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Jul 31, 2006 by mmadluv7

If your like me :) You're cruising this site to maybe find a phone that not only works well with keeping and recieving calls, but also includes a music player- hopefully mp3 player!
I have wanted an mp3 player for some time since cd's are becoming the latest "bulky" item in audio systems in and out of the car!
But, Ididn't just want a simple IPOD and happened to really be in need of a phone because of my last phone havinbg waterdamage, so I looked into getting some of verixons best phone and went with this one

I HAVE NO REGRETS- the mp3 is perfect-Clear as can be, and easy to access, and useful while closing your phone.
Again, the sound is crystal clear!!

I then noticed the picture quality is AWESOME!!!! THE THANG automatically ADJUSTS lighting and contrast at the drop of a dime!
Not to mention the video feature!! Lawd, this thing is a come true-
Now here they go

Perfect MP3 player
Great Video Quality
Wonderful COLORFUL picture taker
Smooth and Sleek
Mp3 acceable while the phone is closed

An audio adapter from your phone into maybe a tape deck does not work very well.
The headset is a lil low
The mp3 player doesnt play while doing other things on the phone
The Ringtones are AWFUL!! lolol- no really
The battery life is kinda concerning me- but it seems okay so far.

LG 8300 Surpasses the others


Jun 20, 2006 by sflgirl27

The LG 8300 is a great great phone. I had 9 LG 8100's since May 23rd of this year. Stay away from them. You will experience static and dropped calls galore!! The only thing that I don't like is that you can't view text messages or missed calls on the outside screen. But that is the least of my worries. At least the reception is clearer and no dropped calls. Also no more annoying flashing lights on the outside as with the LG 8100. The ringtones are clearer and the sound is so much crisper on the mp3 songs. The other thing that I am not happy about is the true tones VZW Deluxe is not on there. I went into my local store and they said since the phone is so new that it isn't on there yet and to give it time and keep on checking to see if they fixed that problem. The camera is even better and you don't have to worry about the pictures taking forever to take. It is a snap with the 8300. Overall this phone is a charm and I love it. I am recommending everyone to consider this phone, it is worth the money!!! Great job LG!!

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Great Phone!


Jun 20, 2006 by mrtasle

The best LG phone on the market right now. The custom menu finally gets rid of the Verizon "RED BARS." LG also went with the micro SD cards for this phone instead of what they had for the 8100. I've been a Verizon customer for 4 years and haven't had a better phone and that includes some of the other VCAST offerings. The only con I see is when you put the Verizon leather case on the phone and try and take a picture the case gets in the way of the lens. This doesn't happen with the OEM holster as it has a new design. LG finally has a winner!

best phone i've tried


Jun 7, 2006 by phonescoop1

I've had the vx8300 for a little over 2 weeks now and I can honestly say I have no complaints. (with the phone at least, vzw customer service is another story all together)

Great Reception, I live in what I thought was a dead zone (with the moto E815 I had either no service or 1 bar) apparently it's not a dead zone with the 8300 I can happily report that even in the dead zone I thought I lived in I get a solid and constant 2 bars (out of 4 total) which is the best out of any phone I have ever tested and I have yet to drop a single call.

Sturdy build, feels much stronger that the e815 or the Razr.

In my opinion durability and reception are the two key features and all that really matter. (remember it is a phone)

From experience I wasn't expecting much as far as extras but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the camera actually worked well and the mp3 player was actually usable and surprisingly good quality.

Overall a great phone I would recommend it to anyone in the market.

this phone kicks a**


Jul 21, 2006 by WAR_DOG_84790

I sell phones for verizon, and I traded a customer my Motorola 325 (piece of crap) for this phone. In every way this phone delivers on it promise. the sound quality is superior to everything, the bluetooh rocks. The mp3 player is killer. the game graphics are out standing. if your thinking it's time for a new phone, look no further than the LG 8300 it has everything you could ever want, except a better camera. but you can't have it all right? this the last phone I'll have for a long long time. This phone will have to fall apart in my hands before i even consider another phone. and for the price, there is no better phone. even the t9 word, is the very best. get this phone. you must have this phone.

Ed. note: censored language in subject



Jun 21, 2006 by coasterguy

I am giving this phone a 5! I have had so many phones I cannot include all of them here. I have switched from Verizon to Cingular and back just to try new phones out. I am now back with Verizon and loving the 8300. It is the perfect size and so solid.

-color, looks
-Amazing volume
-Amazing ease of use
-Great looking new menus (more than just changing colors)
-super solid feel to it
-great charging port
-Absolutely the best verizon phone to date.
-Camera is much better than past.
-I got 2 phones for $50.00 today.. WOW! whatadeal!

-absolutely none at this time.. I do not text tough so the external screen not showing text does not bother me.

The LG 8300 Is Really A Good Phone!


Jun 19, 2006 by palermo22

I wanted a phone first and goodies (camera and MP3) second. My objective with a cell phone is to have a phone that acts like.........well acts like a phone. The 8300 does that and soes that well. I don't have to repeat all of the positives everyone else has (look at any 4.0 or above rating and I second what everyone else has stated) -particularly the call quality and reception. I really couldn't care less about a camera and an MP3 player. Believe me, I am very crticial of consumer products and I waited five days before writing this. The 8300 is definitely what a cell phone should be!

PS I would be very leery of any negative review you read - I have no idea what their objective is but they couldn't have used this phone or if they did - they didn't give it a fair test.



Jun 23, 2006 by SoDakLax

Just got this phone yesterday, but here's what i've got so far.

Awesome looking. I love the color. so far just as good reception as my last phone (LG6100) Don't have as many signal bars as before but doesn't affect service.

I havent used the music features yet. i'm going to buy a memory card this weekend and i'll load some songs and see how it goes.
The standard ringtones aren't very good. just the basic annoying ringtones

camera and video look good.

very easy to use.

the only thing i dont like so far is you can't see the front display unless you push one of the outside buttons.

Great phone. I'm just disappointed that in a month everyone on campus will have the same one.

I'll post more after i use it more

Great phone!!!


Jun 28, 2006 by insane1220

I recently lost my 8100 and the insurance company had run out of replacements for it so they offered me the 8300 as a replacement ... I was hesitant at first because of some of the features that were removed including reading the messages on the outside of the phone but the pros on this phone out weigh the cons heavily.

- Earpiece much improved vs. 8100
- Flash GUI for changing the menus to your own liking
- Phone is so much smaller and lighter vs. 8100 and doesn't feel like a brick on your side
- The belt clip also doesn't block the camera when your trying to take pix/flix
- The speakers are much clearer for ringtones and mp3s
- Battery life is great
- The outside screen turns off when its set to so five seconds means the whole screen turns off in five seconds not the backlight turns off and then the screen stays on for another minute with the 8100
- The camera flash is different but its definitely blinding
- You can take video for as long as the free memory on your phone

- Cannot read pix/txt messages on the outside screen
- Outside screen is not TFT like the 8100 so its a little more pixelated

All in all this phone is really an upgrade. I was a little angry with the microSD switch from miniSD but I got a 1GB microSD for $50 the same price I paid for my 512MB miniSD last year. Hands down this phone is the best phone on the market. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs an upgrade.

Excellent Hearing Aid Compatibility!


Jul 28, 2007 by kristel48

This phone, though it only has a M3/T3 rating, works excellent with hearing aid t-coils! I have been very happy with this phone (which I have had for a year). Verizon's CMDA technology works well for hearing aids though not all their "Hearing Aid Compatible" phones work well--especially the Razr!! This phone also has a 2.5 mm jack that you can use headphones, an amplifier, or a neckloop with to improve sound! I highly recommend this phone to anyone who wears hearing aids--try it out, you will probably love it!

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