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What a piece of $%^$$


Nov 20, 2006 by rweddy1

The Motorola has terrible reception, is poorly built, and locks up.
The key pad was loose from the first day.
I am constantly missing calls, or dropping them. Stay away!! Do not fall for the hype this is a poorly built phone, the build quality is bad, and it is missing many features like ring and vibrate at the same time.

After 4 replacement Razrs, verizon moved me to a LG 8300, now this is a real phone.



Nov 12, 2006 by girlofcoffee

I have had my Razr for almost a year, I am on my third one....I love this phone b/c of it slimness and ease of use, however the buttons fall off this phone, and noone seems to know why. I would not reccomend this phone if you are a big talker!

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I don't like it.


Oct 28, 2006 by nella

The Motorola RAZR V3c is, overall, a good phone. But my experience with it has been all but fun.

The V3c has major flaws that I can't seem to avoid. I'm on my 3rd RAZR. I have T-Mobile and so far, the customer service with them has been great. But the razr just sucks! The first one I got, I'll admit, I dropped one too many times. But the second one (which i got for free because it was within 30 days) just stopped working right. It was working fine one morning then I went to work and while I was there I opened it up and surely enough, it was broken. The screen flickered a couple times, turned off, and then the phone turned back on.

When it turned on, the only buttons that worked were the top ones, the non-numbers. And the only thing they would display is something about the voice memory or something. So I contacted T-Mobile and got a new one for free. This was last week when this happened, so I'm thinking 'it's all good, i'll get another one and it'll be fine.' Wrong. I received the new one in the mail on Wednesday. Today, 2 days later, it started acting up. Let me remind you: this is the 3rd razr I've had. The phone just kept trying to go to T-Zones and none of the buttons would work. When it happened to not want to go to T-Zones, the buttons would make it go there again. I have yet to call T-Mobile back, but surely I will be getting a different phone. The phone service from T-Mobile is awesome but the in store service SUCKS. I'm going to have to go another week without a phone. What a shame. Anyway, to anyone reading this, I would recommend NOT buying the RAZR. Yes, while it may be sleek and stylish, it just doesn't cut it. Unless you're going to cover it in bubble wrap and carry it around in a heavily insulated box all day, it won't stand the normal every day wear and tear. My conclusion: The RAZR Sucks.

Thanks for reading,
Sean Allen



Oct 25, 2006 by MotoLuvr

It's a tough choice between the RAZR and the E815. Both are top-notch. Best reception on earth. Motorola tough and dependable. Beautiful screens. I own both phones, plus a few others with different carriers.



Aug 26, 2006 by down_with_snuggles

having worked for cingular... i know what a piece of garbage the v3 is. i have never been fond of the width and length of the razr. i had the moto v265 (ins phone, my lg 5450 finaly died!) and it was so basic it was driving my NUTS!! during my time to upgrade with alltel, i had to make a hard choice. the only high end phones that aren't PDAs alltel currently offers is the razr and the Hollywood. i was not at all impressed with the way the Hollywood looks, and it seems to have all the same features that the v3c carries. so... I've decided to use my 20 days and check this thing out. thus far...

very thin
easy navigation
pre loaded themes are pretty cool
i ACTUALLY get fantastic signal!!! (I'm 1.5 hours out of my service area and moto has never worked well in my city)
sound clarity is perfect
1 mega pixel camera (the v3 gsm does not have this)
very customizable if you take the time to find out how to change things

wide and long
cant switch from digital to analog (I'm in some trouble if i get stuck in KY again!!!)
everybody and their dogs personal assistant has one
always scared I'm gonna look at the thin thing wrong and it will snap in half
i cant seem to set a ring tone to any certain group, just person by person.

all and all, i don't really see the hype, i hate the form factor, but it is very functional.

wtf is this crap


Aug 15, 2006 by bbrunning

This phone sucks! It can't hold crap for memory, has no card upgrade, the gui interface blows compared to the competition and everything takes forever to load compared to the rest of the razrs

RAZR V3c from Verizon Wireless


Aug 12, 2006 by agent18

I am employed in the wireless industry as a Verizon Wireless agent; and I've had the RAZR v3c now for a little while and do not like it at all, it was worth the money to buy a different phone.

-Small Design
-Camera w/video
-Great button layout

-NO extra memory
-Small outer screen display
-Not durable at all
-LAGGS up when processing multiple things.

This phone is a joke. It's almost like going to buy a motorcycle and looking at Harley Davidson; you are just paying for the name "RAZR." And that is not worth it.

V3C Razr


Jul 9, 2006 by MichaelBB

Once you either get used to or learn how to tolerate VZW's pathetic UI, its not to bad.

Battery life is lacking big time and because of one reason, VZW's piss poor UI design its eating up resources "Battery Life"

Either reflash to alltels UI or mod the seem files to get what you want.

For me its a PHONE, and it makes and receives calls just fine. And Txt msging is fine also.

Only other phone I would buy is the E815 which I am contemplating at this time.

V3C for US Cellular :)


Jun 20, 2006 by dld_15

This is a GREAT phone. I've had it since March so I'm over the appearance of it (although it is still a strong PRO) After getting the software update- 04.08.00R- the double date is gone.

- Bluetooth transfer- I can edit MP3's on my computer and transfer them via bluetooth to my phone and swap tones with other Razr users; contacts and pictures can also be exchanged
- Changable external screen
- Battery life- as my only phone, I charge it every other day or so (usually 2.5 days)
- mini USB charger instead of "traditional" Motorola charger
- Surprisingly durable (yes, I have unfortunately dropped it a couple times face down on the cement)
- Sleek size; as a female, I can put it in my pocket without it being a pain in the butt (literally)

- Ringer ID indicates text from that person as well as a call which can become annoying.
- Slightly concerned that the key pad outline will wear into the screen



Jun 16, 2006 by fonnas

This phone is a joke. It is all locked up by the greedy provider. Has no functions at all what so ever what a RAZR should be. It may look like one but not its menu. Its all operated by the slow VZW UI.
You can not set up an alarm on the phone not until midnight if you would like to wake up at 6AM.
Constantly freezing and booting up.
Outside LCD is ORNANGE. It's Halloween with them 365 DAYS A YEAR!
I am leaving VZW and yes because of their poor phones selection. They have nothing to offer when it come to customizing your phone. VZW has to wake up and smell the smoke. Neutering their phones all the time is gonna do nothing but drive their customers away.

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