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Solid phone


Jun 8, 2006 by saxyappy

I don't work for a phone company and I'm no cell phone expert, but I believe the LG VX8300 is a very well built quality phone. I got a pair one for my wife and one for myself. We live in a rural area and the reception has been wonderful.

The new four bar scale is irrelevant to me as long as my calls are connecting and sounding good (and they are).

The camera takes nice pics, even though it is a little slow. I know this may be dorky, but even the standard flash wallpapers are really cool.

The ringers are terrible, but at this point I think they do it on purpose to make you buy new ones.

The style is very nice, with easy to use buttons.

I don't have V Cast service where I live so I can't comment on that.

Speaker phone is nice and loud and works well. And it's nice how you can always seem to find everything on an LG. I had a VX6000 before this phone and liked it a lot.

Well that's it. A simple little review, from a simple person. Hope it helps. And if you wonder why I gave it four stars, it's b/c as my favorite college professor said, "There's always room for improvement."

I like it, can you dig it???


Jun 7, 2006 by skeptiq

There is always room for improvement, so I can't give this phone a full 5. With that said, this phone is pretty slick. Great call clarity, keypad has a nice layout, and I like the gunmetal color. Previously, I have lamented for the past 2 months over the RAZR. Then I saw the Samsung SCH-a930, and was deciding between those two. Then out of nowhere, the vx8300 comes out guns blazing and shot down the other two. I love Verizon, but have been a little let down with their phone selection lately, but this brings them up in my book. Reception is good, standard 28 megs mem is OK, expandable with microSD is awesome, plays music, GetItNow, etc are all good to go! All in all, I can't really say anything negative about it, but I haven't had it that long. Will update if anything comes up.

PROS: clarity, battery life, looks, plays music, keypad, microSD slot

CONS: not much as far as I am concerned

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LG 8300 Review


Jun 7, 2006 by jdr30

I have had this phone for about 4 days now and here is my review:


1. Battery is AMAZING. I have not charged the phone yet since I got it on Saturday. And it had 3 bars when I opened the box at the verizon store. It still has 2 bars, although I have only used about 40 minutes talk time and about 50 text messages. I have not had to connect the charger once yet.

2. Call quality is GREAT. I am in North New Jersey.

3. Reception is just fine. Do not listen to what these people say in the reviews section. It may not show as many bars as the e815 or RAZR, but it can make and hold a call just fine with perfect clarity anywhere no matter how many bars are showing.

4. The UI is a LOT better than the other LG phones. You can change the colors of the bars, you can change all 4 directional buttons (before you could only change the down key). No more annoying red bars, and the flash themes are really cool.


1. The front screen is not the greatest, hard to read in the day. But I just set my phone so that it does not answer the phone when I flip it open and when I have a call coming in I can just look at the main screen to see who is calling. So no big deal.

2. Cannot read text messages on front screen. Although not that big of a deal because in order to reply you would have to open the flip anyway.

Those are the only cons I can think of. I have not used bluetooth, uploading mp3/movies to it. I use my phone for what a phone is made for, making and recieving calls. And this phone is GREAT for doing that.



Jun 7, 2006 by HotLongLegs1978

That about sums it up there! Great phone! Best Verizon has had in awhile. I have been bored of the selection and even off PhoneScoop for awhile because there was nothing exciting to talk about. This one I could talk about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great size, shape, color
Great reception, clarity
Great New UI

(although few)
Can't Read Text On Outside
When you bump a button in your pocket, it beeps over your BT headset (not a biggie, though).

Best phone for your money


Jun 6, 2006 by cfd954

I have had Verizon, Sprint and Cingular all within the last year and after finding out that I would receive a hefty discount with Verizon I decided to switch back just over a week and a half ago. When I switched back I got the LG 8100 which is a great phone and I anxiously awaited the arrival of the 8300 as it seemed to be a decent upgrade to the 8100. Well after having the 8300 for two days now I have to say that out of the 8 phones that I have had in the last year this one blows them all out of the water.

The 8300 while not totally different from the 8100 is a welcome upgrade. The 8300 features a much longer battery life, for the most part after heavy usage of the internet, games, texting and the phone I would typically have 2 bars of battery life left after a day with this phone I have 3 bars left. Also the phone has greatly improved upon reception as I now get reception in places that I never have before. On top of all this the voice dialing is greatly improved and is the best that I have used to date. Also it seems that the audio output from the MP3/WMA player is improved as well as I have music that sounds more crisp and vibrant than on my 8100.

The 8300 however does have some downsides such as not being able to view texts on the outer screen however its not that bad though because if you wanted to reply to a text you would have to open the phone anyways. Also the front screen is not as good as the 8100 as the colors are not as vibrant and the screen is a little bit harder to read in direct sun light however this trade off greatly improves upon battery life so its a welcome trade off atleast for me.

All in all you will not find a better value for your dollar and even though there are a few downsides they are very minor, I would recommend this phone even to those who currently have the 8100.

Best Phone By Verizon!!!


Jun 6, 2006 by NEgadgetguy

I have had just about every high end phone with every service provider there is. The VX8300 definitely falls into the top 3. I didn't think it would happen but Verizon has put out a phone that outshines the Motorola E815.

The Pros:

1. Reception is first rate. My job requires me to drive to quite a few towns a day and never had a problem with signal and the phone works great in basements and large buildings.

2. Sound Quality is excellent. This is one of the few phones I didn't have to put on it highest volume setting to hear well. This phone is plenty loud anc clear.

3. The speakerphone is also plenty loud and can be heard easily in all but maybe the noisiest of places.

4. This phones also has a better version of the VoiceSignal voice dialing system than the 8100. It eliminated a step and now you can call out the name and the type of number(mobile, home, work etc...) right after you press the voice dial key.

5. I love the ablility to completely alter the phone's display and get rid of those red bars and it also changes the menu layout. Silver Spin is my favorite so far.

6. Customization..Finally a new Verizon phone that allows you to assign shortcuts to all 4 d-pad keys, and not just the down key like so many phones have been doing lately.

7. Ringtones sound very good with the stereo speakers. I would have liked a new selection though as they are the same exact ones found on the 8100.

I don't really have any cons except for the text messages not appearing on the outside screen, and for some reason there is no flashlight feature like on the 8100 when the flip was closed and you turned on the camera, you could press the voice memo key and the flash would come on doubling as a flashlight. That feature is excluded here. But those things are nothing major but would have made nice carry overs from the 8100.

I very highly recommend this phone for all those reasons I mentioned above. This is is definitely a keeper.

Not a happy camper


Jun 13, 2006 by farmsound

I was the first to buy this phone in my area. I bought two and upgraded from two LG 6100s. Haven't decided for sure yet but am seriously considering returning all and staying contract free until I can evaluate going to another carrier for better equipment and hopefully better service.

--None of the stores have software yet to transfer contact lists into 8300.
--Bluetooth function is terrible!! Tried 3 expensive headsets, a Logitech and two different Motorolas, all more that $80.00. All worked poorly and only allowed about 4 feet of separation between phone and headset before static and signal interuptions made call difficult or impossible. The problem is with the phone because I linked 2 of the same headsets to my parents 8100s and they both worked much better but, far from the way bluetooth should work.
--Voice command is VERY hard to understand and does a poor job of interpreting the names in the address book.
--Reception strength, although not terrible, isn't as good as it was with our 6100s.
--Battery life is only ok, not great like so many here have said. Granted, these are new phones and may need a few more cycles before the batteries are fully charged to capacity
--The text in most places on this phone is pathetically small, with the exception of the clock on the main (inner) screen when set to "Digital". The caller ID on both screens are virtually unreadable without reading glasses, at least with my 53 year old eyes, including the signal and battery strength. All you people in your 20s and 30s don't yet understand that but you will.
--Buttons on side are impossible to find when you are looking for them and impossible to avoid when you are not looking for them.
--Both inner and outer color screens are nearly impossible to see outside in the sun.
They work.



Jun 11, 2006 by asrtiop

I'm not going to repeat all the Pro's and Con's because there all listed, except that the phone has great reception even if it shows weak reception. ( this is in NYC ) I just have to say that this was my best upgrade. just buy it and try it, you won't be disappointed.

Likin it so far!


Jul 7, 2006 by vzuser1

Just got it 2 weeks ago...
Great reception/clarity
Great pics and video
User friendly
Great speaker
Works well w/Blue Tooth
Great battery life (much better than the Razr)

Too new to be capable to download Verizon VZW Deluxe ringtones applications or VCast in the area of West Michigan (kinda stinks)
to sell a new phone and NOT be able to sell your own services - only other ringtone providers....
Cannot Get VCast in the Certain WMichigan Quadrants area yet.
The Music Essentials package is not out yet for this phone to sync up to the computer to sync music for the MP3 player for this phone.
Seems like if you are going to put out a new product you would make sure you had all the bells and whistles available for it - so those buying the accessories, wouldn't have to wait:)
If I would've know this at the time, I may have choose another phone.

Other than that I really like the phone and find it very reliable.

Best Phone in Years


Jun 15, 2006 by nosoupforyou32

I could not be happier with Verizon and the LG 8300. I've never had a bad signal or dropped call or a hard time hearing anyone. Even the speakerphone is nice and loud and the ringers I can hear a couple rooms away. I have friends whose NE2 is coming up very soon and have been recommending this phone strongly. Great phone!

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