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Great phone!


Jul 10, 2006 by pamela80

Upgraded from my Motorola E815


-Love the different colored menu choices, flash menus, and flash wallpaper. This is definately the closest to a normal phone that isn't Verizonized, and most customizable UI phone that Verizon has released since they started having all their phones have their own UI.
-Great reception even in my basement! The only thing I notice is that rarely I will lose connection for a few seconds and then it goes back to full bars. I would say that the reception is reliable but not AS reliable as my old E815.
-Great voice quality
-Loud Speaker phone
-Plays Mp3's if you enable them in the hidden menu... (menu, 0, all zeros for password, music settings, enable mp3s)
-Solid phone
-VERY loud ringers
-Voice settings can announce who is calling you and also tell you who is sending you a text message
-Good menu speeds
-Nice colorful screen
-Bright buttons inside they look on the purple side to me even though they are supposed to be blue, which is nice


-Not as reliable reception as my old E815 (it's not bad reception, don't get me wrong, it's much better than other verizon phones I have tried, I'm just saying that my E815 did a bit better)
-You can barely read the outside LCD from outside
-Had to buy a new blue tooth headset because my H500 was crackling like crazy with this phone which it didn't with my E815
-Verizon crippled OPP and the browser as usual but this isn't reflecting my grade because this is a known problem for all their phones but I just thought I would mention this is still the case for this phone.

I would tell anyone to get this phone if they like a nice phone as well as all the bells and whistles. Definately get this over the v3m which has much less in specs and features than this phone. If you are a big Razr fan than I would go to another carrier because you aren't going to get a real razr with Verizon.



Jul 7, 2006 by arizonamickey

Nothing's perfect but LG's working on it with the VX8300. Yes the front screen leaves things to be desired, that's really the only fault I have with the phone. I had an old VX4500 and this is a two year upgrade. (the VX4500 still worked well!) The VX8300 makes a RZ look like junk, which all my friends that own the RZ say it is. Being an old man some of the features on this phone are difficult for me to figure (access)out. The bluetooth, everyone tells me makes me sound like I am in a tunnel, that's with a M-H700 ???
Pro's, dam near everything, buy it you won't be sorry
Con's- Like I said, the front screen otherwise it's a great phone with a good feel and rugged construction. I have owned several phones, different makes and this phone is the best of them all!

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Jun 16, 2006 by shooptek

First off, I'm going to say that I am a 17 year old guy, just to give you an idea of how my phone is used. I use about 500-700 text messages a month and am on my phone for 1-2 hours each day. I haved previously owned the Motorola v710, LG 8000, LG 8100, and now this.

I have to say that overall I am dissapointed with this phone, in comparison to the 8100. I give this phone a 2.5 because it is still a very solid phone, and one of the better that Verizon currently offers, just I do not think it is a good upgrade from the 8100.

I am going to compare this to the vx8100, to give you an idea of what the differences are.

Service: I live in Massachusetts, about 20 minutes outside Boston. I have the normal dead zones as with any area, but even around those dead zones I did not see improved reception...at all. As soon as I left the store in a very busy area where reception is usually phenominal I dropped 2/6 calls.

Battery: The battery life is improved a little bit, but I never really had battery problems with the battery in my 8100.

Features: Mostly the same features, except the 8300 has a newer menu interface, which is cool but rediculously slow and annoying. Camera, mp3 player, bluetooth, etc are all the same.

Monitors: The interior screens are identical, but the 8100's is much more crisp and has the ability to view text messages and who a missed call was from on the outside screen, something I really miss.

Sound: The sound quality on the ringtones is a litte bit worse on the 8300, but the headset sound is a little bit louder, but the 8100 is loud enough.

Buttons: The main buttons on the 8300 are cramped and slippery, not a good mixture. I like the setup of the 8100 much better.

Vibrate: The vibrate is not voilent enough. My phone is always in vibrate instead of ring and sometimes I dont feel the 8300 vibrate.

Overall this is still a very good phone, just not as good as the 8100 which it was suposed to replace.

Best to Date!


Jun 15, 2006 by peanut4

I could'nt decide on this phone or the Razr. After trying the Razr I took it back and got the lg8300, GLAD I DID!! What a solid phone. Everything on it just is so smooth. Love the looks and feel. Highly recomended.
Steven in California..

Best Buy


Jun 14, 2006 by Knightmare666

Verizon definitely has a new champion here. I took back the samsung a930 which suffers from sub par reception and lack of customization. This LG lets you completely set up this phone to exactly how you want it and that's as it should be. The inner screen is very sharp and love how you can use your own wallpaper on the outside screen. The phone is a great size, looks classy and is easy to hear even in noisy environments. Highly recommend!

Love The Phone


Jun 14, 2006 by dzone34

Got this phone to replce my E815 and very glad I did. The size of the phone is a lot better as is the quality of the sound which is not tinny ot choppy but very very clear. Love the stereo speakers, the ringer volume and very strong vibrate. I will definitely be holding on to this for awhile.



Jun 14, 2006 by phoneaholic24

I am new to PhoneScoop but not new to Verizon Phones. I am a fairly new customer and have tried several of the phones and could not find one that a)looked exactly as I'd like b)functioned well as a phone and c)did everything/had everything I'd like in a phone, until NOW! This phone is it! 930 felt cheap, RAZR-let's just say after 4 replacements I was ready to bail on Verizon! Anyone having difficulty finding a great phone that functions great as a phone and has all the added extras, then get the 8300! You won't be sorry.

Oh yes it is better


Jun 14, 2006 by punkness21

So i had a choice in buying an VX8100 or a VX8300 and i decided to buy the VX8300. The reason i bought this phone instead of the other is that one can customize the menus and one can not do that on the VX8100. The other reason i bought the VX8300 over the VX8100 is the phone looks better because i think the blue cover on the VX8100 is ugly. I love the gray color of my phone!

Outstanding Phone From Verizon


Jun 14, 2006 by cmag2006

I've had this phone since the day it came out and am still loving it. Recpetion is great, call quality is very clear and love playing my songs from my pc on the phone. Vz navigator is working great and I could not be happier with my purchase. Now if only Verizon oor LG would get the proper battery door in stock I am anxious to get the extended battery. This phone is definitely one of the best.



Jun 13, 2006 by VINNY N

This phone is amazing the pictures are clear you can hear real well also the size and battery life are great to this phone is a A+ in my book

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