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So much better! [extended battery]


Jun 15, 2006 by shawnk2338

I have had five razr v3c's since December, and u think with all this hassle i would HATE this phone, but the truth is, i love it. My latest razr [4.0] is a major improvement from my previous razr, upgrading some slight software changes. the best thing about this 4.0 is it does not beep if its on vibrate or silent when the battery is dying. which is a big plus. but i was still not happy with the battery life of the phone. so i did so research and ended up buying the extended battery [1400] and new enlarged battery door. although this does take away from the general sleekness of the phone, the battery, which i have had for a couple days, lasts a least twice as long, and that is with sending/recieving over 100 message even sometimes 200 messages a day, and with about 10 to 15 phone calls. So I am very happy with this new "extended" battery, and recommend it to anyone who is not happy with their v3c battery life.

I love my Razr


Jun 11, 2006 by jeans94621

I love my Razr phone. I purchased it from Metro pc and I guess they leave everything in tack. From the other reviews I assume other companies disable a lot of things on the phone. My blue-tooth works fine. I can download mp3 songs with my blue-tooth with no problems. My blue-tooth headset works fine all day. I had the Nokia 6255i and it took forever for the phone to recognize the blue-tooth. The razr does it immediately. The graphics are great and the reception is great. I love the fact that I can change the faceplate with snap-ons instead of unscrewing the phone to change the faceplate which voids my warranty. With the small size I can put the phone in any pocket and not worry about it getting smashed while I talk on the phone. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the phone.

Pros: works great with blue-tooth
great reception
looks good
works great with blue-tooth accessories
that I had with Nokia 6255i
video playback is wonderful

Cons: volume could be a little louder
needs more room for mp3 downloads.

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Not Bad


Jun 11, 2006 by nruss

I have the RAZR activated under the Verizon network. It isn't a bad phone except for a few flaws.

First off, the phone looks great!
Great, easy to use operating system.
Many features loaded into small phone.
Nice large, bright screen!
Nice and slim, making it easy to fit almost anywhere!
Nice keypad with light-sensitive back light.


Phone's EVDO and regular data features are useless in my home area (Extended Network). Living in Extended Network, I can only use the phone for voice, and text messaging. But that isn't the phone's problem, its the network.

Buttons on the side of the phone are too sensitive, and activate while opening the phone, making it almost impossible to "flip" open the phone from the side without activating a control. Wish there was a way to deactivate or lock side buttons.

Better Ringtones. The phone when operating on the verizon software doesn't come with any good, easy to hear and not too obnoxious ringtones. Very limited selection.

Overall, this phone has been a decent phone. The biggest problem I have found is with the side buttons. The problem isn't really bad, as it is annoying. Overall I give this phone a 3.5

Beware of this Phone!!!


Jun 7, 2006 by g1rock

Pros: none.
Cons: This phone can't be LOCKED!!! If the phone is locked and it receives a text message it opens like a bad clam. ITap for text messaging can't be set as default, It always reverts back to the abc method. Only the bottom home key can be programed for a shortcut. It's very user unfriendly

Great phone (with a few flaws... nothing major though)


Jun 6, 2006 by alex.s.moore

I have this phone on U.S. Cellular. It's a great phone overall... here's a summary of the pros and cons:

Fast software (remember I'm using it on U.S. Cellular so I have the original Moto software)
Mini USB charging port
very ergonomic

Double-date outer display problem (network problem, not in the phone)
battery life isn't that great

That's about it... having the Moto software in this phone makes it alot better than the dang Verizon software.

Worst Phone Ever


Jun 5, 2006 by Nick2317

I got my RAZR V3c on January 5, 2006. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Since then the phone has gone down hill. When loading the menu you feel like you didn't even press the button. When the phone is in my pocket the side buttons always change from the ringer to vibrate and then to 'All Off". When I'm not even touching it it makes this high pitched sound for no reason at all. The key pad is falling of. The camera is also turning on by itself. The only good thing about this phone is that is skinny. I am switching back to my old LG VX4500 that is 3 years old and is so much better then this RAZR still.

RAZR's are the worst

Works Great for me!


Jun 2, 2006 by peanut4

I use the bluetooth headset all day long and this phone has worked better than the e815 and the lg8100. I dont see why all the fuss cuzz this phone works great! No problems of any i have read on here so be carefull what you read, i almost didn't get the phone because of the reviews i read. I did get the extended battery only cuzz i talk all day long. Go get it, its a keeper if you want good call quality and signal.

Steven in California.

verizon razr v3c is a terrible phone


May 27, 2006 by ANiforos

I got a wonderful deal from Verizon about three months ago. It was buy one,get one free. It was my time to renew my contract, so I got the $100.00 credit, so I ended up paying about three dollars for taxes, for two razrs. Gave the one razr to my elderly mother who is also on my plan. I used the other one for approximately three months. My previous phone was an Audiovox 9900. As of today, I am back using the Audiovox 9900. Here is why.

The Razr v3c is one of the worst phones I have ever used. It took it about 45 seconds to load up when I turned it on in the morning. Not quite as long to turn off when I plugged it up for charging at night. The keypad was loose, and I took it back to verizon and showed them the instructions from this forum on how to tighten it up.

It was slow to do anything....going to the menu, going to contacts.......just ridiculous.

My main reason for returning it though, was the fact that those stupid side buttons for volumn and ringer selection were just too darn sensitive. I cannot count all the times that just picking the phone up, or opening it, I accidentally changed the phone to ring from vibrate, or ringer/vibrate to off.....then walking around for half a day not realizing the phone was on silent.

Through these forums, I found that yes, you can lock the keypad and side buttons by pressing CLEAR + *. You can even answer the the phone with the keypad locked, but damn, why have to go through a two step process of pressing CLEAR + * each time you want to use the phone. It's just a stupid design and I got sick of it.

About the only thing I liked about it was that the speakerphone volumn was very good.

Thank goodness I had my old Audiovox 9900.

Well I like it.


May 26, 2006 by ForumEclipse

Sadly I forgot to follow my own advice, which is never read reviews on things I own. Theyre almost always negative and half the time aren't very true.

ANYWAY, I don't have many complaints with my razr, I've loved it so far. verizon of course has the excellent coverage theyre known for, so no complaints there.
I had a Kyocera Slider for almost 2 years, and it was a great phone, unfortunatly i lost it, but got to upgrade to the razr.

At first I was uneasy because it seemed unwieldly, but after trying it out i found that all the buttons are easy to find and its quite confortable to use.
The menues arent unlike the menus on my old phone, and i dont find them hard to navigate.
Whats this about response time from imputting buttons/commands? mine is almost instant, way faster reactions than my old phone.

I do with there was a Vibrate/Ring function, but again my old phone didnt have it, so im not losing anything. It would be nice however.

And battery life? Mines been on and in periodic use, including searching ringtones, for almost 24 hours how since a full charge and im 1 out of 4 bars down. going by that it should last at least another 2 mabey 3 days before needing a charge, thats not what i call bad battery life. Besides, is charging it overnight so hard? but its good to know if i dont have my charger for a few days, itll be ok.

Perfect phone!


May 26, 2006 by BabeBro

I never thought an all around good phone would come along and it did.

The Razr v3c is great!
I've had it for about a 2 weeks and I must say it's wonderful. It let's you customize ringtones and pics for every contact in your phone. You'll have a fun time doing this if you have the program Motorola Phone Tools which can be purchased at the Motorola site.

It's a great size. Fits in any pocket.
Has plenty of memory and if bought for Metro PCS in the Miami, FL area it has great reception. Probably the best you will ever have as MetroPCS for a carrier.

Pros: Great size, Good memory capacity, Good quality hardware that's pretty hard to break. Great sound quality, More then enough talk time and a hell of a stylish model.

Cons: No .Gif files as wallpapers.

Other then that? This phone ROCKS and I reccommend it to everyone!

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