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This is the Best LG of all.


Jan 5, 2007 by chuck

I have been using LG's for 2 years now with ALLTEL(the LG AX-5550 and the LG AX-5000). I am so glad I switched to Verizon. The LG VX-8300 has everthing a normal person wants in a phone!! Now for the PROS and CONS.

-Good Reception-
-Awesome 1.3 mp camera-
-video is awesome compared to my last phone(LG AX-5000)-
-mp3 player is great (works with flip closed!)
-video messaging rocks-
-stereo speakers-
-great price($49.99 buy one get on free this month!!)

Not a really big deal but when you set the alarm the notification takes a lot of space up on the front screen. But no big deal I just turn the alarm completely off when I get up.

-I say after comparing it to my LG AX-5000, the RAZR V3m, the LG Chocolate VX-8500, and the LG VX-8600 this kills them all. (YES I DID FIDDLE WITH ALL MODELS AT THE VERIZON RETAIL STORE)
-Excellent phone for a great price, especially this month, so hurry up and buy it!! Great job Verizon and LG, you have provin yourselves worthy!

the 8100 is better


Dec 26, 2006 by hollisterx56

when i first saw the phone i noticed it didnt look nearly as cool as the vx8100. Second i noticed it didnt have the cool colored technicolored lights. also, phone can malfunction and verizon doesnt have great support.

more pictures
better camera quality

get it now malfunctions
no cool design
not very loud

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The 8300


Dec 21, 2006 by wwhizzard

I enjoy using this phone. I recommend this LG product to all my friends and family and here are several reasons why...

Loud and very clear stereo speakers
Works well as JUST a phone
Professional charcoal gray coloring
Clear and vibrant main screen
Smaller and better designed than the RIP 8100
Good picture quality
Speakerphone is actually usable on both ends of calls
Flash UI
Surprisingly sturdy phone...been dropped many times
Stereo BT

Stub antenna
BT connectivity leaves alot to be desired...instant static if I even switch the hip that my phone is attached to.

May not be perfect but this phone stacks up to almost any other phone on the market for feature set, professional look, and use as a plain old telephone.

Good phone, hard to dial


Dec 18, 2006 by elcodo

I previously had a 6100 and a 4400 prior to that. Pleased with both. I liked the 8100 and thought I was going to get that, but it was discontinued before my NE2.

The phone has a lot of cool features. Signal strength is great. It's nice to associate pictures with phone numbers of people in the directory.

I really dislike the vertical placement of the number buttons. It's nearly impposible to dial a number without inadvertantly also hitting the number above or below the one you're pressing. This is enough to get me in the space of replacing the phones out side of my discounted price. I'm not a person that hops from phone to phone but am willing to because of how much dislike my wife and I have for the buttons.

The 8100 had much better buttons.

I've had the phone for 5 months now.

- Video with sound
- MP3 Player (easy to enable)
- Can add video for wallpaper
- Expansion slot
- Nice phone

- Number buttons touch eachother going vertically - BIG deal if you want to dial without looking at the key pay. Even when looking I still need to use the clear key. HATE this.
- Ear piece is sometimes muffled and need to adjust the phone on the ear to hear (even with volume up all the way).

Best Clamshell on the Markey


Dec 12, 2006 by ClemsonScout

Well I have owned the phone for about 3 months now. I researched phones for about 2 months before buying this one. I was planning on buying the Motorola E815, but I'm very happy I didn't get one, and got the 8300 instead. I was very surprised to find features on the phone that I wasn't aware of.

Pros: Speakerphone, screens, speakers, voice dial, 2.5mm jack, blue tooth, stub antenna, exceptional signal strength, price, and build quality.

Cons: Ear speaker is very sensitive to where you hold it on your ear, which is exactly what consumer reports showed. The phone doesn't show the time while you're on a call, which drive me mental since I don't wear a watch. My phone makes some funny noises while on speaker phone, though I'm going to the Verizon store next chance I get to get it checked out.

Best Phone in Years!


Nov 30, 2006 by rweddy1

I got this phone about month ago and this could be the best phone since my microtac! I got this after going through 5 Razrs, these are crap.

Build quality
Sound and Reception are great
Battery Life
good camera
Nice speaker quality


not bad at all


Nov 27, 2006 by japs52

I love the reviews that talk about all the garbage the phone has. The numb nut kids dont even mention the primary function of a cell phone. To make and receive calls.

With that in mind, this phone has very good reception. Incoming and going are pretty good, though not as sterling as the moto v325. Voices are clear, speakerphone is so so, and cant be used with the flip closed. Ringers are loud, and the UI is very easy to master.

A good phone overall....but a overpriced toy. Save the bucks and buy a lg 3400 or moto v325 if you just want a phone with fabulous reception.



Nov 27, 2006 by mcuff

This phone is great you can record ringers. Its really fast and I could not change anything to make it better i highly suggest this phone BEST phone on the market!!!


recorded ringers
great mp3 player
good camera
best value for your money



A Phenominal Phone


Nov 17, 2006 by TNroadrunner

I just got this phone yesterday after upgrading from the Samsung-950. I absolutely love this phone!! It has way more features than the Samsung-950. I have owned the VX-6000,6100,8000,and 8100...all of which I had nothing but trouble with mostly from software issues, and by far, the VX-8300 is the best phone that I have owned in a long time. I would recommend this phone to anyone looking for a good quality phone.

**easy to use software.
**Has new new features that where not available in prior VX models, ex:VZ Navigator/GPS capabilities
**great call quality incoming/outgoing
**MP3 player
**New screen border colors to choose from in Display Themes.
**Sleek and excellent style

-Not much except for two things...the volume when playing music on the speakers could be a little louder, and when you download ringtone music off of VZW Tones Deluxe or other apps..that the ringtones could ring a little louder during an incoming call.
Other than that, no other complaints.

Worst performance of 4 tested phones


Nov 11, 2006 by phonetech2000

tested this phone for a whole weekend against a razr V1m / E815 / Samsung A950. The VX-8300 came out dead last - mostly due to muffled sound clarity to the caller as well as the person being called in all modes - using earpiece / speakerphone as well as good quality wired headset. Plus the speakerphone does not function with the flip closed unlike all the other phones - this sound clarity problem with this 8300 is a constant serious problem with every LG that I have owned or used including the VX-8000 / VX-6100 & VX-8100 (these last two were the worst) & even the VX-9800 to a lesser extent (the problem with the 9800 is that it is just too cumbersome for what it does)!

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