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Easy to Use! Almost Perfect.....


Jun 10, 2007 by kvpalli

*very sturdy,i dropped this phone 4 times, still in great condition
*it has everything you need
*you can recdord sounds
*the ringtones are very loud
*vibrate is great

*battery life
*not good ringtones
*external antenna

A very nice upgrade


May 31, 2007 by gitano1

This is the first LG phone I have owned. I have always had Motorolas, so the interface was a bit awkward for me initially. However, within a couple of minutes I found it was quite intuitive.
Immediately I noticed the far better BlueTooth capability. It paired with my Motorola H500 earpiece instantaneously. Turning BlueTooth on and off was much easier than with the Motorola, and unlike Motorola it did not shut off at its own volition. It responds quite well to voice commands as well. All over, a major improvement over my Motorola E-815.
The other immediate difference I noticed was battery life. I am used to finding my Motorola which is about 8 months old down to one bar on the indicator if I use Bluetooth at all. I had to keep the car charger connected when I drove or I ran out of juice by the end of the day whether I made calls or not. The LG shows a full charge with no car charge in use and BlueTooth on for approximately 3 hours a day. When I plug it into the home charger it reaches full charge in less than a half hour.
I read some complaints about being hard to hear the phone. I completely disagree with that idea. It has great sound with plenty of volume with and without speakerphone.
I love the feel of the phone in my hand it fits very nicely and feels secure, not likely to be dropped by accident, something I have never done, but which required more attention with the Motos I have owned.
I was going to get another Motorola, but a representative at Verizon recommended this phone. It took a bit to overcome my prejudice, but I am very happy I did. This is the best phone I have ever owned. I have had 8 different phones over the years, all Motos.

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I wish the 8100 / 8300 line would continue!


May 24, 2007 by roversare4ever

I am an avid LG believer. Up until this phone, the VX8100 was the best phone I had ever come across. Now, the VX8300 has proven me wrong. While both are very similar to each other and both are absolutely fantastic pieces of equipment, the 8300 has better battery life, even though it lacks the capability to read text messages on the outside screen.

Hands down, this phone is great. It has an incredible speakerphone, strong battery life and a great set of reliable features. The software (version 3, the latest one) is solid as can be, and coupled with LG's superior build quality and reliability, this phone is, simply put, a winner.

Everyone I have recommended it to has gotten one and tells me regularly how pleased they are with this phone.

Awesome Phone!!


May 21, 2007 by jklockow

This is by far the BEST phone on the market. I sell Verizon Wireless everyday and this is the first phone we recommend to all customers. It will give you by far the best signal. It has every feature you could ever want...

*All digit -best reception
*Digit quality camera W/ FLASH even tho it is a 1.3 mp like other cell phone, it will by far give you a better picture (i promise)
*SD Memory Card - to save and print your awesome digit pictures
*Also does Videos
*You can turn speaker-phone on at anytime (hint-sometimes this will help give you a better signal when you are in a dead area - don't know why tho)
*MP3 player (and yes you can enable the phone to accept MP3 formats)
*Very clear speakers and VERY loud speaker-phone
*Very durable phone -thick hinge helps a lot
*You can use Truetones and any other ringtone available

*Can't read text and missed calls on outside screen like the 8600 but then again its not like you can reply on the outside screen anyway

So basically if you are looking for the best phone out there this is the phone for you...

A Solid Performer & Good Upgrade


Jul 4, 2006 by hasbeen77

I've had this phone for about 3 weeks now, and I must say that I am quite pleased with it's overall performance. Although no phone is perfect and probably never will be, this one is pretty good. Aside from all the bells and whistles these new generations of phones come equipped with - it's all for not if the phone doesn't perform the most primitive functions well -- and that is simply being a phone (reception, clarity, ease of use) -- The LG VX8300 does this very well even with only a few reception bars showing.

I won't repeat all the PROS as you can read them in the other reviews (they're pretty well covered from what I've read, and I agree with most of what has been said previously). However, a few CONS I have noticed that have not been mentioned (to my knowledge) include the following:

- Setting up groups - although I have never done this before and it's really not that important to me, I decided to try it and to my horror discovered that you could only assign 10 names to a group??? Come on Verizon - I've got more than 10 friends (although not many more).
- The voice commands and voice dialing are horrible and almost never come up with the right name even when I speak clearly and deliberately into the phone. Again this isn't critical for me, but you shouldn't have to change all your entries to "number 1" "number 2" etc...
- The size of the phone - although sleeker than previous generations it's still quite long and wide compared to my previous Samsung A670. I typically carry this phone in my pocket and it often creates a bulge (not the flattering kind) compared to my last phone.

Again, these CONS are all minor points that I doubt would influence anyone's decision. All and all it's a great phone and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a solid Verizon upgrade... Enjoy.

Great Replacement for my VX6000!


Jul 4, 2006 by rainmanva

I love this phone!! just got it friday (6/30/06) on a upgrade from my old LG VX6000.

-Loud Ringtones
-Expandable memory via Micro SD Card
-Mp3 Player
-Alerts alllow you to shut off volume for everything except your alarm, (im a shiftworker and love this feature) also use my phone as alarm clock
-You don't have to remove leather case to charge the phone
-Bright Screen
-Lots of options, via easy to use menus.
-loud speakers
-good speakerphone

-text messaging is a little harder to use than my old vx6000.
-no shortcut to (manner mode-vibrate) via outside buttons
-user manual could have been written better.
-front screen resolution could be better.
-charger port on phone can be a little tricky to get a connection sometimes.

The pros heavily outweigh the cons on this phone. I was looking for a one in all device with this phone, meaning mp3 player, cell phone and the works. thats what i got with this phone and i love it. you may wanna pick up a micro sd card if you plan to get this phone, especially if you get alot of pix/flix messages. i bought a 512mb sd card at circuit city for like $40.00 and i have plenty of room on it, i also have 39 songs on it already!!! you can't go wrong with this phone. way to go lg!! i love this phone!!

Greate phone!


Jun 30, 2006 by dcw

I've had the phone for 2 weeks and am very satisfied. Call clarity is good and all the extra features are nice. My only complaint is the outside screen turns off so you have to push a button to see the time/status. But overall it's a great phone.

Seems to be a great phone


Jun 23, 2006 by maldridge

I bought two 8300 two weeks ago for my wife and I. Had to take my wifes back the second day because the main screen went out. I guess it was just a bad phone. But now everything is working great. Seems to be a good solid phone. Good upgrade from the 7000.

Reception is great
Love the talking Caller ID
Sound quality is great
No dropped calls yet

I keep hitting the side camera button and turning the camera on.

A very good choice!


Jun 20, 2006 by pwfb

I got my 8300 on Sunday and so far, I am very pleased. Of course, with all due respect to LG, based on my experiences with the Razr, it would be pretty easy to impress me!

I got the Razr in December and I can honestly say that in the 20+ years I have used mobile phones (remember the mobile operator days of please connect my call?) the Razr was by far the worst phone I ever had. Battery life was terrible, poor phone construction, software glitches galore and overall very buggy. I went through 4 or 5 of these beasts since December. I am pleading with my son to dump his. He too has gone through 4 or 5 already.

VZW was very nice to me when I called them about this and I can honestly say that I was extremely pleased and grateful for how they helped get me into the LG.

As for the LG, again, my early impressions are very positive.


Great battery life
Good call clarity
BT pairs just fine with my car and my headset
Ring volume is good
It displays EV signal strength as well as 1x
Display is very bright and vibrant


I am really not sure if this is a “con” or not, but, unlike my previous phones, the signal meter NEVER goes over 4. Maybe that’s the max for this phone. Heaven forbid I RTFM ;-‘)

As for music, camera, ring tones, etc., please don’t ask. I don’t know, and I don’t care. I want to make and receive calls. When I want music, I listen to my iPod. When I want pictures, I use my Sony CyberShot 5.1 digital camera. As for ring tones, yes, the standard ones are limited, but fine for my use. Besides, IMO, listening to music on my phone just equates to diminished battery life!

Excellent Phone


May 31, 2006 by bkw79

I have been using this phone since about 1:30pm est. on 5/30/06. I have found it to be excellent, as was the vx8100, after software version 7. With this model, you get a little better camera, nicer color, customizable themes(you can even change the color of the red bars), and a thinner design. Now, if you put this phone next to an 8100, it's not a whole lot thinner, but in your hand, it feels a lot thinner. I also like that you can email ringers(in mp3 format) to your phone at 10digitnumber@vzwpix.com and save as ringtones for contacts, etc. Very solidly built phone, and no problems at all with voice quality or reception. I found the speakerphone and the earpiece to be nice and loud as well. I also found that you can enable the mp3 player by pressing "menu 000000", then go to "music setting" and choosing mp3 player on. This way, we have both options of using the MP3 player/with graphics and equalizer, and the WMA player. They both work very well, and the phone provides excellent quality sound through the stereo speakers. I was also able to load full movies and tv shows, which all play very well. I am also happy that VZ Navigator should be available by June 13th on this phone. This is the most purposeful, of almost all phone features for me, and I plan to get the $9.99/month deal.

The negatives about this phone, are few, and are only really negatives if you are comparing it to it's older brother, the vx8100. 1st, no viewing of texts on the outer screen, and second, the outer screen seems to not be as sharp as the vx8100's.

In conclusion, this phone is a winner. If you already have a vx8100, and don't mind giving up text messages on the outside, and giving up a little screen clarity on the outside screen, this is a good phone. If you have never had a vx8100 at all, you will love this phone. I have had every LG for Verizon since the 6000, and I still like it a lot. I say, good job LG/Verizon Wireless.

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