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Worst phone


Aug 17, 2007 by sekmom

Pros: while it worked, good reception.
Cons: Outside screen is hard to read, key pad buttons don't register half the time, so you have to redial your number. Within 3 months, 2 of our phones needed to be replaced. Alltel wouldn't do anything because under battery it was pink. They draw moisture in your pocket or if you live in a humid climate, these phones had not been in water. Motorola wouldn't stand behind their product. Now 1 year later. all of them are shot (we had 5). VERY POOR QUALITY AND NO ONE WILL STAND BEHIND THEM. The best phones we have ever had have been Nokias, and US Cellular in our area, as opposed to the Alltel, that we are stuck with for another year.



Jul 10, 2007 by SunnyFrog

First Phone - after about 4 months it started to do this weird ticking sound every second that I was talking to someone. they could hear it too. it was like the second hand on a clock. Drove me and the person I was talking to nuts!

2nd Phone - after one month the paint started to chip off. Month 2 the screen on the front shattered, no clue how that happened. 2 Months and 1 week the screen went blank. The screen came back and I was able to use it. Tonight 2 Months and 2 weeks after I got the phone it's blank again. The back of this phone falls off very easy too.

Cons -
-Camera not the best,
-Cheap Paint, Hard to see screen outside,
-sometimes it doesn't ring when I get a call,
-Recordings of songs cannot be heard well when used as a ringer,
- No Flash

Pros -
-No problems with reception(cept in a store like Meijer or walmart),
- Big inside Screen
- Loud speaker phone

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Jun 10, 2007 by mark1060

This is a great phone. It's not for those who want a phone that'll do super fast text messages. If you want that then get a Blackberry Pearl. But for those who want a slim, sleek phone that looks beautiful has a good amount of features. for not a whole bunch of money than this is for you.

Looks Great

Make's great phone calls

Exterior Display shows needed information on incoming calls / text messages, battery info etc.

Will allow the syncing of ringtone's pictures and video. (On Cricket's version, Unknown about Verizon or Alltel's version)

Well built. Doesn't feel cheap in the hand. Feel's solid and like a phone you'd want to use. Along with a strong hinge.


Don't be fooled by the reviews saying "this phone sucks", Let them go back to there 400.00 Treo 750wx. I've had this phone for 6 month's and if your looking for a great phone thats slim, has great looks, will sync with your computer and makes a great phone call than the V3c is for you.

Ok Phone


Jun 9, 2007 by Lederhosen19

I got this phone about a year ago ad loved it. But then after about 7 months I didn't care about it as much and I was more careless with it. I ended up getting scratches everywhere on the phone and the hinge was horrible. In April the phones screen would be white after opening it. I could use it but couldn't see anything. And the Outside screen was blue. Sometimes it would briefly work. On occasion, the outside screen would be upside down or overlay backgrounds. I got the phones inside screen replaced after it cracked but it still did the same thing. They finally gave me a new phone.

-Good reception
-Good 1.3 mp camera (Outdoors)
-Nice bright big screen
-Slim Design
-Metal Housing
-Good feeling keypad
-Nice Speaker
-Good Bluetooth for sending files

-Fragile hinge
-Scratches easily (plastic)
-Bad battery life
-Only 38 mb
-No memory card slot
-Slow in menus sometimes

Over all, an ok phone, but when I get a new phone, I'll stay away from the slim catogory.

Razr V3c


May 13, 2007 by cellfone_freak

I got the Motorola RAZR V3c for my birthday after we ended our contract with Verizon. I got the Charcoal Gray one with US Cellular. So Far It's Been Great.

Thin & Sleek
Very Stylish Phone
Good Camera
Good Price(I'm not about to pay 300 dollars for a phone)

Shiny keypad gets dirty at times
At times a little slow at loading pictures
Outter Screen gets fingerprints on it easily.

beautiful phone, not so beautiful functionality


May 8, 2007 by rck13str

okay, so i love my phone overall, but within the first month of purchase i had problems, and now, six months later, the problems are increasing...

1. i hate having text/picture messages left in my inbox/outbox so i'm constantly deleting them, however sometimes the pictures in my outbox WOULD NOT DELETE. PERIOD. i'd have to reset my entire phone, which meant i lost all pictures, notes in datebook, CONTACTS, everything. as you can imagine, this was time consuming and well... annoying.
2. camera is not good quality. at all.
3. earpiece and speakerphone are not loud enough.
4. yeah, boring ringtones.
5. my biggest problem with the phone is that after ending a call or sending a text, when i close my phone and then later reopen it IT'S FROZEN. it automatically turns itself off then a few seconds later is back on. WHY IT DOES THIS I DO NOT KNOW BUT IT IS AGGRAVATING!!!

1. you can lock individual applications, rather than locking your whole phone (which you actually can do if you wish) which is awesome for keeping nosey people OUT OF YOUR BUSINESS!
2. i love the shape, size, color, screen quality; i love the way this phone looks.
3. i've never had a problem with dropped calls or the battery not charging.

i'd buy this phone if the small annoyances were tweaked. i think it needs a better camera, then it'd be more worth the hype and money. (well the money i spent, 6 months ago, which was $150.)

Razor is A Crazer


May 2, 2007 by missCV

This phone is a good start in experiencing the best qualities a next-to-perfect phone can offer.

-Camera & Video
-Picture & Text Messaging
-Clear Dialing and Voices
-Nice Personalization Options
-Long Battery Life
-Portable MP3 Player
-Picture and Ringer ID
-Internet Capable

-Personally, I just think the Razor is kind of bulky and big, uncomfortable to hold...but other than that it is a great phone!

extremely fragile


Apr 14, 2007 by norqueen11

(metro pcs) The phone has great features but I have had 3 of the razr v3c's in one year!!! The screen is extremely fragile and 3 times in one year I have had to get a new one because the screen has gone and its not like I dropped it or anything.., thank goodness for having insurance!

Pros: No dropped calls whatsoever
very clear sound, very good pictures, no sluggishness, nice and comfortable phone

Cons: very fragile screen/phone, short talk time

Overall a cool phone but too fragile

I love this phone


Apr 10, 2007 by Mandy_20

I think this is probably one of the best phones I have ever had. A lot of people complain about battery life and breakage. My battery can last up to three days and I have thrown my phone open faces against a wall and it wouldn't break. I think this is a great phone. I love how much memory is has and how it looks. The only thing that I have found wrong with it so far is how quiet the speaker phone is. Other than that, I would recommend this phone to anyone.

Good phone if you like plain stuff


Mar 19, 2007 by Phone Reviwer Girl

This phone is a good phone if you like plain things. it dosent do very much. if you want a razr that plays music and does other good stuff then your best off going with the new updated razr. i was too excited to get one and i said no no this one is fine even though they told me the had a new one comeing out in december but nooo stubborn me. but anyways. it does all the basic stuff you would want in a phone.

good text messaging
sleek figure
comes in assorted colors
outer screen has color
many wallpapers &back grounds
Has Screen savers
video clips are only about 10 sec. long
doesnt connect to many calls
menu icons look cheap
internet is slow
doesnt have a flash
pictures often come out grainy and blurry
no way to put pictures on computer

all in all this is an ok phone. like i said before its very plain so if you think you want to buy it think carefully before you do. i wouldnt recomend it.

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