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Worst Phone Ever


May 24, 2006 by Princessliz628

The only good thing about this phone is how it looks. After I had my phone for about 8 days it just stopped working. And when I say stopped working, I mean completely. The screen went blank, & I couldn't make or receive calls. I couldn't even open my contact list to get the old numbers out. When I returned it, the people at the verizon store couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. They said they had never seen anything like it. And I had never dropped the phone, or gotten it wet or anything. Also after about 3 days of owning this phone I noticed that most of my calls went straight to voicemail. The speakerphone is awful, it echos really bad and you can only hear about every third word of the other person. I can't understand how this phone sells. It is by far the worst I have ever owned. Don't buy this phone, and if you do make sure you have some kind of warranty or insurance.



May 13, 2006 by euroboy002

I Just bought the Motorola V3C for my U.S. Cellular Account. I love this phone. I have had the razr for t-mobile and cingular and this phone is 100x better. This phone has restored my faith in Motorola.


U.S. Cellular (69.00/Mo for Unlimited Minutes!!)

Camera is 100% Clear its a Megapixle Camera.

Sound Quality on Ear Piece and Speaker Phone So Much Louder Than Almost Any Other Phone I've Had. Comparable to LG or Samsung.

Ringtones Loud. "This Is Techno" Is Awsome.

Blootooth Is GREAT!

Texting is Great with the Predictive Text.

Cool Wallpapers

Good Signal

Video Recording

Flip solid feeling


Screen is not the brightest Ive seen but still very good quality.

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Alltel V3c = Great Phone


May 13, 2006 by Bigbooty

Picked up the Razr last week and all I can say is that this is the best phone I've ever owned.

MPT and Razr= free ringtones!

And the best is the wonderful,full rich sound! This thing sounds like a landline!!

I gather from some reviews that Verizons software basically ruins this phone but Alltels version is outstanding.

I've had a lot of phones thru the years and believe me, with Alltel, this one is the best I've had.

No Moto


May 7, 2006 by liquidsky

Huge disappointment with the Razor VC3 on Verizon. Bought the pink one and returned it for another in 2 days due to very short battery life, nothing close to advertised talk time and standby. Very sluggish to use. Very poor signal. One bar sitting next to another verizon V276 with 5 bars. We couldn’t get full signal next to a Verizon cell tower! We flashed the phone to 01.15.04 which as of this week is the most recent. No luck.

We bought 2 pink phones the first day, returned them for 2 new ones. All 4 phones had the same problem and all 4 went back within 2 weeks. Maybe this is why the phones are selling for $50 around here.

The only thing I liked about the phone was its sleek size, look and feel.
We were on Cingular when the first Razor came out. No problem with that phone and the battery lasted a long time.

the sexiest phone...ever


May 5, 2006 by CeLLpHoNeCrAzY

i love this phone it works great. its so thin and works perfectly i mean the speaker quality is amazing!! i have it for verizon and i have always had verizon but with this phone i literally get pefect reception in places i could not before.

wonderful clear speakers
awesome camera


Kepp on walking.....


Apr 27, 2006 by Probable Causes

This phone is horrible when it comes to texting and reception. The size is however, amazing. Alot of the features thru Verizon have been blocked and pretty much makes this phone useless, when compared to the possibilities available.

A Good Solid 4


Apr 27, 2006 by Madness

Well, I decided to give Motorola another chance. It's been a while, and I've grown rather accustomed to the good ol' LG's. I have to say that Motorola did a pretty decent job on this one. Much nicer than the V3. True, the menus are a little slow, and the UI is not as user friendly as the LG's. However, they both work quite nicely. It just takes a little getting used to. The camera is very nice and the EVDO web browser absolutely flies!

- Nice and solid, regardless of what everyone else says
- Great form factor, very comfortable
- Bluetooth works great
- EVDO is extremely fast
- Excellent camera
- Excellent reception
- Menus somewhat slow, but it's really not that bad
- UI takes a little getting used to if you've been using other brands for a while

I bought it. I'd buy it again. A nice piece of equipment.

Verizon RAZR


Apr 22, 2006 by freeskier118

I was reluctant to buy this phone because of the reviews I read about it, but when it came down to it, it's really the only reasonably sized phone Verizon carries. I bought the E815, which was awesome, but it felt a little cheap and way too big for my tastes.

So I brought it back and got the RAZR and, as it turns out, I freakin love this phone.

Not too big, not too small
Big display compared to lower-end phones
Fantastic call quality-good signal strength
Voice commands actually work
Cool design
Feels solid-this is important to me for some reason
1.3 MP camera-way better than GSM model
Speakerphone works pretty well
The ring gets way, way louder than my old Samsung.

The flip on this phone is a tiny bit wobbly--NOT like the GSM version, which is solid. There is a fix for this...
No expandable memory-no simple way to get photos off the phone except by picture messaging.
Sometimes (rarely though for me), the clock lags.
Buttons on the sides work when flip is closed, causing me to accidentally change the ring.
The menu takes a second to respond after you hit the button.
Verizon UI-you can read about it everywhere else.
Can't sync calendar with Macintosh.
I hate that they disable what this phone is capable of. The fact that you can't upload your own ringtones and wallpaper is really lame.
No 2.5mm headset jack. Must buy Bluetooth to use a headset.

Overall though, none of the cons bug me that much. If any of these will bug you, don't buy the phone.

It does what I want it to--make calls and take up not too much space--really well, so I'm happy. And, call me vain, but I love the design.

VZW Makes you HATE the RAZR


Apr 21, 2006 by magic83

I've had this phone since December when it was released, and I gotta say overall, I'm very disappointed. Not only has Verizon limited a TON of features, but they use their new design they think is a great user interface, and it is terrible. My phone is delayed, slow moving, etc.

Having this RAZR with Verizon surely makes me really hate the phone itself, but I keep telling myself, it's Verizon's UI I hate.

Since my phone has this loud buzzing sound when not in a call and you just place it up to your hear, it's very delayed, and other problems, I asked them to give me a new one. However since I was out of my 15 days trial they would only replace it with a refurbished phone. I was not about to get a refurbished phone when I paid full price for it originally. That's just not cool.

The reception was good at first. Now almost every call I receive gets dropped when I answer and I most often have to call the people back.

A Disappointing Average At Best


Apr 20, 2006 by HomerBohn

I've had the phone for a little over a month now, and while it is a good phone, I'm disappointed overall.

- shape and size. fits in my front pocket (I hate belt clips) with ease, and is smaller than my front pocket wallet. it also hugs my face nicely while talking.

- large display. easy to see, nice and clear

- keypad. I love the keypad, big buttons, easy to use

- battery life. it's atrocious. I don't talk or text much, and can't go more than 3 days without having to charge. my old VX4500 had a better batter.

- No Vib+Ring. This is a huge turnoff, and if I had known this, I would have really thought twice before buying it.

- Menu. The menu is horribly laid out and confusing at time. I may be spoiled by the LG menu system, but you'd think Motorola would figure something out.

There is ample room for improvement, and hope that eventually, Motorola does so. In the meantime, I'll trudge along with my RAZR until something catches my eye.

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