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LG VX-8300 Amazing durability


Nov 14, 2011 by mishqueen

There are many pros and cons to be discussed, but I would like to bring up just one that makes the biggest difference to me.


I got this phone when it first came out in, what was it? 2006? It is now Nov of 2011. I have dropped it hundreds of times, it has been washed, hit, dirtied, etc. I have never had another phone that didn't find some untimely death right about the time my contract was to expire. Convenient? Yes, but this phone was different.

I finally had to move on, because my dear phone was dropped into the PUGET SOUND for 5-10 minutes, then a day before it got rinsed and put in rice. I put it in the rice bowl and waited the usual few days, although I didn't expect much. No response. So we had a sad memorial service and finally made the decision to become smartphone owners. We just couldn't bear the thought of stepping down to a new, inferior regular phone.

But guess what? 1.5 weeks later, the phone came back! We did keep the smart phones, but since they have their own problems, we switch back to this one periodically.

Problems occurring after lying in the ocean:
1) the battery life is lower now...maybe 2 days inbetween charges?
2) it takes a second or two for the backlight to come on when I first open the phone
3) there are tiny watermarks (salt marks?) behind the screen, barely noticeable
4) menu stutters a bit (meaning that I press a button, and there is sometimes a pause), and occasionally due to the pausing I push the button again, which selects the wrong menu button.

All in all, I consider this almost a full recovery. From salt water. For 10 minutes. A round of applause please, for the VX8300!!! I believe we would have used this phone unhindered for 10 years.



May 9, 2009 by gunot08

This is the best phone I have ever had. I had it for 2 long years and its very durable. I'm getting a phone soon and this is a review of the phone I had for the past 2 years. The phone has been through everything - falls, water, texting 24/7, and every wear and tear you can think of. I have actually dropped this phone in water for a good 3 seconds and nothing happened. I dropped this phone and threw it (to show my friends its durability) and it works like new. The call quality is great and the camera is good too.

Although this phone is discontinued, if you can get it I recommend it.

-durability is remarkable
-screen is good
-great call quality
-good for texting if you don't like a keypad
-great camera
-verizon is in my opinion the best service provider

-battery starts to last about 40% less after 2 years
-you cant send files with bluetooth

Never has been another one like it.


Feb 15, 2009 by plg83

I've had this phone for almost three years. It's had it's share of call problems ( I live in a call challenged area), so reception is probably not one of it's strengths. The rest on my plan got Motorolas which consistantly have more bars than I do in the exact same area.
But...there are some things beyond compare on this phone. I'm nearly deaf, and this phone has the best sound I've ever heard. It also has the " normal" sound feature just as you would have on a regular land line, where you can hear what you say into the phone, an absolute must for a hard of hearing consumer- without that feedback when using other's cell phones, I find myself unable to hear what I just said to the person, and wondering if I even said it! This is the main reason I've not upgraded- to date I've been unable to find another phone with this feature, or even a sales person who knows what I'm talking about.

Also, the battery aand charge life has been excellent. The life is going down some now after almost three years-I usually have to charge up every 2-3 days on average- but I've never had to replace either, compared to all my motorola users, who are now on their second and third batteries, and some on second chargers as well.

I also love the front display for which you can have a wallpaper as well as the main screen, and the ability to take pictures for both, a feature I've used many many times over the years. I also use picture id for all my callers as I can't hear differences in ring tones, and that's been a great caller Id feature. The ringer and vibrate are loud and easy to feel. I loved the classic look, doesn't get dirty or scratch easily, and despite having been dropped many times, still works great.
All in all, I rate this phone 5 stars and say the only improvement I think it could have used was better call reception. I dread the day it no longer works, because I don't think I can find another that will work for me!

My All Time Favorite


Aug 15, 2008 by jreisner

This phone, posthumously, earns my five stars.

I was a Verizon customer from 2002 through 2007. During that time I owned 7 Verizon phones (3 LG's, 2 Motos, 1 Samsung, 1 Kyocera). This one was the best. 5 reasons why:

1) Most comfortable phone to hold, both opened and closed - & easiest to flip
2) Best battery life (w/disabled EV-DO)
3) Smoothest, easiest to use interface & menus
4) Clearest, brightest screen
5) Most solid construction

Here's 5 bad things about this phone:

1) Outside buttons get pressed in pockets and bad, embarassing things happen
2) Speakerphone only works when the phone is open
3) Bluetooth kills battery life 3X faster
4) I'm reaching here, but minor software glitches (fixed by upgrade flashes @Verizon)
5) Can't think of any more

I have missed this phone every single day since I stopped using it 1 year ago. I don't think AT&T or anyone, will ever have such a great phone again. I wish it had been produced for GSM, 'cause I'd buy it in a heartbeat.



Aug 7, 2008 by heyyliplockerr

This phone is terrible. I've had a year and its the worst phone I've had. I've had to send it back three times now.

-micro SD slot
-good ringtones

-bad picture quality
-terrible sound
-speaker just plain sucks
-buttons fall out
-tiny battery life
-turns off if I set it down the least bit hard
-loses calls a lot

love hate relationship


Jul 26, 2007 by satansk8

Let me just say that I loved this phone and everything that it was capable of doing. I have had the phone for almost a year. There have been some glitches with the V03 software. I found that the signal was good driving or flying anywhere I was going. With the exception of a few canyons and high mountain areas I had very good reception even when other people with verizon had no reception.

Camera: There was a flash and the video record could be based strictly off of the memory cards available memory. 1.3 mega-pixel not a bad resolution either.
Key pad: The key pad was very functional and was easy to use even when driving or texting.
Front Display: Multi purpose display allowes to place videos on the display for stand by purposes.
Sound Quality: The stereo sound aloted by the dual speakers was awesome.
Ring Tones: Ring tones can be saved from EMS sounds received. I saved alot of money because of this feature.
Display Options: There are multipule options available with the phone and can be adjusted for any users preferences.

Messaging: There are only 100 messages allowed on the entire phone. It fills up fast and needs to be emptied regularly.
Music Player: The keys on the front of the phone are pushed in my pocket all of the time. The MP3 player will start playing at inconvient times. Teachers in class hate this. The music will stop playing if you receive a text message or a phone call and will exit out if you respond or answer the call.
Soft-ware: The software has proved to be unreliable overall with the phone. At about 60 hours of talk all of my phones have become useless, freezing up, display issues, intermittent power problems.

Overall I loved this phone. I still recomend it to anybody, however it just does not fit my needs and desires from a cell phone so on to the 8700.

1 year review


Jul 14, 2007 by gcg

This phone overall is a workhorse for VZW. I see more of them out in the real world than any other phone. (Did you notice even the Big Love family has the 8300's with their family plan!) I got this phone in June of 2006 shortly after it came out and here is my assessment after 1 year of hard use.

-It's just a solid overall phone. It's been dropped, kicked, slid and dropped some more. Sure it has a few scuffs but the thing still works fine.
-The marriage between the Verizon UI and LG is as good as it can get. Don't believe me, see how slow it is on a Motorola! If you are good at texting this phone will keep up with you.
-The price! As I type this they are $49.99 buy one get on free! This probably means the successor is on it's way so snatch this up before it's gone.
-Camera is good. 1.3 mp. Not great but good for basic pictures. Flash works good enough in a nightclub atmosphere.
-Let's you save incoming messages as ringtones. Lots of phones won't let you do this so it's an easy way to not go broke on ringtones if you are into that.
-Earpiece is loud. I have used many phones that I just keep trying to turn up the earpiece more and it's all the way up. This on is plenty loud.
-Strong vibrate. You will feel it in your pocket.

I don't really have any cons in all honesty. I could complain like many others have about not being able to read texts on outside but this is really not a con.

Bottom line is I have owned a lot of LG's starting with the 4400, 8000, 8100, I now have the 8300 and my wife the 8700. I have friends with the ENV. LG and Verizon just work together the best, but the 8300 is about as good as you can get....for now.

Great Phone with all the goodies!


Mar 5, 2007 by Rangertech724

Wife and I just upgraded through our new every two to this phone. We considered the VX8600, and the VX9900(eNV) but the features we wanted and use on a regular basis were on this model and it is built like a bunker. Very sturdy flip hinge, and the keypad is very nice for large or small hands.

The key factor in choosing the VX8300 over the VX8600 was the fact that the 83's have a flash with the camera. Most times when we use the camera feature we need a flash to get a good pic. The 86'x curiously do not have a flash and this leads to dark and unusable pics.

I know everyone is on the VX9900(eNV) band wagon right now, but after seeing it in person and holding it and messing around with the keys, flip, etc. it is my opinion that there will be hinge problems with this model, if you get it make sure you get that equipment loss/damage coverage or your out $200.00.

We have had the phones for three days now and love them. Everything she or I could possibly want to do with our phones is right at our finger tips. Deffinatly a recommended phone for the geeks that don't want the clumsy pda hanging on their waist.

LG VX 8300


Oct 7, 2006 by emsbflo302

I work for a wireless company and most of you will know which one by the time I am through. This phone ROCKS! It is better than the LG VX 9800 " V " and the VX 8100 by a far shot.
Great camera!
Great Sound!
Light weight ( for the Ladies , boy's!
Full of features!
Easy menu!
If you know what you are doing with this phone you DO NOT need the music essentials kit....
Need to know about the little pro's e-mail me [...]

Um .....

Ed. note: removed personal contact info

This Phone gets great service and it can take a beating...


Oct 6, 2006 by windyandrandy

I have had this phone for two months so far and it is a VERY IMPRESSIVE PHONE. In the past I had a Motorola, Nokia, an Audiovox and other LG phones and I really think that LG makes the most durable phones. I few things that I have learned about cell phones is that you first need to decide what is important to you and second you need to make sure your getting a phone that has good clear sound, and equally important one that is going to hold up for next two years until you can get another phone for free.

In the past my experience has been that Nokia phones get great reception but they fall apart. Audiovox makes a durable phone that gets no reception. And motorola makes a phones that are just not quite as strong as the LG. But that is just my experience with cell phones.

I have learned that the internal vrs. external antenna doesn't matter at all. Phones that have an external antenna don't get any better or worse reception. The idea behind having an external antenna was purely for the sake of making a person think it was a better option. (Those sneaky people! You gotta hate them.)

This phone is strong, I have a tendency of dropping my phone so I needed a phone that could take a beating. It has caller ID on the outside of the phone and all of the tools and accessories are really great. My phone is my MP3 player, My Calendar of appointments, and an extra camera or news or Internet if I need it. It is pretty cool when you think about all the things that it does.

Excellent Reception
Flip Phone
Easy to navigate the options
Caller ID on the Outside
Great Pictures
Nice MP3 Player
Keeps me Organized
Small enough to not get in the way
Tough enough to take a beating

It doesn't come in pink.

Over all I really love this phone!

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