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what a waste


Sep 7, 2006 by musicislife98765

i liked my razr for about...a month. it looks great, but thats about it. its so buggy its not even funny. occasionally it decides to turn off just for no reason. i cant even begin to touch how much i hate this phone so thats all i'm gonna say

Sucks sucks sucks


Sep 6, 2006 by t019t

this phone sucks. there is no mp3 no memory card. video recording lenght. 15 seconds. o yeah lets record for 15 seconds. thats like retarted. motorolas stupid. the phone freezes. it is slow its a motorola and its a razr so it must suck. AVOID AT ALL COST

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awesome phone


Aug 5, 2006 by lynnie8

Thin phone with great reception can even get reception in Walmart which none of my other phones could, great color quality,only downfall is vibration and ring can not be together

Loving this phone


Aug 1, 2006 by hollyhobbie23

I have had Motorola phones for the last 2 years. So far, I haven't been disappointed. This phone, by far, is the best one yet!

I absolutely love how customizable it is. The first thing I did after getting the phone was download ringtones. This phone is screaming fast for that.
The phonebook is awsome.
The antenna strength is stronger than any phone I've had before.
The sound quality is great!
The camera is actually decent.
It's just, over-all, a very friendly phone.

The only cons to it are: the size and the battery life.
I'm sure I'll get used to the width over the next few days. It's wider than any Motorola I've had.
The battery life isn't that bad, but you have to make sure to keep a CLA around when on the road.

I'm definately going to be suggesting this phone to my customers and friends!

Pretty Slick, Professional phone


Jul 24, 2006 by selmer671

Very impressive, executive phone. I've had mine since Verizon released the charcoal V3c, and I have little to complain out. The latest software release fixed the slow menu scroll, and that was the only problem with mine. Yes Verizon's menu is ugly, but it's functional. Battery life is ok unless you are burning 3000 minutes a month. They just came out with the bulky extended battery, so get it if you need the juice. Otherwise, it's nice to have a phone that doesn't stab you or dial calls randomly while in your pocket. Excellent build quality, especially the hinge. Camera is decent for quick snaps. Bluetooth is easy to use with voice-command, and call quality is a step up compared to some competitors. The V3M is silver, added a memory slot and an MP3 feature, but I don't need them since mine is for work. Unless you are in a limited coverage area, you won't be disappointed.

Excellent Phone from Alltel


Jul 22, 2006 by aacbryan_g

the v3c from ALLTEL is a great phone it does everything you'd expect and more. I work in the mobile industry and I've compared a lot of phones and this is by far one of the best cdma phones you can get with out getting into pda's. The camera is a lot better then the the T-Mobile predecessar. and with my Alltel service I always have great reception. The only con to this phone is the Non expandable memory. Everybody who does have a problem eith this phone only has a problem with Verizon's software, which is lacking.

USCellular - awesome phone


Jul 18, 2006 by goodwin_co

I just switched from an LG 8100 through Verizon to a Motorola RAZR through USCellular. I liked my LG but Verizon's service is terrible in my area (midwestern IL) and pretty much ruined the enjoyment of the phone.

I must say the RAZR is awesome. I bought Motorola Phone Tools and a cable with the phone and I had mp3 ringers and my own pictures on the phone that very night.

You can end up getting this phone after rebates for about $50 with a new plan. That is pretty awesome. Since the software is not limited, the freedom you have with it makes it all worth while.

I got 1500 nationwide minutes (that's to anywhere from anywhere) for $45. That's double what I had with Verizon and I had to stay in my home area.

So, goodbye terrible service, goodbye dropped calls, goodbye having to go out in the alley and talk on the phone instead of in my office, goodbye phantom voicemails, goodbye stupid lady that talks after my voicemail message, goodbye no time/date/phone number stamp on my voicemails, goodbye Verizon. I won't be back. Can you hear me now?

not that bad


Jul 15, 2006 by chitoboy

hey you guys my phones external LCD isn't orange and the phone isn't that slow besides texting here are the pros:
cool design
battery life is alright
good manufacturer
great camera
great voice quality
here are the cons:
the buttons suck if you press one button you might press something else
feels alittle sensitive if you flip it fast as if it would break and thats about it

Its Great!


Jul 12, 2006 by dyankee8900

I dont know why any1 would think diz phone sucks! the phone doesnt suck! its their service providers that stink! personally i have it 4 metro pcs nd its great! here r the cons nd pros


Big internal screen
Great Camera
Good Speaker
very very long battery life!


if ur complaining about ur fone breaking.then buy a cover or something 4 it!

thats pretty much it i can say about this phone! it ROCKS!

RAZR V3c Rocks


Jul 11, 2006 by MotoMania

I've been using the V3c through US Cellular since early January 2006.

I was worried about the lack of external antenna, but had just as good of signal as my Samsung a670 (maybe better)

I don't know why people put the CDMA RAZR down so much!!

The camera takes great pictures. The reception is always good. I have no complaints at all about talk time. Voice activated dialing works great. (without having to "train" the phone). Keypad is very user friendly. The double date on the external display is fixed in about 5 minutes. There's a ton of memory. Text messaging works easy. There's great software to backup phone contacts, transfer pictures & ring-tones. After the first 2 weeks, I got used to the side buttons, and never have any trouble "accidentally" hitting one. It's very durable. I've dropped mine 4 or 5 times on concrete and it hasn't missed a beat.

It doesn't hurt that it looks real cool too.

Bottom line for me is... It took a couple weeks to get used to it. since that time, I love it. Thought about the SLVR, when it comes out on CDMA, but I really think I'll stay with the RAZR...

GREAT PHONE....... :-)

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