phone so I cannot rate them.



Feb 1, 2007 by dany 805-702

This phone is great I have had the LG510,LG6000,LG6100,SammsungA670,Razr,Chocolate,LG8000,LG9800,LG5300,Moto E815,LG4400,Samsung 970,Lg8100,LG9900(envy) This phone is better than all of those phones I would recomend this phone to everyone.It has all the features you need and it isnt going to break easy. Best phone ever made beats all 15 other phone's ive owned

I can (now) recoment this Phone!


Jan 24, 2007 by HammerDown

I just swapped out my 8600 for a 8300...WOW does this phone have it all over the 8600.
The sound quality is MUCH better then the 8600, pure and clean. Unlike the 8600 the hinge on the 8300 is a none issue, it's rock solid! The "speaker phone" is loud a crystal clear, I even had to turn it down!

The test will be how it performs in my home...I'm hoping for the best.

Thanks for all the help/suggestions...no more "slim" phones for me. At least not the 8600.

PS. one thing that I found odd...everytime I tried out the 8300 vs the 8600 in the Verizon stores I thought the 8300 sounded poor, very thin and hollow. This is why I never considered it.
Hands down, the 8300 is the winner in this comparison.

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